June 2015 Archives

Re-Visiting Terraria

Posted on June 30

I took a little break from FFXIV tonight because I felt like being a hermit. Instead, I reinstalled Terraria because I heard how awesome the new patch was.

Opting Out of Camp NaNoWriMo

Posted on June 30

I’ve never backed out of a NaNoWriMo I had previously signed up for, but I have today. The next Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and I’m, to put it gently, really just not ready for it.

FFXIV Heavensward: A Pictorial Journey to the Churning Mists

Posted on June 29

Spoilers and such! I’m going to try not to give too much away, but screenshots will be posted!

Gaming Style for Aywren

Posted on June 25

Calm, Spontaneous, Gregarious, and Deeply Immersed

GW2: Welcome Back Lion’s Arch

Posted on June 25

I can never tell what is a social experiment in GW2 and what isn’t. The team has often admitted that things in the Living Story, in particular, were a process of experimentation.

Steam Personal Challenge: Checking In After A Year

Posted on June 24

Almost a year ago, I decided to issue myself a Steam Personal Challenge where I’d attempt to spend some time with games in my Steam backlog.

FFXIV Heavensward: Free Company Airship Guide

Posted on June 23

Excited crafters in my Free Company jumped right on the FC crafting projects and finished up our Free Company airship. I just wanted to write quickly about how building the ship works and what you can get from voyages.

FFXIV: Heavensward Progress – Flight and Dragons

Posted on June 23

I’m finally back from my weekend-long journey in Heavensward where I spent most of my time taking in the new world and exploring various changes. My previous posts were short overviews since I wanted to stay focused on the game and didn’t want to post spoilers too early on.

FFXIV Heavensward: Day 2 Recap (No Spoilers)

Posted on June 20

I’ve been playing FFXIV Heavensward almost non-stop today, Syn and I making way with her White Mage and my Dragoon. We’ve both made it to about halfway through level 52, and that’s with taking time out to explore one whole zone to completion (and a random WoD run on her part).

FFXIV: Heavensward Launch Day Recap (No Spoilers)

Posted on June 19

Like so many other folks, I took part in FFXIV Heavensward Early Access today. I was surprised at how smooth this launch went (for my server, at least), and was pleased to get several uninterrupted hours of playtime.

GW2: Heart of Thorns Pre-Order Prices – A Whole Lotta Nope

Posted on June 17

I’m going to start with the unbiased facts for those who might have just searched for this and fell on this page. Here’s the pre-order prices for Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, normal and collector’s editions.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Launch Trailer

Posted on June 16

The tension rises!

FFXIV: Tips for Leveling Crafting and Gathering Classes for the Casual Player

Posted on June 16

It’s only a few days before FFXIV Heavensward launches, and most people have their eyes on moving towards level 60. Those much more hardcore than I have probably had level 50 crafting and gathering classes since near to FFXIV launch. But, not I. I just casually accomplished my goal of all level 50 classes last night… using slow, steady and inexpensive methods.

Weekend Highlights: FFXIV, Trove, Salt and Windward

Posted on June 15

It’s the last weekend before Heavensward drops for early access folks, so I decided to mix things up as much as possible this weekend, especially with the Steam Summer Sale going on.

FFXIV: Mission Accomplished!

Posted on June 15

So happy to finally have level 50 in all crafting and gathering classes. Time to take a short break before Heavensward!

Trove Music: The Aftermath

Posted on June 13

It is totally Ironweakness’ fault for bringing my attention to music in Trove via this Trove Tunes post that I spent most of my afternoon pursuing this in game. I first sought out the location of such tunes in the Trovian Maestros club.

Steam Challenge: Lone Survivor

Posted on June 12

I got Lone Survivor as part of a horror bundle last Halloween. It appears to have a pretty strong following, mostly because the nature of the game’s story leaves so much open to interpretation and theory. It’s kinda like the story behind Five Nights at Freddy’s in that it creates more questions than answers.

Touring Through Trove

Posted on June 11

When I’m not in FFXIV working hardcore on leveling crafting on Zuri or working on getting Sol tomes to buy Tai tanking pants, I’ve been popping into Trove every now and then.

Landmark: Monumental Disappointment

Posted on June 9

Okay, so the title is a bit of a hyperbole. But, I am disappointed in what I’ve read with the June 2015 Landmark Producer’s Letter.

Weekend Highlights: On a FFXIV Spree, Troving Again & Secret World Mounts

Posted on June 8

It’s funny how only a few weeks before the FFXIV Heavensward expansion the Fate Train in Coerthas is really ramping up. I was in the mood for some open-world frolicking, so I jumped on board with both feet with my left-behind White Mage while Syn was leveling Lancer and Marauder for the final Dragoon transformation.

Trove: Lava Ceiling-Fall

Posted on June 7

I was kicking around in Trove last night, searching for ore in caves. One cave had me exploring under a lava biome, and I ran across this neat area. I’m assuming it was below a pool of lava, which gave it a lava ceiling!

Steam Challenge: Majesty 2 Collection

Posted on June 4

Last week, I wrote about my affection for the original Majesty game, released back in 2000. Dahakha asked what my opinion of Majesty 2 was, and I admitted that I had never actually played the sequel, which was released in 2009. So, I decided to rectify that and write a bit of a comparison between the two games.

The Secret World: Motorcycles Are In!

Posted on June 3

I never thought of myself as a motorcycle type of girl, but the new mount in TSW is really cool!

Steam Challenge: Windward

Posted on June 3

Over a decade ago, I fell in love with a nautical game on my SNES called New Horizons – which was part of the Uncharted Waters series. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that game and how many hours I put into sailing, exploring, trading and fighting pirates. So, when Windward officially launched out of early access on Steam right after my birthday last month, I quickly requested it as my present from Syn, hoping to relive some of that fun.

My Thoughts: ArcheAge Announces Server “Evolution” Merges

Posted on June 2

Oh man. If I hadn’t already quit ArcheAge, I’d probably be doing it now.

Weekend Highlights: Reaching Goals in FFXIV, Majesty 2 & Witcher 101

Posted on June 1

Welcome to June! There’s only a few weeks left for those of us who are waiting for the Heavensward release! I continue to work at leveling my crafting and gathering classes while a number of folks seem to be taking a break to be fresh for the expansion when it comes.