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Trove Music: The Aftermath

It is totally Ironweakness’ fault for bringing my attention to music in Trove via this Trove Tunes post that I spent most of my afternoon pursuing this in game. I first sought out the location of such tunes in the Trovian Maestros club.

Once I learned how to access the club, I then learned I needed a Mag Rider to ride on the music tracks. I spent a good chunk of my time hunting down the materials to craft my first Mag Racer.

I then rode the music tracks from the day…

2015-06-14 002351

Into the night…

2015-06-14 003500

These are all really incredible, but this one was a ton of fun:

I was also super impressed with this track even if it wasn’t finished.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had a ton of fun with this today! 🙂

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Trove: Lava Ceiling-Fall

I was kicking around in Trove last night, searching for ore in caves. One cave had me exploring under a lava biome, and I ran across this neat area. I’m assuming it was below a pool of lava, which gave it a lava ceiling!

2015-06-07 052913

That’s when I noticed the lava was actually slowly flowing down towards the bottom of the cave!

2015-06-07 053046

So I stuck around to see what happens when it touched down. And it did!

2015-06-07 053303