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February 2021 Gaming Goals

Welcome to February!

I’ve got a few light goals this month, but most of what I want to focus on is games in my backlogs. For once, FFXIV doesn’t have quite as much to work on since I’ve finally put my leveling goals to rest.


  • Work on crafting relics
  • Clean up Rak’tika quests
  • Finish up to patch 5.4 on Tai

And really… that’s it. Though the crafting relics alone will take hours to gather and work through, so though this seems short, it’s not.

MISC Goals

  • Switch: Progress on Link’s Awakening
  • Play at least 1 new Steam game a week 
  • Play at least 1 Xbox Game Pass game 

I’m currently at the boss for Catfish’s Maw in Link’s Awakening, which is further than I’ve been before in the game. Maybe about halfway done? Anyhow, I don’t want to lose momentum since I finally just got the hookshot, which is super nice.

I hope to keep making progress on trying games out in my Steam backlog in particular. It was nice to finally budge my percentage played to 55%. I still have a number of games in the “Clear” section that I could nudge out of my backlog before I actually get to games I want to try for a period of time.

So, overall, it’s a light month for goals. Which is fine. I’ve got plans to kick around BDO a bit on top of all this, too.

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January 2021 Gaming Goals

I know that the last few posts I’ve made here have been all about goals, but seeing that’s often what January is about, please allow me a post or two more about what I hope to accomplish this month/year!

Some things are rolling over from December, and that’s to be expected. But starting this new year, this is what I hope to do this month!


  • Finish leveling Paladin to 80 via Beast Tribes & Quests (and do job quest)
  • Finish leveling Gunbreaker via Trusts (and do job quest)
  • Finish leveling all Trust characters
  • Earn Amaro Mount!
  • Clean up quests in the First
  • Work on crafting relics
  • Finish up to patch 5.4 on Tai
  • Finish up to patch 5.4 on Tad

I know that sounds like a lot, but many of these overlap. Most of this is my final push to get all my jobs on my main to 80 in order to finally get that done and earn my amaro mount. You don’t want to know how many beast tribes I’ve run to get this done… I’ve almost literally run beast tribes every single day last year. I’m ready for a break!

MISC Goals

  • Play at least 1 new Switch game
  • Play at least 1 new Steam game a week
  • Play at least 1 Xbox Game Pass game

Trying to branch out here by nudging myself to play games on other systems/store platforms. I really want to make headway on my Steam backlog, so I’ll be starting out by trying and clearing games I own that probably won’t stick with me. But if I’m surprised by one, I might just change my mind and play it longer!

I’m going to be a bit more gentle in my Switch gaming because I’m sure that everything I have on that system is something I want to play. The same for the Xbox Game Pass.

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2021 Gaming Goals for the Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!

I have lots of goals I’d like to see through this year, but here’s my list of gaming goals in particular. Many of them echo last year’s goals in some way, as I seek to do better on what I started in 2020.

Spend Less on Games

I’m pretty serious about this goal this year. I have soooo many games and until I get some of my backlist cleared out, I really don’t need more. So this goal is twofold:

  • Buy less new games
  • Spend less in cashshops

There are some things I plan to pick up one way or another (House Flipper DLC), but aside from that, I will work to keep spending to a minimum. I want to maintain my Xbox PC Pass and utilize it as a way to prevent purchasing games I can try out there. This doesn’t cover every game, of course, but I hope it will be a help.

FFXIV Progress

I’m very close to my amaro mount on my main. I just have two jobs left to level, which I hope I will do this month. So I’m going to lump it under making progress in FFXIV in general rather than making it a full goal on its own.

Aside from that, I’d like to make progress on my alts who are in various stages of Shadowbringers. Though we don’t know for sure if an expansion is coming out this year, if one is on the way, I’d like to get my alts as far as their gear Ilvl will allow.

Steam Backlog – Get to 60% Played

Though I want to buy less games this year, if I do buy games on Steam, I want to try to play them fairly close to the date of purchase. If nothing else, to make sure they work and that I don’t need a refund!

Anyhow, this year I’m still sitting at 54% of my backlog played. I’d like to try AGAIN to get this to at least 60%.

I’m not sure how many games that will take to achieve this. But, I know I have a number of games that I just need to “clear” because either they’re not something I’d play (I just got them in a bundle or something), they’ve been abandoned by devs since I got the game, or whatever the reason.

Get My Switch Backlog Under Control

This time last year I had trouble even seeing what was on my Switch backlog. I’ve found a bit of a solution for that now.

