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FFXIV: Final Steps of Faith Down!


Last night, a group from my Free Company, KoM, downed the final boss of the Dragonsong War in the Final Steps of Faith. This was not an easy fight to do in Duty Finder, and one of the guys in our FC was on his 9th try. But seeing we made up most of the party and we were on voice chat, I think we had the edge over a normal PUG.

Another victory pose, where you can see everyone's face.
Another victory pose, where you can see everyone’s face.

The battle was quite mechanically intensive and really required a lot of coordination from all people in the party. The times we wiped, it was often because it wasn’t understood that “STACK NOW” meant “EVERYONE MUST STACK OR DIE!” Yes, that means you, too, random PUG member.

Mechanics aren’t optional if you want to clear, folks. That is the message that S/E is speaking loud and clear with this fight and what I’ve seen in the Wiping City raid.

The final round, we got him down under 10% and I had to do my duty as the party’s dragoon: ie. sacrifice myself for the LB3. There just wasn’t a good time to be locked in long animation in this fight, and not but 2 seconds after I popped the LB, the circles rose up under me and claimed my life. Sad that I had to watch the win from the floor, but them are the breaks.

Doing my Dragoonly duty.

I won’t go into to anything of the story at this moment, mostly because I haven’t finished watching all of it. It was so late at night by the time we did beat the fight that I only completed some of the following quests. The moment the game warned me an extended cutscene was coming, I looked at the clock and had to call it a night.

So, today when I get home from work, I’ll get my reward and finally find out what happens with Estinien! It’s going to be a long wait. 😦

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FFXIV: More Eureka!


Zeb and Tai got their Eureka emote today. Thanks to Syn’s help I was able to get the good ending to the quest, too. I very much recommend it! I felt much better about the whole thing when I got to see what was really happening. 🙂


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FFXIV: What Dog?

Folks on the FFXIV Tumblr tag are doing this thing where they input their FFXIV character pictures into the What is your dog? site to see what dog breed matches them. I decided to do it.

Zuri – Papillon 


Haha… awesome! My sister and her husband have two papillons, so this was a neat outcome!

Tai – Dutch Shepherd Dog 


Yep, that sounds like Tai.

And because I had to do Syn’s character…

Zeb – Irish Wolfhound


Yep, knocking things over sounds like Zeb.

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FFXIV: Tanking, Healing and Everything In Between

Poor Zeb has to deal with Zuri tagging along as a healer to all these things
Poor Zeb has to deal with Zuri tagging along, shadowing him as a healer in raids

This weekend I spent a significant amount of time bashing zombies in 7D2D, but I still got a good bit done in FFXIV, too. In fact, I’ve accomplished a number of my goals since I wrote my goal post a week ago. I’m practicing healing at end game as much as I can, though I still haven’t taken on an instance as a single healer yet.

Working on Goals

ffxiv_02062016_012928Friday night, Zeb and Zuri bombarded Alex 1 Normal in my attempt to gear up all White Mage accessories. Some of the groups were very good, and some of them were still just hardly making it due to their frustrating lack of attention to mechanics. I can’t be the only one who is tired of DPS who ignore the adds, because we even had a Dragoon who announced at the start of one run, “1 Alarum to each DPS – Ezee Peezy.” Thankfully, the other DPS were mindful of that.

Also, luckily, some people running Alex weren’t always there for the drops, so I was often able to snag the bolts I needed for accessories. It still took more runs than I’d like, but we got it done.

I’m also knocking out the dungeons I need to complete Bard relic, but that’s been much slower than I like. Mostly, that’s because it’s pitching hard mode dungeons I’m not familiar with, so I try to run with FC folks to feel better about it. We’ve even been unlocking some of these for other people!

So, my goals for end game stand at this now:

End Game Stuff

  • Level White Mage to 60 ✓
  • Collect all crystals for second relic and make the first-stage relic for White Mage ✓
  • Complete the second-stage relic for Bard
  • Gear up White Mage enough to play Void Ark ✓
  • Gear up Bard accessories from Alex 1
  • Gear up White Mage accessories from Alex 1 ✓

My crafting goals are going a lot slower at the moment. I pushed Weaver to 59, but it takes a million chimera manes to keep leveling, so I’m waiting for the ventures to bring those all in. Once I have the mats, actually crafting to 60 isn’t a big deal. I plan on specializing in Weaver, and promptly starting on melding my end game crafting gear. Then on to blue scrips for the Weaver III book.

FC Fun and Tanking

We’ve had a few new additions to the FC this weekend, which is nice. Recruitment is slow between patches, and we’re not exactly known for attracting the masses. This is okay, though, as we are looking for a rather specific, family-friendly, group of folks to run with. And while things have been quiet-ish waiting for the new patch, I’m still pretty happy with how far the FC has come since last year when I inherited it.

