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They See Me Rollin (A New Character in WildStar)


Yes, I rolled Aurin, mostly because I wanted to join the Black Dagger Society and needed an Exile. I still have my Chua.

I went mouse ears instead of cat ears. Glad I did. Most other Aurin seem to choose cat. XD

I don’t know how well I’ll play the Esper class, but I claimed the mount on this character, so I better be dedicated to it now!

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MMO Box: WildStar ~ #Blaugust Day 25

This is part of the Blaugust series!

This isn’t really a memory box post seeing that I bought the box for WildStar only a few months ago. I haven’t purchased many retail boxes lately. Like many folks, I now rely more on digital keys and downloads and Steam. So, posting this in the series is only here to compare what a more modern MMO’s  box looks like compared to some of the older boxes I’ve blogged.

I pretty much bought the box due to the WildStar promotion that offered free stuff when you pick up a box. I managed to snag a copy really cheap, and I got the floating kitty mount I wanted by luck.


I’m happy that I picked up the box because once the game goes F2P, I can dabble around in it again, and will be grandfathered in with more character slots. I may even get some reward points if I decide to put some money into the account there.

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WildStar: Free-To-Play Announcement Trailer – YouTube

Glad they waited until the fall to do this – smart seeing that Heavensward is a summer release. I’ll probably still be busy with Heavensward, but I will likely revisit WildStar for the F2P transition. I’m happy I bought a box, and hope that grandfathers me in with a few more character slots! There are way too many classes/races to not be able to experiment some. 🙂