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FFXIV: Mount Unlock


Unlocked the chocobo for Zemi tonight. It was probably the fastest/easiest time I’ve run that. I wonder if they’ve made that faster?

Anyhow, just glad to finally have a mount. Zemi is now a level 23 marauder (I haven’t been working on him much this week)!

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FFXIV: I Rolled Yet Another Alt


I just haven’t been feeling the desire to do much in FFXIV lately, but seeing Syn leveling up her Dragoon alt made me think about rolling another myself. I know that I’m still an undecided mess about Zuri… And probably the dumbest thing I could do is roll a tank alt – I’ll probably chicken out of running dungeons when I finally get there.

But I still rolled a Zemi tonight.

Don’t think that he looks as cool as above, though. This is him in actuality.


I’m not sure that I’m sold on him being an Au’Ra, though. I do like having a larger character (for once — all my others are so short), and I do like the race’s animations. But it’s hard to make an Au’Ra male that I really like, and there’s a lot that just doesn’t match Zemi at all in the way this looks.

For instance, he always seems so serious and grouchy. Though I guess if I was stuck wearing something like below, I’d be grouchy, too.


I got to level 13 tonight, but we’ll see how far I get with this, I guess. I always enjoy the story and the solo bits, it’s just tanking the dungeons that freak me out.