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FFXIV: Moogle Treasure Trove Event Starts October 19!

Just in time to tide you over for the Endwalker release, we have the much awaited Moogle Tomes event. At least, I was much awaiting it.

This time around, we’re getting the new cosmetic – Inferno Jacket – which was a reward for the three FFXIV Community Teams unlocking all 104 Blue Mage spells back in July.

On top of that, you can earn the mounts:

  • Auspicious Kamuy Fife
  • Dark Lanner Whistle

To add to your bird and dog collections if you don’t already have them.

The Modern Aesthetics – Styled for Hire hairstyle is up for grabs, previously only obtainable from PVP with 18,000 Wolf Marks. This was a hairstyle I was working towards back when it first released, but then lost steam in the PVP dailies.

And as a neat little addition, the Bonewicca casting set is up for grabs – a much-coveted chestpiece with a nice little Halloween flair. I know I’ll be snagging some of this for Amon for sure.

You can earn these tomes various ways – Praetorium is the long run, but it nets you 10 tomes each run. Some folks prefer to PVP for it. It also looks like the Crystal Tower Trio is the Alliance Roulette of choice this time around.

I’m going to be seeing a LOT of Praetorium because I need many of these rewards on both Ben and Amon. Yikes! But at least I can run some of it in a Halloween costume! 🙂

For more info on what to run and the full rewards list, check out the official page here!

Have fun!

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FFXIV: In-Game Vigil for Stephen Critchlow

Earlier this week, the community heard the sad news that actor Stephen Critchlow had passed away. He was involved in theater, television, radio production, but more immediate to the gaming world, he lent his voice to several characters in games over the years.

To the FFXIV community, he brought to life the character Count Edmont de Fortemps – one that’s looked upon as a kindly father figure for not just his own family but for the WoL in a time of their greatest need. He’s also the narrator of the Heavensward story, introducing new areas as you travel – and is one of the first voices you hear in the expansion as your character stumbles through the snow-swept lands.

Due to this, the community on many servers chose to hold a vigil for him outside of Fortemps Manor. Much like the vigil seen earlier this year for Kentaro Miura, players lined up with campfire minions out. Many dressed in house Fortemps colors and most used the House Fortemps Knight title. I took part in the vigil for a few hours, as well.

On Mateus, individuals who were able to craft the campfire minions were giving them out to folks who didn’t have one and had joined the vigil. Kind words were offered about the actor and his character. Whenever someone needed to leave the event, they often announced their departure to encourage someone to take their spot in the line.

Here’s a video that was captured of the vigil on my server (I wasn’t there by this time), to give you an idea of the scope of it.

While it’s a sad loss, it’s nice to see the community come together to remember the good things that Stephen Critchlow helped create for the world. May he rest in peace.

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FFXIV: Pantomime Emote Fun

Sometimes an emote comes along that is so absolutely perfect for Amon that I don’t think twice about the cost on the Mogstation. I don’t always spend freely in cash shops, but when I see something I like or that fits one of my characters, I don’t mind picking it up.

The Pantomime emote is well worth the money in my eyes. Compared to some of the dances we got before that were nothing but short, looping animations, Pantomime is a long emote with lots of varied motions and expressions.

There’s a LOT of value for Gposers here – from angry/trapped looks, to strange frames when the character jumps, to the smug arm cross that turns into a backwards fall of horror and surprise. A lot of movements we haven’t seen in an emote before, and they’re all quite fluid and realistic.

There’s a few specific parts of the emote, when the character hefts themself over the invisible “wall” that make for some extra fun such as…

Rocket Amon!


Sk8ter Amon!

Both Photoshop edits, of course. 🙂

Have you bought a Mogstation emote, and if so, was it worth it?

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FFXIV: Lalagans Visit the Crystalala Art Party

The CROWN Free Company of Malboro – a FC that the Lalafell versions of Amon and Scylla have been welcomed to – hosted a Lalafell-oriented art party earlier today. There was quite a turnout with all sorts of original characters and NPC representations in Lala form.

