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Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & The Goth Family Expansion

So I left off in the previous post wondering if I should cure Ryder of his vampirism and make him just a normal Sim. I had a little feedback about this, and in the end, I decided to let the story play out as it did.

Not only did I leave him a vampire, I pushed him to embrace his powers and become a stronger vampire. Due to his personality, I didn’t give him too many “evil” or controlling traits, and even made him a guilty drinker so that he didn’t like to drink from other Sims.

Ryder’s a pretty good fisher at this point, so catching fish from the pond in the yard and turning them into plasma packs has served him just fine.

The Cowplant surprised me when it grew up quite suddenly.

Ryder learned that vampire or not, you don’t tease the Cowplant if you value your hands!

Estrella learns this too… I looked over to find her eaten by the Cowplant! Thankfully, it decided to spit her out rather than killing her (does that happen in Sims 4?).

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the last post, but I used a cheat to remove most of the extra Simoleons the family had, leaving them about $5,000 in case of emergency. It wasn’t the best of financial situations, but I finally decided it was time for Ryder and Estrella to try for a child.

I was crossing my fingers that the child wouldn’t be born a vampire… I learned that as long as both parents weren’t vampires, there’s only a 50% chance that the baby would be. That’s part of what encouraged me to continue on with Ryder as a vampire. I’ll see what happens!

Estrella was excited to inform Ryder that they are about to have a new family member. She seemed excited!

Ryder also seemed really happy about this development! I think he’ll turn out to be a good father.

They didn’t have much money, but they still built an addition to the family house to make a baby room. By the time that’s done, they can only afford very sparse decorations…

Estrella was getting to be really good at knitting – especially since that kept her busy while waiting for the baby to arrive. That bear toy up there on the rainbow shelf was one of her creations.

And… oops. Cowplant died. 😦

In the middle of paying attention to everything else on the farm, I didn’t realize the Cowplant needed something to keep it alive. This was my first Cowplant.

I felt pretty bad about this, and thought of rolling back the save, but chose to stay the course and play out my mistakes. Maybe one day I’ll get another Cowplant and will know better what to do.

It’s probably better not to have a Cowplant around a future toddler though, to be honest.

Not much time to mourn, though because baby Abbie soon arrived!

And just as I suspected, Ryder was a very attentive and caring father! He took right to Abbie immediately and assisted Estrella with parental duties whenever needed.

I can’t tell at this point if Abbie will be a vampire or not. Still hoping for the best… though in order to carry on the Goth name, I might have to consider a son later on.

Estrella continued to knit toys for the new baby, and slowly they added on to the fairly empty room. Abbie doesn’t mind at all as long as her parents are tending her needs. 😉

This wouldn’t be a haunted cottage post without a little something about Lucas, though! Estrella was finally making connections to Lucas – it took a while because his fame status prevented her from interacting with him normally. But now… friendship is forming.

I wonder if Lucas and Abbie will eventually become friends, or if having a ghost around will scare the child? I guess I’ll have to find out.

For now, Abbie’s parents are loving her the best they can, and slowly adding new toys to the shelf when they can afford it. Toddler-hood won’t be too far away!

Oh, and just a note on the rainbow llama pictured in the header. I was a little disappointed by that. When you feed animals certain snacks, they turn colors – which I knew. I also knew that chickens will lay eggs of that color, so I assumed that’s the color they remain for the rest of their life.

Not so with this llama. The rainbow wool only grew once, and then it turned back into a white llama. Kinda sad.

{– Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & Mysterious Ryder Goth || –}

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Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & Mysterious Ryder Goth

So, last time I wrote about the Haunted Cottage, I noted that Ryder had found the girl of his dreams and they tied the knot. I was – and still am – on the fence about whether to cure his vampirism. But more about that to come!

I also sold off all the excess furniture from the family storage. Then, I used a cheat to drop the household savings to 5,000 simoleons to make it a more challenging game.

