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FFXIV: Easing into Patch 4.2

Sometimes you just need to take some time to organize and clean out the old MMO inventory.

You know what I mean?

I’ve been playing FFXIV for over 4 years now. This means that things have been piling up, mostly on my main character. I’m one of those folks who refuses to buy extra retainers, so I’m constantly struggling with storage.

This patch fixes all of that struggle.

Revitalize. Reorganize.

Syn is out of town on a work trip until Thursday, and I always play story/dungeons with her for the first time. So, that gave me a few days to really ease into the patch… somewhat backwards.

Usually, I’m rushing right into the story and Expert roulette because that’s what everyone else is doing. And this time around, there’s new Omega Raids, including Savage tier.

But you know what? It was kinda nice to take some time to just sit down and reorganize everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

The new Glamour Dresser (Commode) allowed me to toss in all those random pieces of gear I’ve held on to for years for whatever reason. Some of this was second tier AF armor from level 50. Some of it was just cool looking weapons or neat individual pieces I’ve been hoarding away forever.

Since you can’t pull anything out of the Commode once it goes in (yet), I didn’t put important things in there, such as Mogstation items. Or Amon’s Hat.

But that cleared a significant amount of space for me.

Crafting Glamour Prisms!

Then, a bunch of sets, such as the Maid outfit, the Far East outfit, the random Amazon hats and the Yuna gear were finally able to go into our Armoire with this patch. This was close to, if not more than, 20 slots of inventory by itself. For every character on my account.

Then, we got Chocobo Saddlebags. This quickly became my fishing tackle storage and place for random things like Anima weapon crystals. Yeah, I still have a bunch of those crystals, and I’m not sure why.

Not to mention the game now allows things to stack to 999. I have incentive to go out gathering again!

So, I went through and just cleaned major house. This took a LONG time on my main character. But when I was done, it was so refreshing to have all my crafting mats organized and soooooo much storage space open.

I haven’t had this much space since I started playing. I’m not kidding.

Glamour Prism Problem

So, in order to put gear into the Glamour Commode, you have to spend one Glamour Prism per item. Considering you’d have to spend a Prism every time you changed your glamour with the previous system, this is actually saving resources. You just spend one up front and can apply the glamour as much as you want after that with no extra cost.

This was no sweat on my main, who can easily craft Prisms or just buy Prisms from the Grand Company. But, this was a roadblock for my significantly less-leveled group of alts in my private <<Alts>> Free Company.

Going through each alt inventory, I quickly realized that no one was at a proper rank in their Grand Company to buy Prisms. And I’d not leveled anyone’s crafting/gathering at all.

Since there’s still no way to transfer items to alts in this game (boo!), especially if they’re not in your FC, I had to decide on how to approach this. As always, I wanted to be able to do this on my own. So, crafting/gathering it was!

After mulling about it for a bit, I chose an alt – Zuri – and decided to put my nose to the grindstone. The Glamour Prism recipe unlocks at crafting level 15. And that’s not too terrible to get to. This required me to also level a gatherer in order to gather the materials required, since I wanted to be self-sufficient.

So, I made it my project last night to level Zuri’s Goldsmith to 15 and Miner to 21 (the level it takes to mine the Silver ore required for ingot). She didn’t have a lot of money on her (under 20k gil), but I found it easy enough to use materials she had on her retainer plus some she bought from the supplier to level her crafting.

This low level crafting gear looks nice on Zuri.

Mining took a bit longer. But unlocking leves in Drybone shot me up from 15 to 21 pretty fast.

After I unlocked the recipe at 15, I realized there was a problem.

You see, the Glamour Prism recipe used to unlock at level 30 crafter. They recently moved it to level 15. But they never actually changed anything about the recipe. If you’re coming into the game brand new, you can’t craft it at 15. At least for Goldsmith. I can’t speak for others.

Not only do you have to craft Silver Ingot (level 23), but if you are gathering your own materials, Silver Ore is a level 25 gather.

On top of that, it requires Fire and Wind crystals. Not shards. Full crystals. These are mined from level 30 nodes, and the earliest you can access them is level 26.

