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  • Valheim: Making Moder Cry

    Valheim: Making Moder Cry

    So, where we left off in our last Valheim adventures was the long search to find the runestone that would point us to the location of the next boss, Moder. We explored mountain after mountain after mountain with no luck until we exhausted all the mountain biomes that we’d brushed up against during our earlier […]

  • Valheim: World Wandering

    Valheim: World Wandering

    Last time I left off in my Valheim posts, Syn and I had reached the mountains and were making good progress on upgrading our gear. I was enjoying my time in the mountains, which I said was far easier than the swamp had been. I’ve learned since then that this is only true during the […]

  • Valheim: The Wolf Pack

    Valheim: The Wolf Pack

    This last post for the week will finally catch us up to the point we left off in the game the past weekend! Told you that we’d accomplished a lot! Once the silver in the mountains started rolling in, we identified the bottleneck in materials to be the wolf parts. We knew that wolves were […]

  • Valheim: Into the Mountains

    Valheim: Into the Mountains

    After taking down Bonemass and earning the wishbone item, we brewed up some frost resistance potions and headed out to the next biome – the mountains. Without the potion, the freezing effect will eventually whittle down your health, like poison does. Thankfully, the potions last quite a while and aren’t too difficult to make. The […]

  • Valheim: Taking on Bonemass

    Valheim: Taking on Bonemass

    Due to Syn’s preference for the karve’s easier handling, I built a second karve at our boathouse. The nice thing about the boathouse is that it’s on the side of the island we’d need to launch from closest to Bonemass’ location. So that’s what we did. Not far into the expedition, we came upon an […]

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