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BDO: Holidays, Wizards & FFXIV: Scripture Gear Complete!

FFXIV Goal Completed

So, after several months of running Expert roulettes and capping just about every week, I finally upgraded my last piece of Scripture gear for Zuri’s Dragoon. Well, aside from that one ring, which is an Alexander stand-in, since you can’t have duplicate Scripture gear. Now, the only thing holding me back is that darn Relic weapon! *grumbles about Umbrite*


I haven’t decided what gear I’m going to work on next, if at all. I’m certainly going to take a break over the holidays since I’ll be heading out of town tomorrow on my yearly road trip to friends and family.

Sometimes I still have issues with deciding which DPS I want to play in the long run… but that’s a conversation for another post. In fact, I’m hoping that Red Mage will be announced as the next DPS job at the Japanese Fan Fest on Christmas morning… that would be a wonderful Christmas present to me! I do fully intend to play Red Mage should that be the case!

Black Desert Online: Return

It’s been a while since I’ve logged into Black Desert Online. I’m honestly not sure why I put the game down, as I still did enjoy breeding my horses. Now, so much more content has been added, and the game is absolutely massive. I’m so far behind in terms of knowing what all is there… but hey, there are horse races now! I just have to get up the courage to try one.


Since I last logged in (back when they released Ninja), the servers have consolidated, a ton of new land and content has been released, all the class Awakenings have happened, and they’re being super generous in trying to help newbies catch up.

In fact, I discovered that since I’ve been gone for so long, I have access to the Olvia channels. This is for folks who haven’t logged in for 30 days, or new folks. This channel gives massive experience boosts — 200% — in order to speed up leveling.


Not that I really am in any rush to hit level cap because… you know… PvP stuff.  But it would be nice to finally level my little Tamer past 22, so I might put some time into it to boost her.

Update: I just found out that they’ve changed the level at which PvP flags on a character. Now, you have to be level 50 before you can PvP.  Also, the only way to get to level 50 is to finish a quest players call the Belmorn Quest. So, as long as you never do that, you can be a level 49.99999999 carebear forever in BDO! Woo! Time to level!

So what really caught my attention with BDO? Well, they’ve finally added the option to roll a young looking Wizard in the wake of the Wizard Awakening.

Yep. You heard me. “Young Wizard face option” is what it took to catch my interest.

So, I quickly updated my client, logged in and spent forever working on my Wizard alt, Ben. He doesn’t look all that much like Ben, but whatever. Young Wizard.



To tell you how accelerated the XP gain is on this channel, Ben was level 13  by the time he finished the handful of quests that make up the tutorial. It’s pretty crazy, but I’ll take it. I have a few other low-level alts that could do with some boosting.

Not to mention this game is just throwing stuff at you left and right, most of which I don’t even know what it is.

For example, this is my rewards claim box:


Check out the cute snowy UI theme. It’s really well done!

I have a million bundles in my mailbox that were supposed to make up for down time and unexpected maintenance. There’s so many that I can’t claim them all because I simply don’t have the room to store the stuff anywhere.

The one thing I did find a bit interesting is how BDO has changed their daily login rewards. Instead of logging in and earning the reward, you have to log in, remain logged in for 30 minuets, and then you can get your rewards. Granted, the rewards are much more lucrative than just Loyalty Points now days. Plus, if you stay logged in for an hour, you get an extra reward, it seems. Pretty crazy.

Anyhow, it feels nice to dip back into a sandbox MMO for a bit, even if I won’t have much time to play until after the holidays. And it’s really, really cool to see it snow in the BDO cities!


Oh, and the price of the BDO starter packs are only $5 right now. So if you’ve been interested in trying it, it’s super cheap B2P! I’m considering picking up a second account even…

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FFXIV: Starlight Celebration Arrives

Yesterday marked the beginning of FFXIV’s Starlight Celebration for 2016. The big rewards are the lovely, dyable Starlight Robes and the Starlight Celebration Orchestrion scroll.

Here’s a non-spoiler overview!

The quest itself is a sentimental story, much like you’d expect at Christmas, revolving around children, family and holidays. They give you the robes straight up front, so if all you want is the cosmetic, you don’t have to try too hard to get it.

Tai is not amused.

It’s not a super long quest line – I’ve run it through on three characters already – and the interesting thing is that finishing it opens up a repeatable daily quest. The scenario changes depending on what you choose, but the rewards appear to be all RNG. If you’re curious about the rewards, folks are gathering information about it on Reddit.