So, after all that time spent leveling and gathering, I plunked down to start making the prism and realized I had no crystals. Ugh!

I was able to grab a few stacks cheap from the AH (Someone put up a stack of Wind Crystals for 1 gil each!! Thank you!). I usually don’t like buying crystals on the AH, but at that point, I wasn’t going to be making anything if I didn’t.

During all this, I was watching Zuri’s meager gil reserve drop further and further with the cost of upgrading gear from 1-20 for crafting and gathering jobs, buying mats, and then buying the clear glamour prisms on top of it.

So, I decided to throw a few prisms up on the AH. And what do you know? They were selling like crazy last night.

Making that money back!

Makes sense. Everyone needs them right now. I also realized that the demand will drop once people finish filling out their Commode.

So, I rushed out to gather more silver and make more prisms to sell. In the end, I’m pretty sure I made back all the money I spent to level her, which makes me happy. I know that it’s not technically a lot of gil, but for a character who has very little, it was exciting to sell stuff on the market.

Not to mention, I also sold the stack of iron ore I mined up while I was grinding to level.

Zuri’s still not level 26 miner, so she can’t get her own crystals yet, but I’m going to work on that. I’m also leveling a retainer who can hopefully, eventually, bring resources back, since she’s going to become the sole source of glamour prisms for my whole personal Alt Brigade.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. It was random. It was relaxing. I threw on an audio book and just leveled.

I need to do this more often.

Zuri graduated into the yellow version of the crafting outfit by the end of the night. 🙂
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FFXIV: Maiden’s Rhapsody & the Great Disconnect

FFXIV, along with what seems like more than half the Internet, has been struggling with terrible disconnects lately. They claim it’s due to DDOS that’s been happening since the end of October.  Whatever it is, it’s been really bad.

I’ve seen people drop out just standing around town. I’ve seen mass disconnects in the middle of raids. I’ve been victim to kicks and drop-outs while doing various things myself. It’s been pretty frustrating.

The worst disconnect I experienced was during a FATE. Lemme tell you about it.

Maiden’s Rhapsody

The Maiden’s Rhapsody is a returning cross-over event between FFXIV and FFXI. I did this event last year on a number of characters, but I still have a few more that didn’t get the cosmetic outfit. So, one of my goals was to take any of my alts who qualified for the event through it this weekend.

I say “qualified” because the event requires you to be at least level 30. It sends you through some challenging zones for that level, and asks you to participate in 4 different FATEs. The first FATE is pretty easy, but the difficulty for a character in the lower 30s start to ramp up after that. Pretty typical for FFXI.

I’m not saying that a fresh level 30 couldn’t beat the FATES on their own, but I had a lot of trouble on my level 34 character trying to solo the third one on Sunday. It was only because a few more people showed up that I managed to squeak through.

Anyhow, I dusted off Zuri on Friday night, who was a level 33 Bard at the time, and started the quest. While it’s not a long quest, there is a lot of travel and waiting for FATEs to pop and such. So it can take you at least 45 mins or so to knock it out, especially if your character hasn’t opened up the zones yet.

Everything went okay. I jumped from FATE to FATE, getting it done. There were plenty of other people doing it.

And then, the Great Disconnect happened.

The final encounter of the questline is something that’s not really a FATE, but acts like one. It’s weird. You run up and interact with a destination on the ground to start the FATE, and other people who have that particular quest can jump in and help.

We learned if you don’t have the quest, you can’t attack the FATE bosses. It’s also not marked on the map as a FATE. As I said, it’s weird.

The battle has two phases. You have to kill the add before you can attack the boss. After you kill the add, the NPC goes into a short dialogue, and the battle pauses for this moment of enlightenment. Normally, once this is done, you beat down the boss and the quest is complete.

Well, that’s not what happened.

I clicked the spot and activated the fight. Other people came to work on the FATE with me. We killed the add. And then… I got disconnected during the part between the two battles, when the NPC was talking.

I rushed to log back in, frantic not to miss the final stage of this quest I’d been working on for the past hour or so. Only, I discovered something worse.

Because I was the one who activated the fight, and I disconnected before the second  battle began, the FATE was frozen in the dialogue phase. It just sat there, with the boss untargetable. The boss wasn’t attacking and we couldn’t attack him.

