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GW2: Time to Talk About Mount Skins

I really have tried to avoid writing this post. I’ve bottled up my feelings about what’s been happening around GW2 and selling mount skins in the Gem store. But, it’s bugging me. I need to get it off my chest…  Mostly because I’m starting to feel a little like I was duped.

Let me explain. This could get long.

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GW2: The Griffon Dream

Though it’s been well over a month since I finished the PoF storyline and unlocked the griffon collections in GW2, and over a week since I found enough gold to pay for the mount, I didn’t start the process in earnest until this week.

This is quite the quest. If I wasn’t so bent on getting this mount quickly, it might have even been enjoyable.

But I want this mount. I want it noooow. XD


A huge thanks to Dulfy for her amazing griffon guide. Without it, I’d be completely lost.

The major blockers for me were the runes that you had to collect from Legendary Bounties or big events. I really didn’t know a lot about the process, but I held my breath and dove into the world of GW2 Party Finder.

I joined my first squad ever the other night.

Don’t laugh. I’m shy, okay?

I said, “Don’t laugh!” 😦

So, figuring this out, I was able to beat the Legendary Corrupt Facet…


And the Deadhouse event, and the Djinn…


I’m at the point where I think I can probably solo the rest of the collections, which makes me very happy.

I’m also going to say that some of these jump puzzles to reach the different eggs are a pain in the tail. I just don’t have a lot of patience for jump puzzles anymore — part of the reason why I want the griffon! 😀

Anyhow, I powered through three of the collections over the past few days, and I’m a little proud of my progress. I know once I get my griffon and this is all behind me, I’ll certainly feel accomplished in the end. I’m hoping the end will be in sight this week.



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GW2: Griffon Gold Get

I know it’s a little late for a Halloween picture, but I took the above shot and never got to use it anywhere. I liked it too much just to leave it in my screenshots folder. So, there you have it.

So, I’ve been working on saving up for my griffon mount in GW2. I started the PoF expansion with under 100 gold, seeing that I was newly returned and didn’t have a ton of gold before I left. I learned that dailies give 2 gold a day, and that selling unidentified drops was a good source of income, so I’d been plugging away at those to bring my stash up to 180+ (after spending gold on the mounts throughout the expansion).

But I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been. Some of my other GW2 friends didn’t seem as intent on getting the griffon (mostly because of the cost) as I was. And other games and projects have been pulling my attention away from GW2 as well.

This all changed this weekend.

Mystic Coins Reserve

A Free Company friend, Bean, posted a picture of her griffin in our FC discord channel. I sent my congrats and noted that I was still working on saving up for mine. She responded, and somewhere in the conversation, mentioned that selling Mystic Coins was profitable.

“Wait…” I said to myself. “Mystic Coins? Aren’t those those things I get every week and just toss in the corner of my bank?”

I Googled and saw they were mostly used for legendary crafting, other armor recipes and some guild improvements. AKA – Nothing that interested me more than a griffon does at this point.

I checked my bank. Over all this time, I’d stashed away 300 Mystic Coins. They were selling for a little over 80 silver each. So….


I no longer have any Mystic Coins, but I now have more space in my bank and more than enough gold to get my griffon!


I wish I’d known about this sooner! Makes me wonder what else I’ve got stashed in my bank that could be worth something. I should probably clean it out sometime.

About Those Mount Skins…

All of this is pretty exciting to me… just enough to help me deal with my extreme disappointment of the GW2 Mount Adoption License mess. I meant to write about it last week, but I was pretty tired out after some real life work stuff, and never got around to it.

I’m not going to damper this post with discussion of RNG, lockboxes and gemshop greed. I’ll just say that I don’t mind GW2 selling fluff in the gem shop — I even buy things that I really like. But I don’t approve of the way ANet decided to monetize this huge number of skins in a grab-bag way.

I like a few of the skins. But some skins are either (IMHO) lackluster or too flashy. I would have ponied up for some gems if these were sold individually where I could pick what skin I was buying. But, since RNG is a part of this, and I refuse to pay for a chance at getting something that I like, GW2 gets no money from me at all on this.

Oh well. I have a griffon to work on! Right?

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October Gaming Goals in Review

Happy Halloween everyone!

