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WordPress Microblogging Experiment: Statistics Speak ~ #Blaugust Day 19

This is part of the Blaugust series!


I interrupt my trip down nostalgia lane to look at blog statistics. Super interesting, right?

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#Blaugust Day 3 — A Writing Prompt: What Do I Get Out of This?


This is part of the Blaugust series!


What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?

I feel that writing consistently every day really has its own intrinsic rewards. I’ve learned from years of NaNoWriMo that the more you push yourself to write habitually, even on days when you feel you’re only spewing words at the screen, the easier it is to write and the faster writing comes. It’s not something that happens over night… it’s something that comes with time and practice.

Yes! You can practice writing/blogging! It’s honestly just like any other skill. I’ve seen the effects it can have in novel writing, so I know that it can do some good for the average (and above average) bloggers, too.

The other thing I hoped to get out of Blaugust is a bit more exposure for this side blog. It is my “micro blog,” but it’s a bit of an experiment for me as well. I wanted to see if a WordPress based micro blog could be just as “successful” as a Tumblr-based micro blog. The verdict is still out on this, but posting more content here never hurts!

So far, I’ve certainly seen an uptick in folks stopping by and commenting. It’s always a pleasant thing to hear feedback on my blog rambling! 🙂

Hope you’re having a good Blaugust so far, too.

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How to Microblog Using WordPress


Whether you have a blog hosted or you self host your own WordPress blog, the tools are there to use the platform for microblogging. I started microblogging using WordPress as an experiment almost two months ago when I got fed up with the advertisements and direction I saw Tumblr heading.

During this time, I explored different tools and posting methods provided by WordPress and WordPress plugins to see if I felt this platform performed as well as a platform like Tumblr. Overall, I’ll say with the right tools, this is a resounding Yes!

There are a few catches to it, however.

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So, Does Anyone Actually Microblog Using WordPress?

wordpress_vs_tumblrAfter I wrote about my frustrations with Tumblr, I decided I was going to turn this blog into a WordPress microblog. This means I intend to post small snippets of random stuff, freely. Like I usually do in my Tumblr.

I spent a good deal of time searching Google for other WordPress microblogs just to see how other folks have been doing it. I haven’t found any others.

Maybe they just don’t label themselves as microblogs? I don’t know. But when I search for them, what I do get is a bunch of WordPress themes that attempt to make your blog look like a Tumblr blog. Or a bunch of plugins.

A lot of these posts are rather old, too. Some of them date back to 2009-2013. I don’t really see a lot of newer stuff written about microblogging using WordPress. Why is that?

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