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Hurricane Incoming

I’d wanted to write a bit about The Rising event in FFXIV this week, but never quite got around to it. People in my area have been bracing for the incoming storm, and it’s really been first and foremost in people’s minds right now.

I don’t usually get concerned about hurricanes because quite often, they lurk around, make all sorts off people fret, but don’t usually hit us. This one may be different. It’s still hard to tell, but pretty stressful, especially since the forecast says that the storm will remain in our area for three days (and of course, it would be over a weekend).

This means we’ll be without power and possibly water for days, possibly longer. That’s not including the kind of damage a storm of this magnitude is going to do. And as much as I’d like to be preparing, I’m stuck at work until the last possible moment… which is also stressful.

On top of that, my vacation trip was supposed to be next week. And who knows what’s going to happen with that.

So, basically, I’m probably going to go dark for a while. I hope I’ll be updating sooner rather than later, but nothing promised. Please keep all the folks in the storm’s path in your thoughts and prayers.


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Crazy Hurricane Weekend (And Lots of Gaming)

hurricane-matthew-largeCreepy picture of Hurricane Matthew’s “Grinning Skull” as shown by several weather stations.  *shudder*

I’m just a little disoriented today because I spent about 32 hours without power this weekend, sometimes without water, due to the passage of Hurricane Mathew on Saturday. We had over 12 hours of rain and wind, and my power held out through most of that until near the end. But it seems half the state lost its power, so I’m in good company.

I’m out of work today because work has no power. There are few stores open, unless they are running on generators, and they’re either packed, or only allowing a few people in at a time. Roads are flooded out and tangles of trees and powerlines lay everywhere. Thankfully, the weather is cool and windy, so even without air conditioning, it is comfortable. I was just settling in for another night without power last night when it popped back on. So far, it’s held. But there’s still a lot of folks out there who don’t have power (including our malls, shopping areas and my work).

During those many hours of no net, TV and PC, I found ways to occupy myself. I actually broke out my GameBoy Advanced and original copy of Pokemon Blue from 1998 to play during the daytime when there was enough light to keep the screen lit (no backlight). This was because it ran on AA batteries, and I had plenty of those charged up.

At night, I played my 3DS, and actually beat the Pokemon League on Pokemon X! So now I’m the Champion or something. I’ll talk about that in another post, though.

So I feel a bit guilty that while much of my city is without power, I’m here blogging and raiding… and charging up everything I own right now.

FFXIV Achievements

Surprisingly, even being down in Internet and power for several days this week, I was able to cap Scripture Tomes in FFXIV. This means I bought my very first large piece of Shire armor for Zuri’s Dragoon.

On top of that, my FC cleared A9 and A10 (I’m still stuck on A11), and I got another pedal drop. So I was able to pick up the Alex feet. It’s slow going in gearing up the Dragoon, but the job is almost to an ilvl where I can start using it in the new content. That’s with some really crappy accessories, too. Hoping to get those replaced…

ffxiv_10102016_001936Zuri Dragoon! Kinda really mis-matched right now… but, ah well.

Friday before the storm rolled in, I was also able to get my Scholar to level 57 as well. Bit by bit, I’m also getting better healer gear for level 60. Though, it’s still mostly just the Void Ark set, so not very impressive. I’m just torn on using the Lore Tomes for gearing up my healer vs. for making progress on my Anima Relic. That Relic sucks all my Lore Tomes dry, and it’s a bummer as I’m starting to enjoy Scholar quite a bit and want to have a healer who is viable for content if needed.

For now, my little Scholar is just toting around Poetics gear mostly. It’s fine because I only use her for leveling, PotD and sometimes Crystal Tower.


In other news, I will be flying out to Vegas on Wednesday for the FFXIV Fan Fest! I’m not sure how much I will be able to blog from there, since I’m not taking a laptop. But I’ll take a lot of pictures and have plenty to talk about when I get back, I’m sure!