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  • Uke Monthly Progress – Feb 2020

    Uke Monthly Progress – Feb 2020

    I really wanted to write this post last week since I’m trying to hold myself to progress reports, but things were way beyond my control… so have a late progress report instead. Better late than never, right? Uke practice was way more sporadic than I wanted it to be last month and into this month. […]

  • Uke Monthly Progress – Jan 2022

    Uke Monthly Progress – Jan 2022

    This is the first ever progress report for my uke playing! I usually reserve this sort of thing for my fiddle practice, but in that I want to try to get more serious about uke playing, I’d like to at least revisit every month to see how things went in 2022. Back in December, I […]

  • Some Resolutions for the New Year – 2022

    Some Resolutions for the New Year – 2022

    I’d like to make more specific resolutions for this year in terms of learning to play uke, but really, all I know to say is to push past the part I tend to flag on time and time again. I enjoy playing uke, but for some reason or another, I set it down at just […]

  • Ukulele Aerobics Book

    Ukulele Aerobics Book

    I was just gifted one of the uke books I’ve had on my Amazon wishlist since last year — the Ukulele Aerobics book. It has high ratings and seems like a good addition to a method book overall. It’s described as:  A 40-week, one-lick-per-day workout program for developing, improving, and maintaining ukulele technique. This package provides […]

  • Ukulele Strumming Pain

    Ukulele Strumming Pain

    Every time I try to pick up my uke after not having played it for way too long, I have the same problem. It doesn’t take much for my fingers to blister up – mostly just the strumming finger. This makes it tough to jump back into practice because sometimes I can only play one […]

  • Ukes on Fire!

    Ukes on Fire!

    Okay, so not really on fire, but on Fire 8 HD tablet! Though I have and love my Samsung Tab and use it for all things fiddle practice, there are a few things about it (or should I say the Kindle app) that keeps me from making it a uke practice tablet as well. Trust me, I’m sad […]

  • Introducing My Ukes

    Introducing My Ukes

    Some folks might have noticed that last week, I quietly moved a few posts about playing ukulele to this blog. I bought my first uke last December but didn’t actually get going with practice until after my birthday. In the meantime, I’d written about three posts on the topic, which you can see here. The […]

  • First Week of Uke

    First Week of Uke

    Back in December, I bought a ukulele. I’m not fully sure why I made that choice at the time. I don’t recall being specifically frustrated with my fiddle or anything. Maybe it was because after being in the violin world, ukes seem to be far less expensive and easier to pick up in the long […]

  • A Uke Birthday

    A Uke Birthday

    Yesterday was my birthday! Some of the items I requested for my birthday were gear for my Uke. I didn’t write about it, but a few months back, I picked up a Kala travel tenor ukulele when it went on major online sale at Musician’s Friend. I have a concert that I like, but also […]

  • Welcoming the Uke!

    Welcoming the Uke!

    It has arrived – my blue ukulele! And no, before it’s even asked, I’m not giving up on fiddle or replacing fiddle or anything of the sort. This was an unplanned sort of thing, but the way that it sounds, uke is a far more casual instrument to plink around with. So I don’t see […]

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