Estrella Goth

Ryder’s wife’s name is Estrella and I honestly don’t even remember how they met. It wasn’t an intentional relationship because, again, I’m not looking to further vampire households in this neighborhood. But they got along so well, I couldn’t say no to it.

It seems Estrella was just one of the random townies. She doesn’t have a family tree or any real connections. No job, no household, no boyfriend – just a blank slate. But Ryder fell in love, so that’s how it went.

She enjoys taking care of the animals and I put her in charge of llama grooming – that way, she picks up all the wool. I’ve made her the family crafter, so she’s often knitting away and selling creations on Plopsy to support the family through that means of income.

She arrived in Ryder’s life with those odd glasses and orange and white striped shirt. I felt that set her apart, so I didn’t change her normal outfit when I did a makeover on the rest of her wardrobe.

One day, I had her knit a sweater for Ryder. I thought the blue looked snazzy and that it would be attractive on him. Only thing was, gifting your significant other a sweater apparently can curse the couple!

Well dang! I didn’t know that!

They both earned a cursed moodlet that lasts for 7 Sim days. So far, I’ve kept them from romantic interactions, but they’re under a constant state of fear because of it. They have 3 days left, and this year’s Love Day was a bust for them. 😦

Vampire Secrets

In the meantime, I’m trying to remember how to play a vampire Sim because it’s been a while. I decided to have Ryder research vampire secrets, which isn’t all that easy to keep him focused on. He’s more of an outdoorsy Sim, so he gets bored of sitting inside and reading.

Learning vampire secrets turns out to be a great thing to do for a vampire. You pick up all sorts of skills like making plasma packs from frogs and fish – I’d forgotten about that – to eventually learning how to make a cure for vampirism at the final rank. Not to mention, you skill up as a vampire from it.

Being outdoorsy is a great thing for Ryder because that makes leveling fishing easy. There’s also a pond in the front yard, so I’ve begun to stock it with fish – that way he can just reel stuff in and make plasma packs from it any old time.

During the research process, I had to send Ryder to the library several times to use the computers there since the Haunted Cottage is off-grid. One day, he got a phone call while at the library and it made me squint.

Ryder’s Family Tree

Turns out, it was Ryder’s father calling him to ask to get together sometime.

I really didn’t look into Ryder’s background before I chose him to inherit the Cottage. So when his father called and wanted to see him, I invited the fellow on over the library there and then.

This guy with purple hair is Ryder’s dad.

At least they seem to get along.

But after this, I decided to check out Ryder’s family tree because… his father’s last name wasn’t “Goth.” And I found something peculiar.

There doesn’t appear to be an anyone tracing back to the Goth family in Ryder’s genealogy.

In fact, apparently the game doesn’t know who his mother was. She must have been Goth – which would make sense why Ryder has the last name since he’d likely been raised by his mother. Sadly, she seems to have been a victim of Sims culling.

I wish I could have known more about this family and how this came to be!

Why is it that Ryder has a half-brother? Both his father and his half-brother are vampires, so that’s where he gets that from. But here’s Ryder with his dark Goth hair and everyone on the other half of the family with bright purple!

So mysterious!

More Supernatural Fun


While fishing, Ryder found a cowplant seed! Now this should be interesting! I played with cowplants in Sims 3, but not Sims 4 yet…

I mean, look at it. Isn’t that the cutest, most innocent thing ever?

For now.

Ryder and Lucas continue to build their friendship, as well. I looked over to see them outside doing this the other day, all on their own. Brings me warm fuzzies.

Though sometimes I still catch Lucas in the kitchen cooking, he overall seems to be a happier ghost now days. He might have just been lonely after all. Ryder doesn’t seem to mind keeping him company, and Lucas has been more helpful with gardening as well.

But now comes the big question. I’m thinking about Ryder and Estrella’s future. I’d have to look and see if Ryder might be the last surviving Goth in this game. If so… once they get out from under the sweater curse, I’m thinking about them having children. But as I said before, I don’t really want to further vampire family lines in this neighborhood.

