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  • GW2: Time to Talk About Mount Skins

    GW2: Time to Talk About Mount Skins

    I really have tried to avoid writing this post. I’ve bottled up my feelings about what’s been happening around GW2 and selling mount skins in the Gem store. But, it’s bugging me. I need to get it off my chest…  Mostly because I’m starting to feel a little like I was duped. Let me explain. […]

  • GW2: Griffon Gold Get

    GW2: Griffon Gold Get

    I know it’s a little late for a Halloween picture, but I took the above shot and never got to use it anywhere. I liked it too much just to leave it in my screenshots folder. So, there you have it. So, I’ve been working on saving up for my griffon mount in GW2. I […]

  • GW2: Path of Fire First Impressions

    GW2: Path of Fire First Impressions

    I know the expansion has been out since Friday and many people have already finished it, but I’m still slowly taking my time and making my way through. I actually almost didn’t want to write about it yet, because I’m afraid that ANet is going to do something to tarnish the story or the fun […]

  • GW2: Ranger Experiment Outcomes

    GW2: Ranger Experiment Outcomes

    First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by and left suggestions, thoughts and feedback on possible Ranger builds I could look at! The response I got only reinforced the idea that there are so many different options to try, which is a heartening thing. Also my apologies to anyone who left a comment that […]

  • GW2: Ranger Experiment (And Preview Weekend Thoughts)

    GW2: Ranger Experiment (And Preview Weekend Thoughts)

    I’m going to look for some feedback from GW2 folks in a moment. Please keep reading! I had intended to write a post about the PoF Preview weekend, but then a fascinating GW2 discussion came up across the blogosphere. It started over at Endgame Viable where a group of us began discussing the difficulty of […]

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