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E3 Thoughts: Nintendo, Zelda, Ever Oasis


I’m not a huge follower of E3, simply because I’m not into the console gaming like some folks. The only console I own (if you don’t count the 3DS) is a Wii U, and that’s not even a year old yet. So the major interest I had in E3 was seeing the reveal of the new Legend of Zelda.

Now titled Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, what I have seen of it has not disappointed. When I heard it was to be an “open world” LoZ, this is pretty much what I imagined, just prettier. It was already going to be a must-pre-order for me before this, but now the previews have sealed the deal. I just need to really get around to playing the rest of my LoZ library, as I intended this year!

Speaking of which, Nintendo has a big Nintendo Store sale going on, which I was anticipating. The couple titles I picked up were ironically LoZ – the VC version of Link to the Past and Windwaker HD. I was hoping that we’d see Windwaker HD come as a Nintendo Selects as it did in EU, but the discount set it at $26, and I had some leftover gift card balance from Christmas that covered it, so I picked it up. I also upgraded my copy of Paper Mario from the Wii version to the Wii U VC version for less than $2. Still need to play that.

The new RPG IP that Nintendo showed off is called Ever Oasis. I watched the trailer and I’m not completely sure if I’m sold on this yet. It seems a conglomeration of chibi Secret of Mana with Animal Crossing and possibly Fantasy Life. All these aren’t bad things, and the art seems bright and appealing. I just didn’t feel like anything grabbed me and said “You must play!”

So, I’m wait-and-see on this.

Other good news.

Looks like Stardew Valley is coming to consoles. Yay!

And Pokemon Go is going to be released in July!

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LoZ: Master Sword


As I promised in a previous post I am consistently working on playing through Legend of Zelda titles this year, starting with A Link Between Worlds. Tonight I learned how to take screenshots from my 3DS to Miiverse, so now I can better chronicle my progress. I’m only playing a little bit here and there, but at least trying to make some progress each day. That’s been working out for me.

So, last night I got the last pendant I needed to unlock the Master Sword. Today I puzzled through the Lost Woods and claimed my prize!


I also went to rescue Zelda, but died (for the first time since I started playing) on the boss. I have an idea what I need to do to beat it, but didn’t feel like running all through that dungeon again tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow.

This game is really big on puzzles. I’ve been pretty stern in figuring them all out myself, though there have been a few times I really wanted to go to the Internet for help. But I didn’t! So I’m doing well!