Ryder is now fully leveled in Vampire Lore and has the ability to make the drink that can cure vampirisms. Still, it’s not been a terrible life for him as a vampire, and he’s starting to figure out how to survive without needing to feed off other Sims.

Still, should I change him back to a normal Sim and give him the normal life he never had?

{–Sims 4: The Time I Failed at Sims || Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & The Goth Family Expansion–}

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Sims 4: The Time I Failed at Sims

A while back, I expressed my disappointment with how the Sims Cottage Living pack would not contain horses. While I’m still disappointed in this (despite the devs answering why), that didn’t stop me from picking up the pack last weekend.

I’d been hearing a lot of very positive things about the pack, including how challenging it can be to use the Simple Living challenge trait. So, having the itch to try something new, I bought it and spent most of the weekend playing it.

This is the first time in all these years playing Sims that I felt like I just completely failed the game.

I’ve been Simming since The Sims 1. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a Sim die to something beyond my control. A few of those were thanks to guinea pig bites in The Sims 1, before I realized what was happening and why people were getting sick.

I’ve always been the kind to make sure fire detectors were set in a Sim house. But for some reason, I completely overlooked that. Maybe because for a long time, Sims 4 didn’t have a fire department that responded to house fires like other Sims – not until the May 2020 update!

Anyhow, I found a cheap broken down cottage on the Sims exchange and picked a random Sim to play this pack. This turned out to be an elderly fellow named Lucas. I’d had some interaction with Lucas before with other Sims, it seems. And I recall him being a fun and good-natured fellow.

So I took Lucas to his new home, where he immediately began to make the best of things by splashing around in the nearby pond.

Not that I could blame him. There wasn’t much else to do in the place until I unboarded the door and fixed it up some.

So I was set to explore this new pack’s content on a very small budget – exactly what I hoped to do. I had Lucas buy a coop and some chickens, which he took proper care of every day, earning new eggs and hatchlings over time.

When he had enough money, I invested in a llama. He used the wool to work on his cross stitch skills and started making money selling on Plopsy – the Sims version of Etsy. I also had him work up relationships with all of his animals, including the wild rabbits who were helping him with gardening.

Most of his income he earned busking at the local bar. He had a decent singing skill and he also was already somewhat of a low-level celebrity. So he could go and start his own little one-man concert and bring in enough to get by on the tips.

Luca was living a lovely, simple, pastoral life. Even if he was mostly broke and just managing to make his bills. That was the fun thing about it.

But then, tragedy struck.

Tragic Tale of Lucas

It was a stormy afternoon. But the llama needed feeding, cleaning and shearing. So I sent Lucas out into the storm to do his daily caretaking. Standing right next to the llama, he got struck by lightning.

That was crummy, but nothing I couldn’t come back from. He was a little dazed, but I had him finish up and send the llama back into the barn for safety from the storm. Then, I sent Lucas in to get cleaned up.

Luca was hungry after that, so he went to cook something to eat. I didn’t think much about it. But likely, his dazed state could have led to the fire that took his life.

A fire started and he instantly caught flame. Because this was a fixer-upper cottage, I never thought to install a smoke detector. Lucas was the only one in his family. All these things led to me being able to do nothing but watch Lucas burn to death.

When the grim reaper showed up – he now has a snazzy new tablet – and took poor Lucas away, I was even rewarded with a Sims 4 game over screen. More like a pop-up. I’d never experienced this before and found it all curious.

I could have exited and rolled back to an earlier save then took more care to see that Lucas didn’t befall such tragedy. Instead, I decided to play through it – now the Cottage was haunted!

Haunted Cottage Life

I did a quick search across random single Sims and found Ryder Goth. Thinking it was ironic that a Goth would be the next to move into this tragic cottage, I did so without looking at any Sims details.

Ryder is not too thrilled by the scene that welcomes him. An urn on the floor and several pieces of furniture that need to be replaced due to fire.

It’s only when I start to play him a bit, getting the place cleaned up, that I discover Ryder is a vampire Sim. I would have likely not have chosen him if I’d known that – I’d rather have played this content without the vampire content overlapping.

