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FFXIV 4.3 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

The preliminary patch notes for 4.3 are out, and I’m really looking to them to pull me back into the game and excite me again. I’ve been kinda taking a break from FFXIV, playing other games, and only logging in here and there to take care of FC stuff… sometimes run an alliance.

I’d love for something in 4.3 to catch my attention. I know that this is supposed to be the final story update for the Doman arc, and maybe that’s a good thing. While I do like some of the characters of Stormblood, I have to admit that overall, I haven’t been as invested in the story as I was during Heavensward. I’ve been hearing a number of other folks echoing this sentiment, so I don’t think it’s just me.

There’s just been too many “Oh, btw, this character isn’t dead” situations happening. It’s been overused at this point. But anyhow, that’s a thought for another blog post. Let’s hopefully get hyped over stuff in the patch notes, shall we?

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