With that part of it squared away, I want to work on playing the games in my Switch backlog – yes, this means playing more than just Animal Crossing! I have a LOT of great games on my Switch that I really want to get to.

Utilize Xbox Game Pass

Last year, I got three months of Xbox Game Pass for the PC free. I’ve been curious about the service, so I decided to try it out. My thoughts are that this may allow me to try out and play games at a very low cost instead of buying the game at full cost. If I really love the game, then I know I should pick it up.

There are several games on the Game Pass that were on my wishlists or was something I was interested in checking out. So, as far as I see it, it’s worth it.

Will I continue to use this service throughout the year? We’ll find out!

Do More Gaming Blogging

Not a gaming goal, but related to it. Last year, I put a lot of my focus on my Spot of Mummery blogging rather than posting here as much as I had in past years. I’m going to make every effort to put more time into this blog for 2021.

I’ve got a whole slew of topics I want to write about to start with. So be looking for more content here in 2021! Starting with… this post!

What kind of gaming goals do you have for 2021? How did you do in 2020?

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2020 Gaming Goals in Review

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today it’s time to look back on the gaming goals I made at the beginning of 2020 – when I was still unknowing and innocent of what was to come – and see how much I actually met in the way of those goals.

Let’s get to it!

Spend Less on Games

This goal was focused not just on not buying new games but in spending less on things like Mogstore purchases for games I do play. Hmmm… I don’t know. I guess I did better than I did last year on this point, but I don’t have any numbers to really compare.

I certainly didn’t do as much of paying to move characters around, renaming them and repurposing them in FFXIV. I did make a few Mogstore purchases, though. But some of that was parts of giveaways I did for others on social media. And gifts for people.

So I’m going to say: I did better in this area, but I could still do better than I did this year.

FFXIV – Leveling My Main

My ultimate goal for my main in FFXIV was to level everything to 80 and earn the amaro mount. I had a pretty good idea when I set this goal that I’d likely not obtain it within a year.

I didn’t. However….

After a full year of beast tribe quests almost every day, I’m in the homestretch. I only have Paladin and Gunbreaker to finish up. Both are in the lower 70s at the moment.

Paladin I’m leveling through beast tribes and trying to clean up old quests.

Gunbreaker I’m trying to level through Trusts because I have one more set of characters to finish leveling there, and they need a tank to do it.

Both of these could technically be finished in January. So I’m pleased with my progress on this goal and will work on finishing it in 2021.

FFXIV – Alt Progress

This was a goal about making progress on various alts I have scattered all across the leveling map. I admit, I bought two story skips this year because I just have a hard time stomaching Stormblood.

However, the two characters I bought the story skip for were only in their 60s, so I still had to level them in order to get them to Shadowbringers. I also did level Zuri through all of the Stormblood content since I left her off in the middle of it. So I did push through that expansion on at least one character.

Aside from that, here’s my basic alt progress:

  • Main – done with 5.4
  • Amon – done with 5.4
  • Tai – done with 5.2
  • Tad – done with 5.3
  • Zuri – starting Shadowbringers
  • Ben – starting Shadowbringers
  • Koh – leveling her to 70 so I can story skip
  • Mocho – leveled his Paladin to 50, he’s only at the end of ARR

I have other characters on another server but… yeah. Not going to worry about that right now.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with where my characters are. I think I’m going to hit up smaller goals in the next few months to see the rest of them through 5.4, and hopefully get Zuri and Ben through Shadowbringers as well.

I’d like to get most of my characters on the same page before the next expansion. I’m not so worried about Koh and Mocho, but those who are already in Shadowbringers I’d like to get as far as I can to towards the end as their gear allows.

I’m pleased with my progress on this goal, but still have a long way to go.

FFXIV – Decorate House & Rooms

I’m very happy to say that I finally found an idea for a theme for my main’s small house. She now has a Curiosity Shoppe which I really had a TON of fun designing! I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what to do with that space, so I’m happy I got that done this year.

I didn’t do as much decoration on alt FC rooms as I wanted – I still have two more rooms to work on – but I did create a sleeping quarters out of Tad’s FC room (I couldn’t find a post for this, maybe I didn’t write one 😦 ).

I also completely redecorated Amon’s lab yet again, thanks to all the new furnishings and wall options that have come out recently.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress here.

Steam – Play the Games I Buy

Mostly. Yes. I did this.

I didn’t play EVERY game I bought this year. A couple of them came as surprise SteamGift winnings over the holidays. Another few were Kickstarters that finally came to Steam.

