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FFXIV: Alt-stravaganza

I was in a strange and restless mood this past weekend, and the Hatching-tide event encouraged me to dust off my alts to get the new mount. So, I found myself making progress on various alts instead of doing much on my main.


I’d left Hedgemouse off at the point right before you choose a grand company and start working on unlocking the company chocobo. I’m not sure why I lost steam at that point, but I did last month, and just haven’t worked on her much since.

So, I picked back up and got the chocobo unlocked. She’s a happy Lala now.


I remember hearing that the chocobo quest was severely nerfed a while back, but this was the first time I took an alt through it to see these changes. It used to take 2,000 GC seals to unlock the chocobo voucher. That has been nerfed to 200… which only takes 2 Grand Company Leves to earn.

I’m not complaining, mind you, but it was still a bit of a wake-up call. No matter. A chocobo is a chocobo. I’m taking it!


It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Tai. I haven’t done much on him since I finally made the choice between him and my main as to who to progress with. I think that was sometime last year back when I was still trying to run Weeping City for two characters every week, and simply got burned out.

But I thought it was a real shame that Tai was left lingering two patches behind to not finish the 3.0 story… mostly because his ilvl wasn’t high enough. He’s still got a number of ilvl 210 pieces, with an assortment of Weeping City, Lore and Alex gear… if that tells you how neglected he is.

Look at that face. How could I ever forget him?

I didn’t have the desire to grind for tomes for him, especially since expert was out of reach until he got to ilvl 230. And while I could have run PotD for a weapon, I didn’t have the resolve to do that either.

What Tai did have on him was over 4 million gil… from whatever. I have no idea, since he wasn’t a crafter (until this weekend). My real crafter still can’t touch making the ilvl 250 stuff yet. So, I ended up breaking down and buying Tai’s way to a proper ilvl.

I’d already bought a couple of 250 accessories, and it was not cheap. But then I saw that there was a HQ Heavy Metal Lance for sale for under a million on the AH, with an ilvl of 250. Seeing that my weapon was 210, I snapped it up and that pushed me up from ilvl 228 to 233. Which was enough to finish the 3.0 story (the final dungeon requires at least 230).

So, now Tai is a bit more broke, but has successfully completed the 3.0 story. One more Lore accessory later, he’s only one point shy of making it into Dun Scaith… but I’m not sure if I have the motivation to start running that again weekly. Those promised 270 accessories would be really nice, though.

Tai’s new glamour

I also started being crazy and began leveling my crafting and gathering jobs on Tai as well. I’ve considered doing this for a while to have an alt that specializes in jobs that my main doesn’t. I’m not sure how far I really want to go down that rabbit hole, though.

I just felt like leveling something this weekend, I guess, and it wasn’t my black mage, like it should have been. It still felt nice to zoom through the lower level stuff — I have four crafting jobs at level 6 now and working on my gathering jobs, too.

I also put a good chunk of time into Black Desert this weekend, but that’s info for another post!


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TSW: Meet Hedgemouse


I bought The Secret World at launch, and even have a Grandmaster’s pack that I picked up shortly after that. The game was enthralling to me because it opened up questions and possibilities of lore in our own world. No other game to this date has sent me to wikis researching things like Ak’ab or Wendigo or Irusan.

But as much as I love the game, I’ve never been able to get past Transylvania. We were stuck in Egypt for about a year or so, too. The stories are great and the NPCs are top-notch, but when I set the game down, I tend to set it down for long stretches of time.

I also have a few alts lying around that I’ve done nothing with for years. I always wanted to explore the game from the view point of something other than Templar. So, I have an Illuminati and a few Dragon, but none of them got into Kingsmouth for whatever reason.

Rerolling that Alt

I’ve wanted to explore what the revamped new player experience is like in TSW for a while. I also wanted to re-roll one of my alts because I made them so long ago (mostly to save the nickname) that the newer faces and hairstyles weren’t available back then. Since I never got very far with any of them, it made sense to just reroll from the start.

I didn’t know exactly who I wanted to make. I only had the nickname “Hedgemouse.” But as I messed around with the character creation  process, a personality appeared.

A young woman. Of Irish heritage. Pale freckled skin. Red hair. Piercing blue eyes that are perpetually locked in this OMG expression.



She is Flynn “Hedgemouse” Flanagan, and she has no idea what the heck is happening to her. I love it!

In fact, she’s far more expressive and even better looking than my main character. With the limiting features of TSW character creator (sorry), it’s hard for me to make a character I really like… but I like Flynn. I even spent time looking up Irish names to pick something relevant (both her names mean some sort of “red”).

She should be, by all right, a Templar. But Dragon got to her first. Poor dear. At least they apologized to her later for the rough handling.


I did decide to play through the opening tutorial since it’s been so long since I’ve seen it. I also struggled to pick a good weapon combination because if there’s anything I suck at, it’s making builds in this game. My main character started with Blade/Pistol, and did just fine. But in the later game (Transylvania), either because I’m just not getting the build system or the talisman system, I feel like she’s struggling.

So I wanted to try something new with Hedgemouse… but I’m stuck to Blade it seems. I just love the way it feels and find it very hard to play without it. This time, however, I picked up Assault Rifle secondary and hope there’s something I can build that can get me through the game solo.

Tips are welcome!

I got her through the Dragon’s intro (shudder) and into Kingsmouth where I left her up top the sheriff’s office with Andy. Figure she’ll be safe there until I can get back to her.


I’d like to put a little time into this game at least once a week, finish a few quests and make some progress. It looks like there’s all kinds of experience boosts to my account now for being a Grandmaster. And, of course, I gave her the horse mount, since I unlocked that purposely for my entire account.

Now, I just have to decide on what she’s going to wear. 🙂