It’s that time again… when I look back on the goals I made at the beginning of the month and see how well I did. Overall, I’m pretty pleased, especially since I had a lot of things pulling my attention away from my goals.


Aywren (Main)

  • Level Bard (to at least to 65… I’m so behind) ✓
  • Level Crafters ✓

Last night, my Bard hit level 70 (pictured above)! That was an unexpected happenstance… mostly due to running the new Alliance Roulette which has really, really sped up the rate at which I can level a job in the 50-70 range. I’ve also been pretty dilligent about doing Beast Tribe dailies… I guess another job is going to have to pick that up next month!

I did level my Carpenter from 60 to 66 all in the space of one night. Mostly to help with building the FC’s Shirogane Walls. I haven’t really concentrated on leveling since then, but I really do need to get on the ball with my crafters.


  • Get Whisper Mount and Yo-Kai minions ✓
  • Unlock Flying in Ruby Sea

Not much to say about Tai. I got him his Yo-Kai minions, ran him through the Halloween event, but didn’t really level him or get much further in the MSQ. I’ll have to try again next time.


  • Level to 50 and switch jobs to Samurai✓
  • Finish 2.0 base MSQ✓

I spent a lot of time and focus on Zemi this month. I’d forgotten how annoying the upper 40s were since the MSQ just drops you without a warning many times in the process. I was stuck at level 48 for a week or so, until Syn and Amoon ran a Leveling Roulette with me.

Last night, with a combination of MSQ, Leves, and one well-placed challenge log completion, I finally got Zemi to level 50 Ninja. I immediately skipped out and unlocked Samurai for him.


Syn and Amoon were nice enough to unsync a Castrum for me — we blew through it 3 man. While I haven’t finished Praetorium just yet, it’s the only thing blocking me from calling the MSQ a done deal. They might unsync run it tonight for me, so I went ahead and checked that goal off as done.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with Zemi in the future — maybe just unlock Alliance Roulette up to World of Darkness to level him further. That seems to be the way to go. He’s had a long, rocky history as a poor alt of mine, though. I’m glad he’s finally found his job.

GW2 Goals


  • Finish Path of Fire story line ✓
  • Start working on griffon mount ✓
  • Save for griffon mount ✓

Yep, I’ve done all these things in GW2, on top of working through PoF a second time with another character. We’ve also started rebuilding our old GW2 guild, and have recruited a few new friends there!

I already have a lot of things in mind for November’s goals. I might add a few Switch and Steam goals next month, as well.

Did you set any goals this month? If so, how’d you do?

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GW2: [WAY] of the Four Winds

A few weeks back, I sent in a support ticket to request a change in our old GW2 guild name. I finally heard back, and after sending a list of possible names, the first name I chose was open. So, it’s now ours.

We now have a little casual guild called Way of the Four Winds.


The idea behind the name was to capture the feeling of explorers and wanderers, which is really what most the people in our guild like to do. We’re not raiders, we’re here to get through story and enjoy open world content with each other.

The “four winds” part connects back to lore around the Zephyrites and their Bazaar of the Four Winds (which we’ll probably never see again in game unless they miraculously get out of the jungle and rebuild Zephyr Sanctum).

I really liked the concept of the Zephyrites. They are a peaceful, nomadic people who traveled on their flying ship… and really had more of a clue what was going on with Glint and her children than anyone else did for the longest time. I loved the Bazaar of the Four Winds and the idea of the spiritual elemental aspects.

So, it felt fitting to name our guild after that part of the lore.

I haven’t really figured out how to progress the guild yet — it seems like it requires gold to build new features. Gold I don’t really have to spare as I’m scrounging to save for my griffon mount. So, there’s not a ton of progression going on — not that we need it. I guess we’ll try to figure out the guild events eventually, though being small, we’d need a few more people on the roster to make it happen.

I’ve opened the invitation to folks who are interested in a super casual, social and small family-friendly guild-of-friends environment. Most of us play other games, or GW2 is the game-on-the-side, so there’s no serious repping or requirements. Just a group to explore and enjoy the game with. Let me know!

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FFXIV & SWL: Halloween Approaches!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. So I absolutely adore Halloween events in my MMOs.

