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FFXIV: Preliminary Patch 4.2 Notes Highlights

Preliminary patch notes for FFXIV Patch 4.2, which is releasing next Tuesday (Jan 30), were posted today. So it’s time for me to dive into them and give my thoughts on the “important” things. Like the fact they changed “glamour commode” to “glamour dresser.” Booooooo!

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FFXIV 3.5 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

First Impression

Now, I know these are just the preliminary 3.5 patch notes, but I was sorely disappointed there was not a nerf to the Umbrite stage of the Relic weapon. That was the very first thing I looked for when I opened the patch notes, and it wasn’t there.


In reading the patch notes thread on Reddit, it seems that Yoshi-P has indicated that we’ll probably get that Relic nerf in 3.55. Still a bit of a bummer for me as I need to decide if I’m going to keep going or just settle for a PotD weapon.

Anyhow, enough about what the patch notes don’t have. Let’s look at what’s there.

Naturally, we expected more story, raids and dungeons, so I’ll be skipping those and going right to the features.

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