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  • Nintendo Switch Weekend: Zelda BotW & Minecraft

    Nintendo Switch Weekend: Zelda BotW & Minecraft

    So I spent a good chunk of my weekend playing my Nintendo Switch, and I had every intention to blog about it yesterday. But that was before I came down with this cold/flu business, and before the Stormblood hype took my attention away. I juggled between Zelda and Minecraft most the weekend, and overall had […]

  • Zelda BotW: Features Around Every Corner

    Zelda BotW: Features Around Every Corner

    I’ve seen folks try to describe why Breath of the Wild is such a good game (in their opinion). I have a hard time pinning it down myself, but one thing I do know that I like is the game’s ability to surprise me with features I didn’t even know I wanted until they were introduced. […]

  • March Gaming Goals in Review

    March Gaming Goals in Review

    I actually did a pretty great job of meeting all my goals this month, even the ones I doubted I’d meet (Umbrite Relic Stage). I spent most my gaming time between Zelda: BotW and FFXIV, as expected. Now that I’ve gotten further into Zelda, I can make next month’s goal a bit more specific. Here’s […]

  • Zelda BotW: All the Pretty Little Horses

    Zelda BotW: All the Pretty Little Horses

    I spent the good part of a day catching and taming various horses just to check out what kind of stats they have. Horses that appear to have “less white” don’t always promise better stats for sure, I’ve discovered. For example, this lovely blue horse with only white mane/tail (which I named grey instead of […]

  • Zelda BotW: Wolf Link

    Zelda BotW: Wolf Link

    I’m not a big collector of amiibo. I only own two, and those came with special edition orders of Yoshi’s Wooly World (cute yarn Yoshi) and Twilight Princess (Wolf Link). I totally understand the collect-ability draw behind amiibo. Maybe when I was younger, this would have appealed to me. But now days, I’m a little […]

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