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  • Nintendo Switch Weekend: Zelda BotW & Minecraft

    Nintendo Switch Weekend: Zelda BotW & Minecraft

    So I spent a good chunk of my weekend playing my Nintendo Switch, and I had every intention to blog about it yesterday. But that was before I came down with this cold/flu business, and before the Stormblood hype took my attention away. I juggled between Zelda and Minecraft most the weekend, and overall had […]

  • Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

    Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

    One positive aspect of having only just played Minecraft for the first time last year is that, unlike some folks, I haven’t already invested in the game on a million different platforms. That, and, the fact that I can still play vanilla Minecraft and be blissfully unaware of all the mods that are out there. […]

  • Minecraft: Villages, Horses, Caves & First Mods

    Minecraft: Villages, Horses, Caves & First Mods

    I spent a lot of time chilling out in Minecraft this weekend. I still keep stumbling on things and learning new stuff every time I turn around. I made a lot of progress, though, and finally broke down to install my first ever mods. Savanna Village Last time I wrote about Minecraft, I noted that […]

  • Weekend Gaming Highlights: FFXIV, Minecraft, 7D2D, RPG Maker

    Weekend Gaming Highlights: FFXIV, Minecraft, 7D2D, RPG Maker

    This was a weekend of exciting announcements for FFXIV players, and lots of random gaming for me. There’s so many small things going on, but nothing huge, so it felt right to make a highlights post today. I may go into detail on some of these later! FFXIV: Treasures and Tanking This weekend marked our […]

  • Minecraft: Making Connections

    Minecraft: Making Connections

    So I finished my renovation project of the Dune Village this week, finally replacing the last of the sand with dirt so the Savanna grass can grow up inside. Here’s what it looks like now… you can see there’s still a little patch where the grass needs to grow, but it’s coming along. I’ll probably […]

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