Strike a pose!

There’s also holiday decor for inside and outside of houses. Last year’s selection was a bit brighter, but hey… you get piles of snow that allow you to throw snowballs at each other!

In closing, have a creepy holiday paissa.

“Have you been good this year?” *stares into your soul*
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FFXIV: FC’s Revenge on the Diadem

It was little over a year ago when our Free Company first attempted a run of the Diadem. We went in on Easy mode just to check it out, and got our tails handed to us. Granted, we were trying to fight things there with only 6 people, only one being a healer, when it was meant for a full party. But I think that run discouraged some of us from trying it again… until last night.

Dungeon Blahs

I want to note that I’ve had a case of the dungeon blahs in FFXIV for quite a while. Even though gearing up only requires me to run an Expert 4 times a week, and the dungeons are both easy enough, I still feel my interest waning.

Aside from that, I’m on a terrible grind for Umbrite on my first Relic. I’ve been earning Sands through fishing for Blue Scrips, which is a RNG thing in itself. Sometimes I have a great fishing session, sometimes I barely reel in enough to re-purchase my bait. And every time I do earn a Sand, it just feels like I’m still miles away from finishing it.

Yesterday was a day when I logged in, fished a bit and just went Blah at the whole thing. But then, someone in the FC suggested, “Hey, we’re interested in trying the Diadem!” And that turns things around.

Into the Diadem


I’m kinda sad that the Diadem didn’t catch on in FFXIV. I understand why it didn’t, but if it had been done the right way, it could have been some of the open-world content I would have enjoyed.

It’s the open-world stuff that FFXIV really suffers the lack of, and for players like me, who long to do stuff outside of a dungeon, it can be a bummer sometimes. FATEs are a nice try, and I enjoy doing them, but so few people run them in Heavensward areas. I know there is going to be a rework for the Diadem in the future, and I hope that it’ll be a change in the right direction for open-world end-game content.

But, anyhow, back to last night.

We got together a full party this time around, and decided to do a Normal mode run in the Diadem. Most of us had either not been there before, or only been there once (like me). So, my memory was pretty rusty on how it all worked.

It seems to me there have been several changes to how the Diadem works. I could be wrong, but I remember having to attune to more Aether-whatevers before our group could fly. Now it’s only two?

Having a full party with far better gear than a year ago, we went inside and really cleaned house! I even got to try mining there a little bit to see what I could find in the zone. I did discover some Steel Sky Pirate Spoils, which I was able to trade for a bunch of Brute Leech bait for my Sands fishing. So that was a win.

Boss Battle Win

We did trigger a boss fight while we were there, which happened to be the exact same creature that beat our party senseless the first time we played the Diadem last year. This time, we took him down without any trouble at all.


What a difference being geared up can make, I guess. It did feel nice to go back and defeat something that left us defeated last time. We also opened the map for several folks in the FC, completed objectives, earned a few spoils and had an overall interesting time.

After that, we decided to do a few treasure maps, and ran through the Aquapolis a few times. We didn’t get anything amazing, but I can always use the gil and the items to sell, that’s for sure.

Not to mention the neat little FC totem we made.


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FFXIV: Dragoon Scripture Tome Gear

I haven’t been writing a lot about FFXIV lately because I’ve pretty much been doing the same thing when I log in every day: running Experts for Tomes to gear my Dragoon. Last night, I got the final visual piece of the set (sans head), so there it is!

I only have the head and belt left to complete the Scripture gear, and will be so, so relieved once it’s done. I’m not a huge fan of the way the set looks, so I might find the motivation to glamour it.

I’m still plinking away at upgrading my Relic weapon at what feels like a glacial pace. Part of that is because I don’t go out of my way to run dungeons when I don’t have to, so securing Lore is a slow prospect for me. Part of it is that I’m earning my Sands through fishing, which is an RNG fest sometimes, and it’s difficult to find the time to actually sit down and fish most days. So, I’m sitting on about 5 Umbrite with no Sands.

Last night, I did manage to fish up 2 Sands worth and make a tiny sliver of progress… but seeing I really wish I could be using the Lore to gear up other jobs, it’s so painful to watch it sucked into this one weapon instead. I could have my healer and summoner geared by now if it wasn’t for Relic. :/

So, that’s more or less where I am in FFXIV. Slowly making progress and more or less in a holding pattern.


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November Goals in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is slowly coming to a close. But before we jump feet-first into December, I wanted to take a look back at what I accomplished over November. My goals for this month were pretty loose — mostly focusing on playing other new games that just came out.