Like Amon and Scylla, these NPCs weren’t all Lalafell originally – there were characters of all sorts including Ascians, Scions, Zenos and even Nero. So much creativity went into a lot of these character designs – I was really impressed. Lots of fun for the NPC crowd!

There was bard music, lots of dancing, lots of summer glamours and just fun all around. I am always happy to meet up with these folks, some which I rarely run across in-game or get to see outside of events. If all goes well, once cross-datacenter travel ramps up, CROWN hopes to host another party to include even more folks.

Oh, and check out this adorable artwork of Amon and Scylla Lalas (and other great Lalas) gifted by my buddy Yuyuhase! ❤

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FFXIV: Crystal Kickback

Last night, there was a beach party gathering called Crystal Kickback for the Crystal Data Center. I was a bit late to the party as I only learned about it from seeing some Twitter friends tweeting pictures of the gathering. I’ve been wanting to hang out at the Moonfire Faire a bit more, so this was a good time to do it!

I met up with folks from Twitter, namely friends who play a Pipin and Nabriales in-game. NPC RPers often stick together at events for the fun of it.

There was a playlist of music (apparently I missed this), prizes, dancing on the beach and of course the event fireworks! All in all, we had a lot of good fun!

And more screens of Pipin and Amon, dancing but looking like they’re up to mischief!

Gotta love these community events! They’re pretty common on the Crystal Data Center, not sure what other Data Centers have. Often time you can find them announced on Twitter, but even then, it’s easy to miss events if you don’t know the tags.

Anyhow, I didn’t stay super long last night because the event was starting to wind down, but glad to have participated and met up with some friends!

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FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2021 Fun

Yesterday, the annual Moonfire Faire returned to Costa del Sol, this time bringing a bit of the arctic with it. I don’t know about you, but I could really use something cool just about now with as hot as it’s been outside lately.

The event that celebrates fun in the sun and battling off the bomb-like Bombards has brought us very cuddly and extremely cute polar bears as mounts this time around. I know it doesn’t make much sense going into it, but just do the quests and you’ll see.

The quest for the mount does require a FATE to complete. Compared to last year’s FATE, this one was really easy and quick to finish. It could just be that so many people doing it at one time made it a breeze and that once the population dwindles a bit, the FATE might become more lengthy. Not impossible, just longer to complete.

I’d suggest getting your character(s) out there this weekend to snag your prizes, though, just to be safe.

The rest of the quest is quick cutscenes for the most part and very little travel. In fact, waiting for the FATE to spawn is the longest part of the quest – another reason why I think the FATE might turn out to be a lot longer to beat once the number of people who are doing it drops a bit.

Of course, there’s fun to be had aside from the quest since folks tend to like to hang around on the island during the festivities. Getting a new mount also means it’s time to create towers or circles of said mount. That’s what happened last night as I took part in the bear tower.

There was also a polar bear parade that took place for a while where the bears slow-walked around the perimeter of the island on /follow mode. I ended up being the leader of this parade as people started to go off to do other things, and led it up until the end when everyone decided to disperse. It was great fun!

I know my characters are going to be hanging out there and taking in the fireworks as they normally do throughout the festival. Definitely don’t miss this one if you want to snag this cute mount!

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FFXIV: LunarCon 2021

For more information about LunarCon, visit the official website and Discord!

This weekend marks the coming of the first in-game Con with panels, live entertainment and more – all streamed on Twitch if you can’t manage to make it into the venue (lines are quite long). I’ve been tuning in from time to time, but I also went to hang out in one of the locations for a while.

During this time, I managed to meet up with a few folks from Tumblr and Twitter – thanks for stopping by and saying hi, or dancing for a bit! The Amon outfits were their ideas, I swear! 🙂

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FFXIV: Role Play – Signing an Autograph for President Obama

So, tonight, I’m just barding in Gridania and helping folks give gifts to the sprouts on Mateus. When all the sudden, I see a group of folks in suits headed our way.

When in performance mode, you can’t see names, so it took me a moment – and looking at chat – to realize that this was President Obama and his body guards.

