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January 2021 Gaming Goals

I know that the last few posts I’ve made here have been all about goals, but seeing that’s often what January is about, please allow me a post or two more about what I hope to accomplish this month/year!

Some things are rolling over from December, and that’s to be expected. But starting this new year, this is what I hope to do this month!


  • Finish leveling Paladin to 80 via Beast Tribes & Quests (and do job quest)
  • Finish leveling Gunbreaker via Trusts (and do job quest)
  • Finish leveling all Trust characters
  • Earn Amaro Mount!
  • Clean up quests in the First
  • Work on crafting relics
  • Finish up to patch 5.4 on Tai
  • Finish up to patch 5.4 on Tad

I know that sounds like a lot, but many of these overlap. Most of this is my final push to get all my jobs on my main to 80 in order to finally get that done and earn my amaro mount. You don’t want to know how many beast tribes I’ve run to get this done… I’ve almost literally run beast tribes every single day last year. I’m ready for a break!

MISC Goals

  • Play at least 1 new Switch game
  • Play at least 1 new Steam game a week
  • Play at least 1 Xbox Game Pass game

Trying to branch out here by nudging myself to play games on other systems/store platforms. I really want to make headway on my Steam backlog, so I’ll be starting out by trying and clearing games I own that probably won’t stick with me. But if I’m surprised by one, I might just change my mind and play it longer!

I’m going to be a bit more gentle in my Switch gaming because I’m sure that everything I have on that system is something I want to play. The same for the Xbox Game Pass.

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My Nintendo Switch Review Made Me a Little Sad

Nintendo sent out a year in review for Switch-playing folks a few days back. When I got mine, I was surprised and a bit sad about some of the statistics I saw there.

First, it determined what kind of player I was — turns out, I played Animal Crossing the most of all the games this year. This made sense.

It also turns out that I tallied up this many hours…

Wow, did I really ONLY play 23 hours on my Switch in 2019. That makes me sad, for one. But Animal Crossing certainly got me putting more time in on my Switch this year.

What made me sad was the tally of games that I played this year:


Only FIVE games? I could have sworn… no… well… maybe that WAS all that I played this year! How tragic, especially when I had goals set to spend more time with my Switch!!

What were the five games I played?

Bargain Hunter and Graveyard Keeper were both games that I got for my birthday, so I made an attempt to play a few games I got as gifts this year. But the rest of it was simply dismal.

I have got to do so much better than this in 2021. I have a LOT of fantastic games I want to play on this console. It’s just lack of time and focus that keeps me from doing so.

What a wake up call. 😦