And there was still 15 mins on the FATE timer… We had to wait until it failed and timed out.

More people started to arrive only to find that the FATE was bugged. I wanted to sink into the swamp as people started to get antsy and annoyed. Someone even shouted, “Who broke it?”

I didn’t speak up. I felt so bad. Thank you DDOS.

Anyhow, once the FATE timed out, I let someone else activate it, and the fight proceeded just fine. We beat it. And I discovered something twice as bad.

The quest wasn’t progressing for me.

So I activated the FATE the next time. We beat it again. The quest still didn’t progress for me.

Because the FATE froze and failed for me the first time, I was stuck in quest limbo. I had no choice but to drop the quest and start it ALL OVER AGAIN. From the very beginning. All the way back at FATE #1. AUGH!

I gave up for the night. The next day, there were less people running it, so I recruited Syn and Amoon with my sob story of the Great Disconnect, and they helped me out. I did finish it the second time, leveled to 34, and the armor actually looks pretty great on Zuri.

So, if you’re doing this quest, just be careful of the disconnects on the final fight. 😩

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FFXIV: The Things I Do for Fluff

With the Yo-kai Watch event in full swing and FATE running going on everywhere, I’ve spent most of my time playing alts in FFXIV over the weekend. I’m not sure that I’m going to get the minions on every alt I have, though I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I’m sure FATEs will slow down after this week, though, so I’m trying to make the most of it.

I knew that of all alts, I wanted Ben to get the Whisper Mount. Just because it’s too funny.

The only thing was, I hadn’t played far enough into the MSQ to unlock the chocobo mount. I knew running FATEs would be a pain in the tail to do without a mount, so I spent a good chunk of time pushing through to unlock Grand Companies and riding.

Once I got Ben out into the field, Amoon helped to speed up the process with the speed boosted ground mount in that area and a double seater chocobo.


We stuck to running the FATEs around the Sahagin area in Western La Noscea, which turned out to be fast and good experience. I didn’t go out there to level, but Ben went from 50 to 52 by the time we finished. I got all the Yo-kai minions and the three weapons for that area done.

Worth It!

The next character I took out into the event was my AuRa Zuri. The more I play her in this form, the more I really like her as an AuRa. I changed her to her current almost albino form back in July.


The issue with this version of Zuri is that I’d switched main jobs on her, and needed to get my Archer to level 32 Bard in order to continue with the MSQ (where I left off with it on Dragoon). I’ve slowly leveled her here and there, but I knew that picking up the FATE train while earning Yo-kai would be a great way to work on this.

I was correct! Not only did she get level 32, but I also got her the Whisper bow and unlocked Bard on her.


I still have three minions left to earn, so I may as well finish the event out for her. But now I can pick up the MSQ and make progress on her again!

Lala Invasion

I forgot to talk about some of the changes I’ve made to the Lalas in my Alt group. You might remember that a while back, I rolled a girl Lala named Hedge Mouse. Then, for the preferred server project we started, I rolled a second Lala based on Porom from FFIV.

When all the emotes and such went on sale on the Mog Station, I decided to splurge on some things for my alts. I knew that I really wanted the /playdead emotes for my Lala, but I liked the male emote just as much as the female. It felt kinda pointless to get two of the same thing….

So, I decided to Fantasia Hedge Mouse into a boy Lala! I had a final one free Fantasia left on this character, so it worked out.


I tried to keep the coloration mostly the same, though I’m not set on the hairstyle and might tweak that some. I also still don’t know what job I want to play on him. I originally started with the idea of having a little girl Lala Samurai, which is why I started on Pugilist.

Anyhow, now I have both /playdead emotes!

Also worth it!
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FFXIV Anniversaries – A Look Back in Time

I wasn’t going to belabor the FFXIV Anniversary event, but I got curious and started looking back through old blog posts today. Come to find out, I have actually blogged every The Rising event for the past 4 years, which is pretty crazy. I certainly didn’t expect to still be playing the same MMO after all these years!