So, FC folks needed some unknown-to-me hard mode dungeons run early Saturday morning, and Syn roped me into tanking them. Now, these are dungeons I didn’t even have unlocked, had to watch the video for, and I haven’t tanked any dungeons in a good long while. But it was a FC party, so I swallowed my apprehension and brought Tai’s paladin out for the runs. They actually weren’t too bad. In fact, I’m finding a lot of the hard mode level 50 dungeons I avoided over the years aren’t too terrible and are somewhat fun. Even Pharos Siris wasn’t as punishing as I remembered.

I’m not going to claim I’m an awesome tank, but I’m getting more comfortable with it.

I really like the Void Ark chest piece, even if it doesn't look paladinly.
I really like the Void Ark chest piece, even if it doesn’t look paladinly.

For Crystal Tower Sunday, I healed Labyrinth of the Ancients for the first time, and we helped a number of FC members get their first-time win. I had to chuckle a bit when someone asked “Wait, this is an 8-man right?” We got through with some fudged mechanics (as to be expected), but no wipes. It’s actually the least healing-intensive raid I’ve run, though it’s the one I enjoy the least.

It’s still great to introduce new people to the Crystal Tower.

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FFXIV: Of White Mages and Love


So the first thing I did as a level 60 White Mage was try to gear up as much as I could to reach the ilvl 175 cap so I could run Void Ark as a healer.

This included crafting the best accessories that I could as a specialized level 60 Goldsmith (which were sadly lacking). I ran one leveling roulette and took down the weekly elite boss to earn a law accessory and its hunt seal upgrade. Then, I broke the bank and bought two pieces of Sky Pirate gear (seeing my Weaver only hit level 58 last night), along with a lesser upgrade to my hands.

With all that said and done, on top of my relic and my Void Ark gear, Zuri was sitting at ilvl 176, and ready to run the Void Ark raid. Syn took me through it with Zeb, and though she swears it’s easier to heal than Crystal Tower, I don’t think so. I need a whole lot more practice. But we made it through and there were no party wipes. Not to mention the healer hands dropped, so I managed to snag the one upgrade I really needed for the week, taking me to ilvl 180!

What is Love?

We also decided to mess around with the Valentione’s Day event fortune tellers. We learned quickly that what one of us got, the other didn’t always get the same. For example, for Zeb, Zuri was true love, but for Zuri, Zeb was only pretty okay. And don’t get me started on what the fortune said of riches when paired with Zeb…


Zeb and Tai’s fortunes weren’t super good, nor were they bad across the board. So they were just “okay” overall. XD


I started a thread on our FC forums where people are having fun posting their fortune outcomes. One member even posted a video of the outcomes! For a holiday event, I’d say most people are having a good bit of fun with this. 🙂

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FFXIV: Making the Hard Choice & Setting Goals


In March of last year, I wrote about my problem with alts in FFXIV. After the release of Heavensward, I feel like that problem got much, much more difficult for me.

The thing is, I love both of my characters. Zuri was my first, and my main. She has overall more classes leveled and all of my crafting progress. I just haven’t unlocked the classes I enjoy most on her, including Dragoon and Paladin. She’s also the character who leads our FC, and is what I’d consider my main identity in our guild.

Tai is my duo character, created after my beloved fiction character, and is usually the one I play along with Syn’s character, Zeb. Overall, he has less classes unlocked, but some of the classes I enjoy most, including Dragoon and Paladin. He also has the Eso armor and a lot of time invested in him.

For a while, Zuri sat on the sidelines, not even making it to level 60 while I ran dungeons for Eso armor for Tai. I thought I was going to end up retiring Zuri for a bit, but now things are swinging back the other way. I started crafting again on Zuri, and leveling White Mage, and though I’m still not happy with Bard, I’ve been overall enjoying playing her again.

As patch 2.3 starts to loom over us, I see the promise of new Tomes of Lore, new raids, new armor and the new mentor system. And instead of feeling excited about new content, I just feel stressed. I started to think about it, about what really makes me feel spread thin in this game, and I realized it’s the fact I’m trying to juggle too many projects spread between two characters.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion I need to try to focus on one character for this upcoming patch. And I’ve decided that is going to probably be Zuri.

Setting Some Goals

At first, I was annoyed at the announcement of the Mentor System’s requirements. I looked at my paltry number of dungeons run and tiny number of commendations and the fact that neither of my characters have the trinity leveled completely (it’s spread between the two of them), and thought there was absolutely no way.