But for the most part, I was good about playing the new games I bought.

Steam – Get to 60% Backlog Played

Nope. Didn’t quite get this done.

I started out at 54% played…

And managed to maintain that by the end of the year despite adding new games (keep in mind some of these were DLC for games).

So, no progress but it also didn’t get worse. I need to do better with this next year.

On the flipside, I actually have been playing more Steam games this year! Between House Flipper, Barn Finders, Tabletop Simulator, 7D2D, and No Man’s Sky, I’ve put in a pretty hefty amount of gameplay this year.

I just need to spread that out across more games!

Switch Backlog

Uh yeah. No. 😦

At the beginning of this year, I didn’t even know how to organize my Switch backlog and keep track of what I was playing. When I found the My Collection feature on the Deku Deals website, this somewhat helped to solve this problem.

The next step is actually playing the games I get! As I noted in my post about my 2020 Nintendo Switch stats, I was stunned and somewhat bummed by the fact that I put a lot more hours into my Switch this year, but in so few games.

Again, I need to start spreading the time I spend out on more games!

Overall: I did a fair job in meeting my goals this year. I still have a lot I need to organize in terms of experiencing my Steam backlog. I’m hoping that the addition of the XBox Gaming Pass will help keep me from buying new Steam/Switch games overall, though, so I can focus more on the ones I already have.

Looks like I have lots to do in 2021!

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December 2020 Gaming Goals

Happy December! Welcome to the final month of 2020, and to the Holiday season! I’ve got a bit of vacation at the end of this month to look forward to, but lots of goals on my mind as well!

In FFXIV, we have a patch incoming, which always means taking time out for story and whatever goodies the patch brings. Folks in my FC have been dabbling in Blue Mage lately, and this brings yet another level cap increase for that job.


  • Finish leveling Warrior to 80 and do job quest
  • Level Gunbreaker via Trusts
  • Clean up quests in the First (to level tank)
  • Level BLU when patch drops
  • Cap BLU skills
  • Work on crafting Relics for Main and Amon

This time around, I really want to finish leveling the last of my Trust members to 80 for the achievement. This will also coincide with leveling one of my tanks. Once Warrior and Gunbreaker are done, all I’ll have left is Paladin to have everything to 80 and the Amaro mount.

I really, really need to work on crafting relics! This next patch is going to drop an update to them yet again… ugh. Not to mention I didn’t even start on the gathering relics. I’m so behind. : /

MISC Goals

  • Continue to level Taming in UO
  • Continue playing Steam Games
  • Play Switch Games
  • Play 3DS Games
  • Play Xbox Pass Games

So I have a few very loose goals here. I do want to dabble in UO again this month. I don’t want that falling to the wayside.

I have a handful of Steam games I’ve been putting time into that I’d like to keep my momentum with, if only a little. I also need to blog about them!

I also dusted off my old 3DS system — there’s so many games there I haven’t touched/finished that it’s a shame. I need to blog about that, too! 🙂

And finally, I really want to put some time into some Switch games other than Animal Crossing. I just need to nail down which one I want to make my focus.

Oh, and Xbox Pass… I’ll… talk about that later.

That’s a lot of gaming! Thankfully I have a week off.

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October 2019 Gaming Goals

Happy October everyone!

My gaming goals for this month are pretty simple as most of them fall in the realms of doing things I probably would have already been doing. But, that’s okay, because it’s still marking progress.

My major goal for this month is to get all of my battle jobs in FFXIV to level 70. Considering I was just hoping to get some of those to 60 earlier this year, this is a pretty big deal for me. An ultimate goal is to get all my jobs to 80 for the Amaro mount, but I really don’t see that happening this year. Next year, though… yeah.

Major Goals

  • Earn Mogtome mounts (Main & Amon)
  • Level Gunbreaker to 70
  • Level Dancer to 70
  • Continue leveling crafters with weekly Scrips (Main & Amon)

Some of this may change since we do have patch 5.1 dropping, and a Halloween event coming. But those are the basic things I want to finish.

Possible Goals

Here’s some stuff I’d like to do if I have downtime. With the Mogtome event and the new patch coming, I’m not expecting to get a lot done on the side.

  • Make progress in Shadowbringers on Tai
  • Make progress in Stormblood on Zuri
  • Level Zuri’s fishing
  • Decorate my main’s house

Nintendo Switch

I’m adding this back to the mix this month. I picked up the Legend of Zelda last month and don’t want to lose momentum on it. Also, the Ring Fit is coming out mid-month and I want to get involved in that. So:

  • Make progress in Link’s Awakening
  • Ring Fit Release

There’s other stuff going on, such as a possible Inktober, and me picking my Bullet Journal back up again. So it really does seem like this month is already shaking out to be busy. Wish me luck!