Anyhow, here’s a look at the past:

The Rising 2014

The first anniversary event, the importance of the Minstrel was lost upon me. I didn’t know he was meant to represent Yoshi-P, so I paid more attention to the group of cheering NPC friends I’d made through the course of the game.

I was just a baby bard kitty back then… aw…

The Rising 2015

This was the first year that the dev team came right out and broke the 4th wall. I was so delighted by this that I didn’t want to blog any spoilers. So I didn’t.

I was writing for at the time, and posted a much more in-depth article about this there, though. Hah, and even back then, I wrote:

Other players have taken screenshots of NPCs discussing the possibility of new upcoming jobs for the game. While nothing can be confirmed, the community seems to believe that Red Mage and Samurai are being hinted at.

This was back when Tai became my main for a while. Good times.

The Rising 2016

Last year’s anniversary event was a lot of fun. We got to reenact a play of Eorzean history, and the big crystal stage made it’s first appearance.

Unlike this year, last year I was busy with all sorts of other content, so The Rising was one of many things in a long weekend recap post.

My blue kitty phase. I had to grow out of it.

The Rising 2017

I just posted my delight about the most current anniversary event. It really is incredible that a game that almost failed in 1.0 has gone on strong all the way through 4.0 like it has.

It’s hard to believe 4 years later, I’m finally a Red Mage. And watching fireworks with Yoshi-P.

As much as the devs use The Rising to thank the players for sticking around, I want to thank them for making a wonderful game. I may not always agree with all the choices they make, and I’m still never going to be a raider or dungeon runner, but this has been one of the deepest and most involving MMO experiences I’ve ever had.

Looking forward to another great year!

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FFXIV: Crafting and Alt Progress

I don’t have a picture of me crafting because crafting is not all that visually stimulating. However, I did want to take a moment to express my approval of some changes to crafting I’ve found in Stormblood.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m more patient or the leves are faster or easier, but I’ve found myself leveling Weaver, the first crafter I’m attempting, very fast. I went from 60 to 65 in the space of a few days.

This may not be fast for some folks, but for me, who gathers all my materials, this is blazing fast. I remember struggling through leve turn-ins in Heavensward so much that I could only stomach doing two levels of any crafter a week… and Weaver used to be a tough one.

Fantastic Crafting Job Quest Changes

I’m really stoked about the changes to the crafter job quests in Stormblood. I used to ignore them because they were frustrating to attempt and didn’t give anything I felt was worthwhile. Not so in Stormblood.

How have crafting job quests changed:

  • They give a LOT of experience. I mean A LOT.
  • They give new skills and gear/tools you really NEED.
  • They are now like Moogle or Ixal quests – the quest giver gives you the materials you need to craft the item!!!

This last one is the most important one (though all points are very good). Previously, the quest giver told you to craft a (usually) High Quality item that required lots of gathering, sometimes of rare nodes, and often lots of pre-combines. Then, if you were really, really lucky, and had the proper gear and stats, you might have a chance at making the HQ item you needed for turn-in.

Honestly? I haven’t finished a crafting job quest without buying the item from the marketboard since I was in my 30s. It was too time consuming, expensive and frustrating. And don’t get me started on the level 60 Heavensward crafting job, which forced you to get your Master III book to complete (at least it did for my weaver). Let’s just say, that’s the only crafting job that I’m up to date on my quests for.

So it was incredible to see a change that actually just lets you hone your crafting rotation and work with your skills without fear of destroying all the time, gil and effort that went into gathering materials for the quest item. Good, good change! I’m telling all my casual crafting friends to hang in there — it gets better.

Progress on Tai

So, as I noted last week, I realized that I needed to level Tai’s Dragoon in order to level his Dragoon retainer in order to bring back the hides I need to level my Leatherworker. Whew.

So, I’ve been working on that. I’ve found an approach that seems to work pretty well. As I noted in another post, I’m somewhat reluctant to go through all of the Stormblood MSQ a second time so soon. I feel like I want to let the story settle in my mind for right now.

So, I’ve been fast-forwarding through all the MSQ cutscenes on Tai… but stopping to do all the side quests that I didn’t finish on my main character. I heard that these quests don’t give a whole lot of experience overall, but they have been a fun follow-up to explore, giving me something different to do on my second time through.

