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    A couple days ago, Square Enix launched an official music channel on YouTube and it is an incredible resource and library for any S/E music lover. I meant to blog about this yesterday after having explored the channel a bit because I was very impressed! It came pre-populated with a ton of playlists that encompass […]

  • FFIV Pixel Remaster & FFXIV Endwalker

    When Final Fantasy IV was released on the Super Nintendo back in 1991, it was known as Final Fantasy II to the US audience. While this wasn’t my very first Final Fantasy (I played FFI on the NES), this was a turning point in gaming for me as I suddenly realized games could be just […]

  • FFXIV: Wine Red Mummery

    Back when I first attempted to dye Amon’s chocobo, it ended up chocolate brown. It didn’t look too bad with the Suzaku barding I was using at the time, so I didn’t fuss about it. However, now that he’s got the new Noble barding, I knew a color change was in order. My first attempt […]

  • FFXIV: Do You Want a Balloon?

    Well you can’t have one! The end-raid boss of the new Omega in patch 4.2 is Kefka. And he don’t give no balloons. I woke up to a one word text today from Syn. Knowing we have a Live Letter today, I had a feeling I knew what it meant, but I still asked for […]

  • Mobile Triple Triad ~ #Blaugust Day 21

    This is part of the Blaugust series! First I want to thank folks for their encouraging words yesterday. The situations are not resolved, but you made me smile, and that made the day better. I really appreciate it! Another thing that made my day better was the unexpected release of the Final Fantasy Portal app, […]

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