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  • Kitty Korner: Unexpected Kitten Homed!

    Kitty Korner: Unexpected Kitten Homed!

    Pictured above was part of a flier that I used to advertise that the abandoned kitten I found last week was in need of a home. I printed it and posted it up around work last Friday… and what do you know? It did its job. Late Friday afternoon, I was contacted by a co-worker […]

  • Kitty Korner: Vet Visit

    Kitty Korner: Vet Visit

    Update: After one day of taking the meds the vet gave Sebastian, he was back to eating like normal. Hopefully that means we’ve found the issue and that he’ll continue to get better. So I know I haven’t been updating the new kitten situation in a while, as things have been more or less alright […]

  • Kitten Chronicles – Almost a Month

    Kitten Chronicles – Almost a Month

    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written about my adventure with the new kitten, Spriggan. Two days ago, he went in for his neutering surgery and final kitten booster shots. Everything went well, and he’s recovering like a champ. In fact, he had no down time as far as I saw at all. Due […]

  • Kitten Chronicles – Week 1 Edition

    Kitten Chronicles – Week 1 Edition

    I still can’t get a good picture of the new kitten because every time I try to approach with a phone, he gets up to rub on me. Anyhow, I decided it was time for another kitty update! I’m still rolling ideas for a name in my head. I’m thinking about “Puck” as in the character from […]

  • Kitten Chronicles – Day 4

    Kitten Chronicles – Day 4

    It’s official that I can keep the kitten! He had his first vet checkup today, and got a clear bill of health. Thankfully, he tested negative for Feline HIV, parasites and other nasties. He also got his first shots, and will be heading back to the vet in 3 weeks for follow-up boosters and the […]

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