She’s asking Tai to show someone his wrath? Does she know what she’s getting into?

There’s a lot that I’ve missed, actually, by not doing side quests. I’ve cleared all of the early Fringes and Kugane. I even discovered the one jumping puzzle that takes you on top of the bathhouse in the city. I haven’t attempted the larger one that I know is out there on the main tower (I think).

Taking a break after failing a simple jump puzzle too many times.

Overall, at level 62, Dragoon feels alright (and even fun) to play. I am rusty, but I still found a bit of that melee excitement rush back as I was fighting bosses in the Sirensong dungeon.

The weekend’s Live Letter hinted at class changes, so I’m hoping that Dragoon will get some love in tonight’s patch. Since I’m leveling the job out of necessity, I may as well hope the best for it.

Zuri Progress

It’s weird to wrap my head around thinking of Zuri as an AuRa. But I’m still happy that I made the choice I did in moving and combining this character. Since she’s the leader of <Alts>, I have been logging into her here and there just to mess around and ensure she maintains ownership of the FC (no risk in losing that, actually).

It’s kinda nice to go back and work on leveling lower jobs again. She’s in a situation where I originally was leveling her to be a Bard, but stopped at level 24. I think this was because I was frustrated about the changes to Bard in Heavensward back in the day.

I picked up Dragoon at that point, and took it to level 33. But now I don’t want to level Dragoon anymore! XD  My MSQ is at level 33… so now I have to level my Archer to 33 to pick up where I left off.


I’ve been doing this VERY casually. I leveled her to 25, then went back and worked through all the Novice quests to get her the Brand New Ring. That got her about half a level. I did open PotD, but haven’t had time to start on it.

Though I like her rustic appearance, I’m also kicking around changing her hair style and color. I picked up the Samsonian Locks and the ponytail from the Gold Saucer and messed around with her looks a bit. I didn’t pull the trigger yet, though.

Aside from that, the Posse has been playing the new Alpha 16 stable release of 7D2D. So my time is a bit split between games, in a good way.

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FFXIV: The Zuri Update – Circle of Life

There’s not been progress that I want to share in FFXIV lately (unless leveling Fisher is interesting to you), but I did want to talk about the cycles and circles of getting my characters to a place that feels right for me.

As some may remember, for years I played a character called Zuri Nimat. She was a blue moon kitty, and I loved her design very much. However, for many different reasons, and just me being restless at the time, I decided to remake my character at the beginning of 2017.


Not only did I decide to change her looks, but I chose to rename her to my usual Internet handle, Aywren Sojourner. I stuck with trying out the Elezen for a few months, but I began missing being a Kitty, so I did eventually switch back.

The Current Kitty

Now, I’m quite content with my character. Her design was heavily influenced by Zuri’s — I used the save data from Zuri’s character creation as a foundation, and changed a few minor things about it. Overall, I have no further desire to change my main at this point.

This post isn’t about my main, but rather, what happened to Zuri. When I did the name change, I rolled an alt to hold on to my original name. Call me sentimental, but I didn’t want to completely let go of Zuri, and I didn’t want someone else snagging the name of a character I’d used for years.

But she just kinda gathered dust as a level 1 archer.

The Cactuar Kitty

This story isn’t actually about the Zuri place-holder on Midgardsormr, either. This is about a whole different character I rolled back in Feb of 2015 on Cactuar.

I did this originally to join up with the blogger folks in the FC of GREY. I wish to thank them for their hospitality of my largely inactive character for all these years! I hope there’s no ill-will in my character heading off to another server.

Zuri-Inspired Cactuar Kitty

The truth is, we were kinda shopping around for FC possibilities back in early 2015. But then, shortly after, our FC on Midgardsormr started to really take off. I was pulled back to Midgardsormr permanently as I had to take on a leadership role, and never really had the time to keep up with my Cactuar kitty. But I didn’t forget about her.

Originally, her design was based off of Zuri’s, just with shorter hair. Her name was my blogger name (Aywren Sojourner) since I was playing with folks that would better recognize that name.

After Heavensward released, I decided to change the Zuri-duplicate into an Au Ra. Because why have two blue kitties, really?

