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FFXVI: Life in Shirogane

Only in a MMO would you water float in full armor.


Yesterday I talked about how I moved my personal estate in FFXIV from a mountain view in the Goblet to beach-side property in Shirogane. I also mentioned that I was still working on the aesthetics of the place, and had picked up crafting again in order to save money and make some of this on my own.

Last night, between Expert Roulette and Sigmascape runs, I was able to gather for and craft the Hingan Stone Fence. I had a hunch that I’d like it better than the more ornate fence I chose originally. I was right.


The fence is more low key, and I really like the cloud patterns etched into the stone. I put the Nanpu style roof back on the house – I liked the curves and the hanging ornaments better than the other design. As long as it’s not paired with the Nanpu fence, it doesn’t come off as loud.

Then, I found a less saturated, more neutral blue to dye it all. I was happy to discover that the Hingan hot spring and the oriental deck furniture allowed me to dye the roof to a matching color, too!

In the hot spring

We’ve spent some time exploring Shirogane since I’ve moved there. There’s just so many little places to find in that zone, including a jump puzzle on the lighthouse-rock in the ocean! There’s also places to relax and chill if you are into gatherings and RP.

Chilling at the beach

As much as I did like my old home in the Goblet, and there were neat places to find in that zone, too, I’m quickly growing to love my new house in Shirogane. There’s still a number of open small lots right now, including the one across the street from me. I think Amoon has verbally considered getting it for himself, though housing still isn’t open to purchase for new individuals.

I just hope whoever does move in there will put time into making their house a pleasant location to view from across the street!


In other news, I’m fully back on the leveling crafting bandwagon again. I’ve been super lazy with all of it. I was very lucky I’d spam-leveled my carpenter back when my FC was making the castle walls for our FC house… otherwise, I’d not have been able to do half of what I did to make things for my own house.

I still have a LOT I want to make. While I did purchase the hot springs and the oriental deck, I want to take time to craft some of my own indoors decor. That means I need to buckle down and work on leveling again.

The state of some of my crafting jobs that I leveled through Moogle quests, like Armorer and Blacksmith, was abysmal. I mean things like still using a level 51 tool on a level 60 crafter. Or missing the side-arm tool completely (how did that happen?). I upgraded them when I discovered this, but I still have a long way to go to get my crafting where it should be!

Lazy crafter is lazy


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FFXIV: Moving my Home to Shirogane

What’s the fastest way to burn through millions of gil in FFXIV? Housing, of course!

It’s kinda ironic that it was just little over three years ago when I scrounged up enough gil to buy my personal house in FFXIV. It was one of the last open spots in The Goblet, a forgotten, rather isolated place that overlooked the canyon.


I was really proud of this accomplishment, even though I bought it when the lots were as cheap as they were ever going to get… and it seems like this was an unwanted, left-over spot.

It was perfect for me. It was quiet. Though there was a large FC mansion next to me, they were almost never there. I had the run of the area around my house to myself.

Then came yesterday’s controversial housing release. Many new wards were opened, but there’s a catch: You could only purchase a new house as a Free Company. This was to ensure FCs got first pick and were finally able to dip into all the features that were tied to housing.

Also, if you already owned a house, you could relocate.

Relocation to Shirogane

It really hadn’t crossed my mind to move. I’ve always been happy with the lot I had, even if I hadn’t been overly creative with it the three years I’ve owned it. But something happened yesterday.

I logged in before work, just curious to see how many housing spots were taken with the release. I wasn’t surprised to see all of the Larges gone in every city. But I was very surprised to see there were still Medium houses open… and tons of Smalls.


Back before Shirogane (Savage) hit, I’d taken some time to stroll through the neighborhood and see what plots there were. I became fond of this little group of small houses that were right up on the beach.


I  like how Shirogane is laid out, but a lot of it feels busy to me. The houses on the beach have a bit more space and open area, which I really like. I remember thinking if I was going to relocate, it would be to one of these spots.

So, yesterday, when I logged in and saw sooooo much housing open… I did the unthinkable. I went to Shirogane Ward 15 and relocated to lot 22. So, now I have a nice spot on the Shirogane Shores.


The only problem was… the Small Outfitters Walls that looked just fine in The Goblet didn’t really match up with the aesthetics of Shirogane. So, I spent a lot of last night gathering and crafting to replace the individual pieces of the exterior.

I wanted to mix and match some of the designs. But when I got it done, it felt like the roof and the wall were super colorful when I tried to die it anything but a duller tone.


It felt like I was living in a bright Lego house or something!

So, I ended up switching out the roof style for one that was more toned down, and dying all of it Soot Black, which matches the roof of the Hingan Hot Spring better.


Looking at it, I’m still not sure I’m sold on this yet. Thankfully, when you pull out exterior fixtures, they don’t auto-destroy now. So I can keep mixing and matching until I get something I do like.

I’m going to craft the Hingan Stone Fence tonight and see what that looks like.

Oh, and I also completely glamoured my retainer, who is standing dutifully outside. I’d always had a retainer standing around in my yard, but I never really spent much time on his looks. I mean, I used to be located at the end of the road nowhere, where no one would ever come. But now that things have changed, I went in and Fantasia-ed my retainer, and glamoured him up to look like Ben!


Much better!

I still have a lot of work to do because when you relocate your house, the game strips all of the decorations out and sticks them in storage. So I walked into this:


When it used to look like this:


I’m thinking about completely reworking the whole place, especially since there are lots of housing glitches you can use with decorating that I’ve never tried. This is probably going to take a while, though, since I’m almost broke from just decorating the outside!

Time to make some gil!