What happened after that, I display in below chat. I did clip out other folks and their text to be polite – there were a lot of people there, interactions and and fistbumps exchanged with the President.

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FFXIV: My Alt Characters and Why I Play Them

See that image above? Every character except for the Elezen and the Hyur to the very left belongs to me. These are many of my FFXIV alts… but not all of them.

FFXIV is a game in which alts don’t need to exist. You can do and be everything on one character (and my main is maxed out in everything except Blue Mage). In fact, there’s even a lower priced subscription for people who only roll one character per server.

I’ve chosen to pay the higher price sub for the past 8 years in FFXIV. I choose to have alts. I choose to upkeep these alts, and at this point, am currently running my 5th character through Shadowbringers.

Why would I do that?

Some of it is just the nature of how I play MMOs, especially being a creative person. Some of it is just because in every other MMO, I’ve made numerous alts. That’s just how I play. Some of it is because, to me, the experience feels different depending on the combination of race, glamour and character personality.

So how did all these alts come to be?

My Main

I rolled my first FFXIV character in September 2013, and this has mostly remained “My Main.” The one I collect things on. The one that has all jobs leveled. That sort of thing.

My Main has had a long and troubled past as you can see. FFXIV makes it so easy to change names and fantasia into something different, and that continues to be a sirensong for me.

If I don’t like how a character feels, if I suddenly get the inspiration to do something different with them, or if gameplay is just stale – all it takes is a fantasia (and sometimes a name change) and I’ve repurposed that character to be what inspires me without losing any of the progress I’ve made on them.

Case-in-point my Main.

She started as a weird blue cat named Zuri. She was my first FFXIV character, and coming from GW2 where I had a particular Flame Point Charr that was easy to distinguish from others of her kind, I attempted to make my first character in FFXIV something that was visually unique.

Unfortunately, I think I accomplished that a little too much. As time passed and Zuri became the head of a growing FC, I decided I wanted a more serious character. I also decided that I wanted to use my net name. So she became an Elezen named Aywren.

But then! I decided that I missed my Miqo’te! So back to cat she went. In the meantime, I actually rolled another Zuri Nimat (for a different server and FC) who I changed to AuRa when the race was still new – put a pin on this idea for later.

In Shadowbringers, I got burned out on cat girls and cat boys. I decided to go back to Elezen.

And then, a few months later, I was feeling demotivated to do anything on my Main… and finally decided to toss the “Awyren” character out the window all together and turned my main into one of my story characters, Benjamin. I’m still getting used to this change, but I do believe it’s going to stick.

Let’s hope so, at least.

TsuYa Tai

I rolled my first alt in October-ish of 2013 when Syn first began to play. My Main was already halfway through ARR content, and I wanted a character to play alongside of hers from the start. There was no New Game+ back in the day, so my only option was to roll another character.

There was a point in Heavensward (when I was really put out with Bard changes) that Tai became my Main for the expansion. But when Bard was improved and Red Mage came out, I switched back to my Main as my main. (Does that make sense?)

Since then, I’ve kept Tai in relevant content – he’s even cleared up to Factory in Alliance Raids (for the glamour). He’s been a Dragoon from the start, but come Endwalker, he’s going Reaper. He’s always been a character with a scythe, so this is going to be a new start for him!

Zuri Nimat

But wait, wasn’t “Zuri Nimat” the name of my main? It was until it wasn’t.

Remember how I told you that I’d rolled an AuRa – which was a new race at that time – and she eventually became my new Zuri Nimat. Well, this AuRa still exists and persists. In fact, she’s the character I’m running through Shadowbringers right now.

Zuri’s become one of the cast of the Spot of Mummery story that I write. You’ll see that a lot of my alts are based around this story going forward.

She started as a Bard, but since I had way too many Bards on my roster, I switched her to Dancer main when that job was added to the game.

Amon D’Syrcus

This is my troublemaker right here – the “RP alt” who often threatens my Main for main slot due to how dang much I play Amon.

Back in 2017-2018, I was feeling restless in FFXIV. I needed a creative outlet. I wanted to try my hand at storywriting and story-RP. After several failed attempts at writing stories and sorting through my alts for a character that would be my break-out, I settled on Amon for a number of reasons.

