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  • Locked Out! Getting my Glyph Account Back

    This is a cautionary tale for folks that have an old Glyph account hanging around. This launcher is for games such as Rift, ArcheAge and Trove. I’ve only played two of these games – back in 2014-2015 – ArcheAge and Trove. When I first created my account, the Glyph launcher didn’t exist. Before I stopped […]

  • Trove Launch: Curse Kami Mount

      Got this free Curse Kami mount today to celebrate Trove Launch!

  • Trove Music: The Aftermath

    It is totally Ironweakness’ fault for bringing my attention to music in Trove via this Trove Tunes post that I spent most of my afternoon pursuing this in game. I first sought out the location of such tunes in the Trovian Maestros club. Once I learned how to access the club, I then learned I needed a Mag […]

  • Trove: Lava Ceiling-Fall

    I was kicking around in Trove last night, searching for ore in caves. One cave had me exploring under a lava biome, and I ran across this neat area. I’m assuming it was below a pool of lava, which gave it a lava ceiling! That’s when I noticed the lava was actually slowly flowing down […]

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