But it was what it was. I decided to roll with it and see if I could help a ghost and vampire friendship blossom.

I discovered that somehow, Ryder had come with the trait that allowed him to walk in sunlight unharmed. I’m not sure how that happened, but seeing that was a trait I usually went for early for any vampire I played, it helped out significantly.

I picked up with Ryder where I left off with Lucas. Ryder now had to start all over making connections with the animals around the cottage and learn to garden. He actually adjusted to cottage life quite well, to be honest.

In the meantime, the ghost of Lucas would appear from time to time in the night. Because he died to a cooking fire, it seems his ghost is stuck doing nothing but cooking food over and over. Especially white cakes, which he leaves sitting around the counters if he manages to finish them.

The process of cooking gets him riled up and angry. When his spirit turns red, he then starts to engage in all sorts of more violent activity such as knocking over trash cans and possessing items in the house to break them.

At first, it’s hard for Ryder to befriend Lucas. This is because Lucas was a bit of a celebrity in life. The way celebrity levels work makes it almost impossible for a Sims who is also not some sort of celebrity to introduce themselves successfully.

So, I had Ryder break into the Fame system just a little bit. A few posts to Simstagram bolstered his following, and that seems to have been enough to finally let him introduce himself to Lucas.

Now they are well on their way to becoming friends.

Since then, Lucas has been a little more helpful around the house whenever he appears. He even helps the crops to grow, taking care of gardening just like he did in his living years.

In the meantime, Ryder has found a nice girl to settle down with. They got married and well… this is kinda where I left their story for now.

I need to figure out what I want to do with this household as having all this influx of cash is going against what I was aiming for when I wanted a simple living challenge.

Also, I’m considering reversing Ryder’s vampire curse. On one hand, it makes things super easy since he really doesn’t have as many Sims needs – he can stay up all night and all day without needing to rest if he doesn’t use up any of his vampiric energy.

And on the other hand, if Ryder is going to further the Goth legacy with a family, I’d really rather his kids not be vampires. I don’t have anything against playing vampires in Sims 4 – I even have a vamp family – but I’d rather do it as I choose to do it.

So this is where my Sims fail led me. Certainly not the story I expected when I decided to pick up this pack. But you know what? That’s just fine!

Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & Mysterious Ryder Goth –}

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Sims 4 Announces Cottage Living

-Releases July 22, special preorder items available

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Sims 4. But it’s also been a while since I was excited about the theme of a pack or expansion for the game.

While I don’t think the recent packs/expansions/whatever they’re called are bad, persay, nothing has prompted me to want to preorder or buy day 1 lately. I’ll read up on the forum reviews and usually wait for a sale if nothing in the reviews really wows me.

So when they teased the idea of living in the country, my mind went to one thing only: Horses.

Naturally, as a horse lover, the horses in Sims 3 were one of my favorite features. However, horses were were cut in the Pets expansion for Sims 4. So surely, an expansion about the country life would include the missing horses, right?

I was excited at the possibility! It was the first time I’ve been excited for an announcement in a while.

That was, until, the announcement came and again, horses got cut. For llamas, I guess. (Actually, no. It’s been confirmed the animals are tied to objects and aren’t part of the household, so they don’t act as “pets.” So, double bummer.)

Okay, I don’t want to be that person, but allow me to grieve the loss of my horses yet again. Everything else in this pack looks right up my gameplay alley. I love the idea of cottage living. The cute critters, the almost-farm theme, and the world looks lovely. I’m sure I’ll have fun with it whenever I decide to pick it up.

But I can’t help feel a little disappointed about horses being overlooked again. Had this pack included horses, I would have rushed right out to preorder it instantly. And that says a lot for my non-preorder mentality the past few years.

I’m going to hold out hope for horses in a side pack, maybe? With lots of neat features like stables and gear and racing? But I really kinda doubt it. I have a sinking feeling Sims 4 isn’t going to see horses in the end.

I’m really tempted to reinstall Sims 3 to get my horse fix right now. 🐴