Kitty Before, Au Ra After

Despite not having a lot of time to play this character, I am really attached to the way she looks. I did log in from time to time to snag special event cosmetics, and she has things that only older characters might have from seasonal events and things like that. She also already has a chocobo (back when you farmed seals to earn your chocobo!) and a few slightly leveled jobs.

So, lately, when I’ve been inspired by the environment of the Steppes in Stormblood to think about Au Ra culture, I remembered the Kitty-turned-Au Ra character I left behind. After much deliberating, I decided to do two things:

  • Move her from Cactuar to Midgardsormr
  • Change her name to Zuri Nimat

This worked out perfectly since moving this character prompted a free name change. I then deleted the placeholder Zuri that has been gathering dust (I still have a copy of her on Balmung, and all her creation data if I ever wanted to re-create her again). When prompted to change names, I made my Au Ra officially the new Zuri Nimat.

And… I think I’m happy with this. I don’t like the feeling of having left an unused character lying around, especially if they have old and special cosmetics and progress made. So, this way, I can:

  • Play an Au Ra when I feel like it
  • Keep my old Zuri name (which actually works well for Au Ra)
  • Keep all the progression and cosmetics from the older character

Yeah, I know I think too much about these things, but it’s interesting how a character who was originally inspired by Zuri’s design has become Zuri in the end. 🙂


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FFXIV: New Year, Character Remake!

I have a pretty big announcement to make today. After playing my moon kitty, Zuri Nimat, as a main for over 3 years in FFXIV, I decided to remake my main character. Not only did she get a full physical change, but I’ve renamed her (Aywren Sojourner) and everything. It’s like having a brand new character while keeping all the leveling, items, pets, mounts and everything I’ve worked on all this time. I really like having the option to do that.

Don’t worry, I re-rolled Zuri because I’m too attached to her. I’m having thoughts about progressing her again as a RP/story character.

Why the Change?

So if I really loved Zuri’s character (and I do), why the change? Well, this all started back over Christmas holiday, when Red Mage was confirmed to be a DPS class.

Red Mage was my first job back when I played FFXI. I’m very much looking forward to the job in Stormblood. I’m hoping it won’t be too convoluted to play because these hybrid jobs are always my favorite. I want it to be fun. I want it to be my next new main job.

However, the traditional Red Mage gear (pictured below on the art of Yoshi-P)…


…just doesn’t mesh so well in color with a blue kitty (IMHO). See here:


Red doesn’t look terrible… but the blue fur/hair is meant to go with cooler colors. Yeah, I know that the gear won’t always look like artifact armor and can be dyed. But, it still planted a seed in my mind:

Maybe it’s time to give Zuri a makeover…

I started thinking about this. The more I thought, the more torn I became.

First world MMO cosmetic problems! 

I really love the way Zuri looks for the most part. Sometimes I regret giving her Smurf-Fur, but it’s part of who she is now. Changing that would be hard.

On the other hand, I really just felt like I needed to refresh things to help get me out of the slump I’ve been in. So, I decided over the holidays I’d pick up a fantasia and make some changes.

Over time, another thought began to creep in:

If I’m going to change Zuri’s looks, maybe I can consider changing her race. I mean, I may as well go all out if I’m going to use real money to change her cosmetically. 


Afterall, there are a TON of catgirls in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kitty. But at the same time, it would be nice to play a race that’s a bit more rare.

But after that thought began to settle, I argued:

Zuri wouldn’t be Zuri if she wasn’t a kitty! I couldn’t imagine her not-blue and not-kitty! 

Ugh! So, now what do I do?

Why not a name change, too? 

Wait, what?

I mean, it’s kinda odd that I use the name “Aywren Sojourner” everywhere else, and Zuri Nimat only here. Half the Free Company already calls me by my nickname, Wren. 

I guess that’s true.

A Little History

Here’s a little history: Zuri was a character I rolled up coming straight out of playing GW2. There, I had a Charr named Nipp Mousetrap who really got into the community back in the day, especially with RP folks on Tumblr. Part of the reason it worked well was that Nipp’s design was pretty unique — I made her to resemble my IRL cat, who is a flame point Siamese.