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September Gaming Goals in Review

I’m not quite sure where this month went, but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to October and everything coming – including lots of Mogtomes, Patch 5.1 and Halloween! But before that begins, let me look back at what I did this month.

FFXIV Goals – My Main

  • Level Dark Knight to 70 & Finish Job Quests 
  • Unlock Gunbreaker, start leveling with Beast Tribe Quests 
  • Level Trusts (with Bard)
  • Work on ShB FATEs daily 
  • Level Goldsmith (Weekly Scrip Turn-ins) 
  • Gear up with new Tomes 

I did a pretty great job of tackling my goals for my main. I did finish leveling Dark Knight to 70, and picked up Gunbreaker. Currently, my Gunbreaker is halfway through level 68, so it shouldn’t be much longer before I finish leveling that to 70.

Not only have I been doing Beast Tribe quests for my Gunbreaker, but I’ve been clearing out all remaining Stormblood quests during the leveling process. I just finished all the level 68 quests last night, so all I have left is a handful of level 69 quests. Looks like I did most of the quests in the Lochs when I came through earlier.

I did finish all Shared FATES in Shadowbringers yesterday, and I’m happy to be done with that. I like FATEs but that was a LOT to do. I also finished leveling Goldsmith to 80 through scrip turn-ins, and will start making progress on my next crafting job.

I kinda fell off of the Tome train at the end of this month, though I have most of my left side complete. I figure I’ll eventually get the rest of it done with just general running, especially with Mogtomes starting today.

Again, the one thing I haven’t started was working on my Trusts. I have a feeling that once the new Beast Tribe quests come out with 5.1, I’ll be picking up Trusts then to work on pushing my level 70 jobs towards level 80. I just felt like it was probably better to focus on getting all jobs to 70 first – I only have Dancer left after Gunbreaker!

FFXIV Goals – Amon

  • Scrip gear for Miner and Fisher 
  • Anima Weapon Progress 
  • Gathering Log Progress 

I really haven’t done a whole lot with Amon this month. I did finish up all of his Scrip gear for his gatherers and started leveling Culinarian with weekly turn-ins. I also earned the Blessed Tools for Botanist and Miner by finishing up some of his gathering log.

I’ve done some work on the Anima Weapon, currently on the step where you’re completing a bunch of dungeons in a row. I have a feeling with Mogtome farming and a new patch coming this month, this project is going to be nudged to the side.

FFXIV Goals – Tai

  • Finish Stormblood 

Yes, I did this! I’m so happy to have Tai out of Stormblood and into Shadowbringers! I’ve made a little bit of progress with him into the new expansion, and will probably keep moving him through next month.

In fact, I got a bit sidetracked because I started to work on getting Zuri through Stormblood as well. She’s currently sitting in Yanxia, which isn’t terrible considering she’d not even been to Kugane at the start of September.

So, I got quite a bit done this month, and I’m pretty happy about the progress!

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#Blaugust2018 Tally & August Gaming Goals in Review

Tally Tally!

Yesterday, I wrote a farewell post to Blaugust a day early, noting that while I posted 18 posts here (including this one) on this blog, I did the majority of my writing on my creative RP Tumblr this month. I didn’t think that counted, but the comments I got said the contrary.

So! I’m going to leave that in poor Bel’s hands (or whomever is doing the judging for the Blaugust awards this year). Here’s my Tumblr archive for this month for proof of crazy fiction and RP writing! 🙂

Based on fiction alone, I wrote a 7-part short story called “Chocobo’s Tale” and another 7-part series called “Decent“… along with about 6 more chapters that are in reserve to post over the next week or so.

I’m not really overly worried about the award, but just wasn’t sure what counted. I had a blast writing for my fiction/RP blog this month, and that’s really all that matters!

FFXIV Leveling Goals

  • Level Culinarian to 70 ✓
  • Level Dragoon to 70 ✓
  • Level Astro (maybe?)

Not only did I finish leveling Culinarian to 70, but I leveled ALL of my remaining crafting jobs to 70 and finished ALL of the job quests associated with them, too.

I was a tad lazy at the Alliance Roulette this month, so I’m about halfway through level 69 on Dragoon. But tonight should probably get level 70, or pretty close to it, so I’m going to mark it as a done deal.