If you’ve run the Syrcus Tower raid, you’ve beat up my RP character before (no hard feelings). Probably several times. He’s a (smaller) cloned form of the raid boss Amon, and I’ve had a ball writing for this crazy Allagan Bard.

His stories and adventures are told at my creative/story FFXIV blog – Spot of Mummery.

And because I needed a cast of characters for that story and to take screenshots with, I started to… roll more alts!

Amon currently mains Bard but also does Red Mage and White Mage!

Koh Rabntah

Koh is also an NPC in the game who stands out in Mor Dhona – the one that’s possessed by the Allagan spirit of Noah. She used to be much more relevant back in the day since she gave the quest to run the Crystal Tower trio for what used to be important drops each week.

Now days, I’m not sure too many people remember her story. Her situation with the Allagan possession has not been brought up again. I thought it was an interesting predicament, and since Amon is all about Allagan lore, I brought Koh/Noah on board as a member of Spot of Mummery.

I’m currently leveling her Scholar to see if I like shield healers – I’m hoping to turn her Sage once the expansion drops.

Mocho Mayucho

Mocho is another member of the Spot of Mummery cast. I wanted to include a Lalafell and I needed a tank for their rag-tag group. So, the idea of an older Lalafell (who is Echoblessed) who also has dreams of becoming a Paladin was born.

He’s the one alt that I haven’t kept relevant on content – he’s still just a level 50 Paladin sitting at the end of 2.0 MSQ. Not sure what I’m going to do with him, but seeing he’s one of my few Lalafell, I’m keeping him around.

Ajir Moks (Kha)

I needed a character foil for Amon in Spot of Mummery, so I rolled Ajir. He’s a rough-around-the-edges AuRa who used to main Samurai. I think he’s going Reaper come the expansion, however.

I originally wrote him out of the story after the first story arc because I wasn’t quite sure where his development was going at the time. I have ideas for him now, though, and I hope to introduce him back into Spot of Mummery pretty soon!

Ajir will make an awesome Reaper.

Tad Kouris

Tad was a character that wasn’t created for Spot of Mummery. In fact, he was an accidental character that appeared during some RP writing sessions between myself and Syn. Something about his personality – and the fact that he’s Amon’s younger cousin – hooked me, so I repurposed a character in FFXIV to make Tad a thing.

I’m glad I did because I adore him!

He’s currently a Machinist with a love of red pandas. He’s also my Allagan WoL from the 4th Age, which is a fun bit of stories that I’ve dabbled with on the side. I’m not sure where those stories are going, but I’d love to continue to develop them in the future.

The Everschade Crew

Above are my characters on the Mateus server. On Coeurl, I have a whole nother FC that contains a number of alt characters! In fact, I’ve gone through and deleted many of these alts lately because it’s just getting to be all too crazy!

I won’t go into details on who is who too much because some of these will be repurposed later, I have a feeling.

  • Iva Everschade – Originally rolled to see what Amon’s mom would look like. I might turn her into a Viera character come Endwalker. Haven’t decided.
  • Fljot Radljost – My female Viera character that I haven’t done much with. I’m changing her to male Viera come Endwalker with several ideas for his future.
  • Meecece Meece – She’s been an unused character for so long, originally my attempt at a cute Lalafell. I’ve not done much with her, but I’m holding on to her progress for female Hrothgar if I find their design to my liking.
  • Noah Atlin – Spot of Mummery possible cast member – if I were to ever separate Koh and Noah. We’ll see if that ever happens.
  • Sebastian Kitasch – A Hrothgar I created in honor of my late flame point cat, Sebastian. He’s a Fisher main with a Bard battle job. I’d like to work on progressing him more some day.

Aside from these, I have a few other alts floating around, but are more situational. Some just exist but I’ve not logged into in forever.

Overall, these are my FFXIV characters and the reasons why I created them and continue to play them. I know, I’m crazy. But not being a raider or really a dungeon runner, I get my joy through creative outlets in the game. Alts are just a part of that.