I haven’t spent time exploring GW2’s Mad King event, despite the fact that the Labyrinth used to be one of my favorite haunts years back. Also note that gem store mount skins have become a thing really quickly, just like I predicted.

I also haven’t started the Samhain event in SWL aside from logging in to get the free rewards — Tin Foil Hats will probably explore some of that this weekend.


I knew when I saw the cosmetics that FFXIV was giving out this year for All Sants’ Wake that I needed to get these on all of my characters. Thankfully, the outfit is rewarded after a very short quest, and everything beyond that is optional.


Though I haven’t visited the haunted mansion yet, I’m glad that it’s making a return this year for those who want to try it. I haven’t looked into it, but I think it rewards tokens (?) for the housing items. I do need some of those for my house and the FC house as well!

Though I don’t see myself wearing the whole wolf outfit, I do like the ears. I was pleased to see the color matches my hair fairly well as default (though the whole outfit can be dyed), so I’m using this as glamour on some of my jobs. Just not my Bard, because Amon’s Hat is still the best.


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GW2: PoF Story Completion, Impressions

With FFXIV Patch 4.1 releasing tomorrow, I sat down Saturday with the express intention to finish up the GW2 Path of Fire story line. I’m happy to say that I was a lot closer to being done than I thought I was, and that I did, indeed, finish it! (Now I just need to go back and finish HoT and all of Season 3… but that’s another story.)

This is where I plunk down my opinion of the story line as a whole.

Note: There will probably be PoF spoilers.

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GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

Yeah, I know I’m like 2 years behind everyone else, but seeing that I just picked up GW2 and started playing it again (fairly casually) last month, this was something I was happy about. I finished filling out all the hero points for Reaper on Zznaf last night, and got this neat necro hood cosmetic!

I actually like the cosmetic a lot, but I also like showing Zznaf’s face most the time, so I just glamoured (yeah, I know, FFXIV term) it and hid the headpiece. I can unhide it when I want to look a little intimidating (yeah, good luck with that). Best of both worlds.

So far, Reaper has gotten me through everything I’ve needed to do, including some tough bosses. I know I don’t kill things nearly as fast as I see other people killing, but it’s okay. Thanks again for those who took some time out to help me find a good build!

I’m still chipping away at the PoF story. I’m in the Desolation, and just unlocked the Vabbi area. Pretty interesting. I’m currently working through a scenario that reminds me a lot of something you’d do in GW1.

I’m also getting really close to finishing my Springer’s final mastery. I have all the points I need, just have to fill that experience bar to unlock it. Then I can look into earning my sand wolf (I know it’s technically a jackal but…).

In other news, Stardew Valley will be out on Switch by the time I get home, so it’s going to be tough not to get “Sucked In” (Golf Story term) to another game tonight.

He has a very good point about game save backups for the Switch are needed.
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GW2: Bringing Friends

I keep forgetting to take a good screenshot of our new GW2 team. Anyhow, above, you’ll see Amoon’s Charr ranger, Syn’s Zeb standing up front, and my Tai, mounted on the raptor. Yep, as I said, I may have influenced a few expansion purchases this weekend… and now we’re going through the PoF story together.

This will make my second time through. I’m still not done with my first time — Zznaf is on the third act, and I’m working on making progress through that when I can. Hopefully, I’ll get that finished up so I can be working on my griffin soon!

Last night, I finished capping out my third Springer mastery skill (yay for super jump!), and I’m halfway through the final mastery. I heard that’s a requirement to unlock the 4th mount, so I’ve been doing as many events and hearts as I can between my two characters.

I’ve also been kicking around the idea of renaming our old GW2 guild. In the beginning, it was meant for just close friends, mostly whom knew us through our project, Wayrift. But we’re getting interest from other folks outside the group (our FFXIV friends, etc), and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t change it to something more related to GW2 in theme. Not that I have any plans to seriously run another guild on top of our FFXIV Free Company!

Speaking of which, FFXIV Patch 4.1 is approaching quickly — next week! I know that GW2 is going to be a juggling act with FFXIV once that drops. I already have a day off for patch day to allow me to be up early enough to hopefully snag an upgraded house for our FC. But that’s a whole nother story!