Nipp Mousetrap from GW2

So when I picked up and moved to FFXIV, the idea was to design an aesthetically original looking character, like I had with Nipp. I originally wanted to get involved with the community the same way I had in GW2… it just never really worked out since I didn’t roll on the FFXIV RP server. I also found the FFXIV Tumblr community a bit harder to mesh with since the game had already been established for a good amount of time before ARR released.

What I ended up with was this Zuri:


She was a bit too over the top back then. Over the years, I toned her down. But she was never made to be a character who represented me, or stood at the head of a Free Company, as my character does now.

Look and feel are important to me. Zuri represents a free spirit, and doesn’t reflect the qualities of a FC leader.

She’s a character I rolled to RP with, but never really figured out how to make that happen. You might notice that when I write about Zuri, I always address her by her name, rather than “I” or “my” or “me.” This is part of that – I don’t identify with her as a “me-MMO-character,” but rather as a character I rolled for other reasons.

So, making this change is part of setting things right in my  (strange) mind.

In With The New!

This weekend, I renamed my main character to Aywren Sojourner.

I changed her race to Elezen. This is because Elezen are fairly rare (I thought about FemRoe, but FemRoe just don’t match my personality), and because when I played Red Mage in FFXI, my character there was Elvaan. It just felt right.

It was also interesting to play a taller character after having been a short-as-can-be kitty. I’m almost as tall as Zeb now!

Zeb and I

I also spent some time working on a new glamour for my Dragoon. After researching the market board, I decided I wanted one of the new ponchos. I had to settle for the Ramie version, since mats for the dyeable Cashmere version were too stupidly expensive. But, it’s okay. The color works well enough.

It’s been a while since I sat down and crafted something, so it felt good to be able to save some gil and make some glamour for myself. I totally didn’t expect the colors on the feathers to match the color of my hair. But there you have it.

New Glamour!

The only content I’ve had time to run on my new character was a quick FC-grouped Syrcus Tower. I’ll have to say, it feels quite different to do it on a larger character. I know it’s all in my head, but the change in perspective is refreshing.

I was also a little nervous to run a raid using my “real” net name. I don’t know why. It’s not like anyone is going to recognize me from this little blog! But that thought was still there.

With Zuri, my character was disconnected from everything else. With Aywren, it more closely represents my online persona. That made me more aware of what I was doing.

As For Zuri…

I re-rolled Zuri on Midgardsormr and kept her pretty much the same as she used to be. I did change her tail type — she now has a multi-colored tail with a gold tip, like her hair highlights. I also lightened her skin color just a bit.

Then I sent her back to Gridania as a level 1 Conjurer, just as I have every time I rolled her. It’s always useful to start with a class that gives you Cure and Protect for cross-classing other jobs.

Zuri’s New Beginning

I haven’t really decided which job I want to play with her this time around. It’s not really that important. I want Zuri’s journey to be a slow one of no stress and all creativity.

I’m still torn on which server to RP on. I’m keeping her on Midgardsormr for now as you can’t transfer a new character until after 3 days of making them. Balmung is the official RP server, and I feel a need to be in an RP environment, just for a change. But it’s such a large server, and none of my friends or FC are there… so it’s a toss up.

Also, Midgardsormr pride! 

I’m working on creating a new WordPress and Tumblr blog just for Zuri’s adventures. I’ll be sure to announce them once they’re ready!

Have you ever re-created one of your long-time MMO characters or made a big shift in your mains? How did it feel for you? Did you end up going back to what you had before?

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BDO: Holidays, Wizards & FFXIV: Scripture Gear Complete!

FFXIV Goal Completed

So, after several months of running Expert roulettes and capping just about every week, I finally upgraded my last piece of Scripture gear for Zuri’s Dragoon. Well, aside from that one ring, which is an Alexander stand-in, since you can’t have duplicate Scripture gear. Now, the only thing holding me back is that darn Relic weapon! *grumbles about Umbrite*


I haven’t decided what gear I’m going to work on next, if at all. I’m certainly going to take a break over the holidays since I’ll be heading out of town tomorrow on my yearly road trip to friends and family.

