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  • Second Life: Amon’s Fantasy House

    Second Life: Amon’s Fantasy House

    I currently have two SL premium accounts which I keep mostly for the nice Linden House you get as a subscriber. My main account owns a cabin, which I post about here and there as I decorate it for holidays. My second account, made after my character Amon, owns a fantasy style house – mainly […]

  • Second Life: Trick Or Treat!

    Second Life: Trick Or Treat!

    I swore that sometime in the years past that I’d written a blog post about the Haunted Ride or the Cornfield in Second Life because that’s a Halloween event that the Posse tries to visit every year about this time. But I can’t find a post about it, and that’s distressing! Last year, I did […]

  • Second Life: Halloween Cottage 2021

    Second Life: Halloween Cottage 2021

    Last year, I wrote about the Halloween decorations I added to my Second Life Cabin on my main account. This year, my setup there was fairly much identical, so there wasn’t anything new to show. However, I was too tempted by the new Fantasy themed houses when they came out in SL this year, and […]

  • Blaugust 19- Developer Appreciation – Second Life Moles

    Blaugust 19- Developer Appreciation – Second Life Moles

    This may be a strange title if you’re not a resident of Second Life. Even if you are, you may not realize that there’s a group of builders and scripters who work for Linden Labs and make lovely things for residents to enjoy. I didn’t until I moved into my home in Bellisseria. Who are […]

  • Second Life: Amon of Another Universe

    Second Life: Amon of Another Universe

    Sometimes when I need a break from FFXIV, I visit Amon in another universe. I’ve been working on the appearance of this Amon bit by bit since summer of 2020. I admit, he’s a little funky looking (but he would be IRL by design), and I couldn’t find hair that fit him (especially around the […]

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