So how did I do?

Games to Explore 

  • Civ 6 ✓
  • Skyrim ✓
  • Pokemon Sun ✓
  • Sims 4 City Life Expansion ✓

On the new games front, I did pretty good! Steam says that I put 17.6 hours into Civ 6 and 9.3 hours into Skyrim. I really need to pick up Skyrim again because it’s been weeks since I’ve played, and this is pretty close to the point I left off with the game before. I don’t want it to be a replay.

I know that I got at least 20 hours into the new Sims 4 Expansion, and I still want to continue with the family I started. But Pokemon Sun really won the month considering it came out so late, and I’ve put in over 40 hours on the game already. Granted, most of that has been breeding and training Pokemon, but I’ve certainly had a fun time.


  • Level Scholar to 60 ✓
  • Gear up Dragoon ✓
  • Get PotD Kinna Bard Bow or Scholar Book
  • Work on Relic Weapon ✓
  • Do job quests ✓
  • Gain reputation with Sahagin

FFXIV has really been a case of autopilot for me right now. I log in mostly to do an Expert run and some Beast Tribe quests in hopes to cap Scripture Tomes for the week. I should have stored enough up to purchase the Dragoon pants for Zuri today, which is the last large-ticket item. From there, just the head, belt and feet are left. So, I’ve made good progress on gearing her up.

I have been working on Relic, but no where as much as I really should be. I’m just more annoyed with the Umbrite step than anything else.

I did finish leveling my Scholar/Summoner to 60. I went back and completed the Scholar job quests, but have not started to catch up on Summoner stuff. I’m concerned that my Summoner gear is so sub-par that it’ll be hard to do. So, I’ve been scrounging drops from Expert Roulette to try and make that a little better.

Sadly, I still haven’t seen Floor 100 of PotD, nor have I earned my upgrade for the first Kinna weapon. I also didn’t work on the rep gain with Sahagin at all. I know I could have had both done by now, but meh. Trading in Pokemon is more fun for me. 🙂

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FFXIV: Scholar Level 60 Complete!


I’ve actually been taking it pretty easy in FFXIV lately. I’ve put more of my time into other games, such as Sims 4, Skyrim, Civ 6 and Animal Crossing. But when I do log in to FFXIV, I’ve been working on achieving my goals for this month.

One goal was to finish leveling Scholar/Summoner to 60. I noted in a previous post that I achieved that over the weekend! Woot! I’ve been leveling this job for so long… I mean, here’s a post from March of 2015 when I first unlocked the job! I started leveling in earnest as Vix and Xaa were leveling their DPS classes and Zeb was working on tanks.

Though I already have a level 60 White Mage, I just feel more comfortable healing as a Scholar. I’m not sure why, as it originally used to be the opposite – I liked the White Mage big heals. I guess having fairy for backup is just comforting when I need to stance dance.

The past couple of nights, I went back and finished up all the Scholar job quests that I’ve ignored down the line (it’s okay, I only ran levelling roulette and PotD, so I haven’t needed the skills). That final Scholar quest was a bit of a pain, but I did get it done!


Leveling Conundrum

I’m of two minds when it comes to leveling more jobs in FFXIV. Part of me enjoys and craves that kind of progression much more than I do end game gear grinding. But another part of me is tired from the struggle of climbing job after job, especially between level 50-60. There’s still no “easy” way to do this solo as people don’t take to Heavensward FATES like they do in Dragonhead and North Thanaland. I guess there’s some beast tribe quests, but I use the Vath for my Scrpiture Tomes.

I’m also a bit weary because while I want to level Paladin and Ninja on Zuri, I’ve already done that on my alt, Tai. It’s hard to be motivated to re-level a job, even if that is the reality of the situation. I especially want to get some more tanking experience under my belt on Zuri since it was nice to have a level 60 Paladin that I could pull out in a pinch on Tai.

Here’s where my classes stand right now.


I do have Monk at level 55, but I’m not very motivated to get that job done right now. I need to start using my Leveling Roulettes for Lore Tomes to keep moving with my Dragoon Relic. I’m also avoiding running any dungeons I don’t need to because I’m skirting burn out.

I guess all in all it sounds like I need to take a break with leveling until I can square away my Relic more. But I guess I can check out Dragonhead and see if there are any FATE parties to join for Paladin and Ninja from time to time.

I also have Summoner and Monk job quests to finish! Still too many things to do in this game!