Sometimes I still have issues with deciding which DPS I want to play in the long run… but that’s a conversation for another post. In fact, I’m hoping that Red Mage will be announced as the next DPS job at the Japanese Fan Fest on Christmas morning… that would be a wonderful Christmas present to me! I do fully intend to play Red Mage should that be the case!

Black Desert Online: Return

It’s been a while since I’ve logged into Black Desert Online. I’m honestly not sure why I put the game down, as I still did enjoy breeding my horses. Now, so much more content has been added, and the game is absolutely massive. I’m so far behind in terms of knowing what all is there… but hey, there are horse races now! I just have to get up the courage to try one.


Since I last logged in (back when they released Ninja), the servers have consolidated, a ton of new land and content has been released, all the class Awakenings have happened, and they’re being super generous in trying to help newbies catch up.

In fact, I discovered that since I’ve been gone for so long, I have access to the Olvia channels. This is for folks who haven’t logged in for 30 days, or new folks. This channel gives massive experience boosts — 200% — in order to speed up leveling.


Not that I really am in any rush to hit level cap because… you know… PvP stuff.  But it would be nice to finally level my little Tamer past 22, so I might put some time into it to boost her.

Update: I just found out that they’ve changed the level at which PvP flags on a character. Now, you have to be level 50 before you can PvP.  Also, the only way to get to level 50 is to finish a quest players call the Belmorn Quest. So, as long as you never do that, you can be a level 49.99999999 carebear forever in BDO! Woo! Time to level!

So what really caught my attention with BDO? Well, they’ve finally added the option to roll a young looking Wizard in the wake of the Wizard Awakening.

Yep. You heard me. “Young Wizard face option” is what it took to catch my interest.

So, I quickly updated my client, logged in and spent forever working on my Wizard alt, Ben. He doesn’t look all that much like Ben, but whatever. Young Wizard.



To tell you how accelerated the XP gain is on this channel, Ben was level 13  by the time he finished the handful of quests that make up the tutorial. It’s pretty crazy, but I’ll take it. I have a few other low-level alts that could do with some boosting.

Not to mention this game is just throwing stuff at you left and right, most of which I don’t even know what it is.

For example, this is my rewards claim box:


Check out the cute snowy UI theme. It’s really well done!

I have a million bundles in my mailbox that were supposed to make up for down time and unexpected maintenance. There’s so many that I can’t claim them all because I simply don’t have the room to store the stuff anywhere.

The one thing I did find a bit interesting is how BDO has changed their daily login rewards. Instead of logging in and earning the reward, you have to log in, remain logged in for 30 minuets, and then you can get your rewards. Granted, the rewards are much more lucrative than just Loyalty Points now days. Plus, if you stay logged in for an hour, you get an extra reward, it seems. Pretty crazy.

Anyhow, it feels nice to dip back into a sandbox MMO for a bit, even if I won’t have much time to play until after the holidays. And it’s really, really cool to see it snow in the BDO cities!


Oh, and the price of the BDO starter packs are only $5 right now. So if you’ve been interested in trying it, it’s super cheap B2P! I’m considering picking up a second account even…

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FFXIV: Starlight Celebration Arrives

Yesterday marked the beginning of FFXIV’s Starlight Celebration for 2016. The big rewards are the lovely, dyable Starlight Robes and the Starlight Celebration Orchestrion scroll.

Here’s a non-spoiler overview!

The quest itself is a sentimental story, much like you’d expect at Christmas, revolving around children, family and holidays. They give you the robes straight up front, so if all you want is the cosmetic, you don’t have to try too hard to get it.

Tai is not amused.

It’s not a super long quest line – I’ve run it through on three characters already – and the interesting thing is that finishing it opens up a repeatable daily quest. The scenario changes depending on what you choose, but the rewards appear to be all RNG. If you’re curious about the rewards, folks are gathering information about it on Reddit.

Strike a pose!

There’s also holiday decor for inside and outside of houses. Last year’s selection was a bit brighter, but hey… you get piles of snow that allow you to throw snowballs at each other!

In closing, have a creepy holiday paissa.

“Have you been good this year?” *stares into your soul*