Still haven’t touched Astro, but that’s something I’m going to be working on now that all of my crafting leveling is out of the way and I have more time.

FFXIV Cleanup Quest Goals

  • Summoner – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Ninja – Lv 50-60 Quests
  • Culinarian Quest catch-up ✓

Again, I failed on finishing job quests… for everything except my crafters. BUT, I’m going really make an effort do work on these now that crafting leveling is done. I’m pretty confident I can knock some of these out finally next month.

And that was August in a nutshell!

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Bl-August 2018 Gaming Goals

First, happy Blaugust everyone!

It’s that time again — a new month means new goals to reach for!

I’m not going to go into too much detail at the moment, but I am going to say that things may be in a flux for me when it comes to FFXIV in fairly short order. I haven’t talked a lot about the things happening over the past month (nothing bad, persay), but this may be a month when things realign in a different way. We’ll have to see how it shakes out.

In the meantime, I’m going to drop goals down here as if everything is normal. 😉

FFXIV Leveling Goals

  • Level Culinarian to 70 ✓
  • Level Dragoon to 70
  • Level Astro (maybe?)

Pretty straightforward and easy to hit. My Culinarian is level 64, so Namazu will take it to 70 with no sweat. Then, I’ll only have one more crafter to level to 70! My Dragoon is level 67, so Alliance Roulette should carry me through in short order.

I do really want to work on some of my lower level jobs, like Astro, but we’ll see what happens.

FFXIV Cleanup Quest Goals

  • Summoner – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Ninja – Lv 50-60 Quests
  • Culinarian Quest catch-up ✓

I’m trying this yet again this month. Maybe I’ll actually do it this time! I do have a motivation to complete Summoner quests as they have lore information that ties directly into my creative projects at this point. I also need to finish quests for Ninja to unlock all the skills so that I can keep leveling the job in Alliance Roulette.

I’m not sure where I left off on Culinarian quests, so that’s something I need to check on while I am leveling it using beast tribes.

Creative Goals

With Blaugust here upon us, of course one of my creative goals for this month is to post as much content as I can and participate where I can. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold to a post every day as I really do value taking a break on the weekends, but we’ll see what I can do.

I’m also still going full force on my creative RP story project on Tumblr. I still have a whole lot to write for this, so it’s going to be competing with my blogging time, sadly. I’m going to try to keep things balanced, but my inspiration has been skewed towards fiction since last month, and I want to hold on to that feeling. It’s far easier for me to pound out a blog post than a piece of fiction!


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July 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

Another summer month has flown by at an incredible rate! This one has been kinda crazy for me as a lot of my gaming focus shifted attention to writing, music and role play. It’s been a rejuvenating experience in more ways than one. But, let me talk about goals instead!

FFXIV Leveling Goals

  • Level Armorer to 70 ✓
  • Level Ninja to 60 ✓
  • Level Astro (maybe?)
  • Start new crafting & battle job leveling ✓

I was pretty close to getting Armorer to 70 and Ninja to 60 when I set these goals, so I knew the question was what would I pick up next.

Not only did I finish Armorer and all the job quests, but I also fully leveled my Goldsmith to 70, and only have the one final quest left to finish that job completely! As for my battle job, I chose to begin leveling my Dragoon, which just dinged level 67 last night. I don’t see having too much of an issue finishing that up next month.

I didn’t pick up Astro at all, but that was sorta a question mark possibility anyhow.

FFXIV Cleanup Quest Goals

  • Summoner – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Ninja – Lv 50-60 Quests
  • Catch up on Goldsmith quests ✓

Nope. I failed on job quests again this month.

I have been keeping up with the crafting job quests, thankfully. Now I really do want to complete Summoner since it has some lore in it I’d like to explore. It’s just a matter of sitting down and carving out the time to enjoy the story. Maybe next month.

Creative Goals

My creative goal was to break 15K words (a very low word count, I know) for Camp NaNoWriMo during July. I did this pretty easily, as I expected I would. What’s blossomed out of it was something I really couldn’t have anticipated, however.

My role play Tumblr has just blasted off at incredible speed and the RP character I’m working on developing has made all kinds of new connections. I’m a very shy person in game, so to be invited to RP sessions, events and music circles is a completely new experience for me. At the same time, I’m loving connecting to the creative side of FFXIV, which is something I’ve desperately needed to maintain my interest in the game.

Anyhow, I won’t go on about this too much, though it’s really been the thing that’s consumed most of my time this month. I’ll just say that it always feels great being inspired to work on creative things, so this has not been something bad at all.