But then I discovered unsycned dungeons count, and I think about how Leveling Roulette will allow grouping… and how many classes I still yet have to level… And I thought, well, maybe, if I work at it, Mentoring could be a long-term goal for me. I know that running as DPS rarely get the commendations. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve hardly run low level dungeons lately, and that’s where you get the most, rather than at end game where no one even looks twice at DPS (it seems).

So, I’m setting some goals to achieve, because there’s a lot I want to do on Zuri, and writing it all out might help.

End Game Stuff

  • Level White Mage to 60 ✓
  • Collect all crystals for second relic and make the first-stage relic for White Mage ✓
  • Complete the second-stage relic for Bard
  • Gear up White Mage enough to play Void Ark ✓
  • Gear up Bard accessories from Alex 1 Nah, nevermind. Esos will be easier to get soon.
  • Gear up White Mage accessories from Alex 1 ✓


  • Level Weaver to 60 ✓
  • Meld end game cloth crafting gear with materia  ✓
  • Level Carpenter to 60
  • Meld end game crafting accessories with materia
  • Level Leatherworker to 60
  • Level Miner to 60 ✓
  • Level Botanist to 60 ✓
  • Level Fisher to 60 ✓
  • Get Blue Script Gathering Gear ✓

Leveling Stuff

  • Level all jobs to 30
    • Monk ✓
    • Paladin
    • Warrior
    • Ninja
  • Level Dragoon to 50 ✓
  • Level Machinist to 50
  • Clean up old quests

As you can see, I have a LOT I want to get done. But I think focusing on one character for now will help me alleviate that scattered feeling I get with this game. I can always come back to Tai in the future if I want to. Usually patches make it so that it’s not too hard to play catch up.

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FFXIV: Lightbulb Comes On

Tai's new tanking Void Ark chest armor.
Tai’s new tanking Void Ark chest armor.

So after feeling rough about end game FFXIV last week, I still played quite a bit of FFXIV this weekend. I ended up running Void Ark twice – and got the chest drop for different classes (Bard & Paladin) and characters both times. I ran at least one Fractalreap roulette and a handful of Trials (Garuda, Thordan), all mostly to help FC folks out. This is more than I usually run, but coming back to the game rested up helps a little.

The big breakthrough for me this weekend was that I finally found a guide that detailed what I needed to know to work towards 2* crafting at level 60. So I plunked down the gil for the HQ crafting gear and was surprised that I was reliably able to start making collectables for blue scrips for the first time ever. Working towards those Master III books doesn’t feel so impossible now.


Encouraged by this, I got to work on leveling crafting – nailed two levels of Weaver (52) and dinged a level in Botanist (56) while gathering the mats for Weaver. I don’t know what’s up with FFXIV having to make Weaver one of the most annoying crafting classes to level material-wise, but it’s always felt that way to me. Maybe it’s just that Weaver is so useful they try to artificially slow down the progress. Ah, well.

I’m at the point where all but two of my crafting classes are at least 52. I’m motivated to get them all to 53 so that I can get a set of consistent crafting armor for all of them again. I don’t see myself tossing away the chocobo apron and mittens, though. They’re way too cute… and cost me way too much.

I’ve also been playing Fates to earn crystals for my relic weapon. Crystals were stubborn this weekend – I finished the Churning Mists, but need just one more in the Dravanian Highlands. However, I’ve pushed Zuri’s White Mage to level 57 through all this, so it’s been worth it.

White mage Zuri!
White mage Zuri!

Seeing that all I’ve been doing is DPSing with White Mage, I’m not sure if I’m going to know how to actually heal if I ever tackle a raid or dungeon, though.  Of course, Syn says something like “We’ll just run Void Ark. It’s easy. You can practice. I can almost solo heal that!”

Of course you can. You’ve been playing White Mage for two years. :p

Anyhow, once I do get Zuri to 60, I’ll finally have at least one DPS, Tank and Healer at 60 across my two characters. I’m considering leveling Summoner or Machinist next. I haven’t made up my mind. Or maybe starting on the relic quest for Tai and leveling his Ninja.

Lots of options!

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FFXIV: Level 60 Paladin!


I finally reached level 60 Paladin on Tai tonight. I’ve mostly been doing Vanu quests and hunts, but I realized I’d left a few level 58 quests unfinished in Idyllshire, so I cleaned those up.


I had most of his level 60 Law armor purchased already, along with a few Alex drops I picked up from previous runs. I upgraded most of the Law stuff – could probably upgrade the accessories, though. I think it’s a pretty good looking set, though not very Paladinly. Seeing that I don’t plan on tanking anything endgame yet, this set is good enough for now. May work on getting some Void Ark drops for him eventually.

Oh, and I gave him the proper shield skin, too!


Now it’s time to level up the rest of my tank classes and work on my level 50 Ninja (maybe).