February 2014 Archives

FFXIV: Yellow Dragon

Posted on February 28

Tai and Zeb ran across this dragon boss at the end of a fate chain in FFXIV tonight.

Hatch App Review

Posted on February 26

Anyone remember those Tamagotchis from back in the 90’s? Those cute little virtual pets on a keychain that you had to care for and train? Did you have one of those? I did. I loved that little thing until the battery died.

FFXIV: To Mor Dhona

Posted on February 25

Tai and Zeb reached level 35 in FFXIV and finished their second set of job quests.

FFXIV: In the Desert

Posted on February 24

Zeb and Tai reached level 34 on Dragoon and White Mage in FFXIV tonight.

FFXIV: Tai the Paladin

Posted on February 23

Tai unlocked Paladin and Zeb unlocked Black Mage tonight in FFXIV.

Starbound: A Quick Review

Posted on February 17

If you couldn’t tell, a number of the writers here really enjoy the indie game Starbound. It’s currently in a beta phase, though you can purchase and support it through Steam.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures: Death to Plants Edition

Posted on February 14

The last two patches on EverQuest Next Landmark have brought about a lot of great changes. Small changes, but great ones. I wanted to touch on some of the patch notes goodies to continue chronicling the evolution of this game.

FFXIV: Zeb & Tai Valentiones 2014

Posted on February 10

I forgot to post this last night – Zeb and Tai got their Valentione’s outfits in FFXIV.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures: Patch 2/7/14

Posted on February 9

The first big patch for EverQuest Next Landmark brought a number of important changes (and a fun funny bugs). I don’t want to go over all the patch notes, but I do want to talk about the ones that I feel are progressing the game in better ways, especially in light of previous posts.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures, Claiming Land

Posted on February 6

Just a word of warning, everything in this post is going to change in the future. I’ve already heard some of the plans they’re putting into place surrounding claims, but I still wanted to record what claims were like when alpha first released.

FFXIV: Vanlentiones 2014

Posted on February 5

Finished the Valentione’s questline for Zuri.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures, Building Stuff

Posted on February 5

I was able to slide into game between the server ups and downs just long enough to look for my claim (it was still there!) and explore the very basics of building.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures, About Crafting

Posted on February 3

In my previous post, I discussed the opening day of alpha (which is currently undergoing the expected server woes — we deal with it so you don’t have to later!). This time around, I want to talk about crafting.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures, Day 1

Posted on February 2

EverQuest Next Landmark has just launched it’s alpha testing phase to players — which is the first alpha of its kind! It’s also unique in that SOE dropped the NDA the very first day of alpha launch! Because of this, I’m going to be journaling my experiences with EQN Landmark, allowing you to see how the game grows and changes over time.