September 2014 Archives

ArcheAge: Loving Jury Duty

Posted on September 30

I got called to Jury Duty and I’m so excited!

Another Weekend in ArcheAge

Posted on September 29

I dedicated a lot more time to ArcheAge this weekend. I leveled from 19 to 31 on my Lucius kitty during this time, which by-passed my original Tahyang launch character.

Gauntlet 2014 – An OldSkooler’s Review

Posted on September 25

I have fond childhood memories of my sister and I multi-playing Gauntlet and Gauntlet II on our NES. I was Red Warrior. She was Blue Elf. We always needed food badly.

ArcheAge – F2P is NOT for the Casuals

Posted on September 21

Note: This article is aimed towards F2P folks who want to play the sandbox elements of the game, and not for those who are playing to PVP.

Trying to ArcheAge

Posted on September 18

So, ArcheAge launched this week for the F2P folks (like me). You may have known that. Here’s where I try to play this game… try being the key word.

FFXIV: King Slime Crown

Posted on September 18

So very ladylike, Zuri. :)

FFXIV Player Housing Fiasco

Posted on September 17

While I have been generally positive when posting about FFXIV over the months, I’m also not afraid to talk about where I think the game has tripped up. This is a sad post to make, especially since I just praised FFXIV for doing fluff right in a previous post. The newest patch 2.38, has me changing my thoughts on this, at least in the housing department.

Game Deluge! Sims 4, The Secret World & 7 Days to Die

Posted on September 16

If I’ve been silent here on the blog, that means one thing — I’ve been busy playing games! I’ve been heavy into Sims 4, and dabbling in TSW and 7D2D.

FFXIV: Barding of Light

Posted on September 9

I’ve been subbed to FFXIV for over a year now!

Sims 4 Review: A List of Impressions

Posted on September 5

I’ve been playing The Sims 4 since the midnight EST release on September 2… and despite the negativity it’s earned from some gaming circles, I’ve really enjoyed my time with it.