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FFXIV: Holiday Weekend Highlights

Posted on November 30

With a four day weekend for Thanksgiving, I actually achieved a significant amount of randomness in FFXIV. As I wrote last week, I finally leveled Zuri to 50 White Mage. After a round of hunts and beast tribe quests, I pushed that to 51.

FFXIV: White Mage Accomplishments

Posted on November 28

It seems that some folks in my FC were surprised to see me leveling my White Mage on Zuri this weekend. It’s no wonder, considering I usually main DPS and sometimes fiddle around with Tanking on the side. But the truth is, when I rolled Zuri over two years ago, she started out as a Conjurer.

FFXIV: All Elezen Party

Posted on November 27

Note: Not my story or screenshot, but Syn requested me to post this.

FFXIV: Panty Shot

Posted on November 27

I finally stopped being lazy and pushed Zuri to level 45 White Mage. I got the level 45 artifact armor and put it on… forgetting the sad state of affairs when it comes to White Mage pants. Or lack thereof.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 26

Hope it’s a great one for you and yours!

FFXIV: Moving On Up

Posted on November 24

Look at that cute Bard box hat! It’s so adorable! I still love Amon’s Hat, but I’m having a hard time glamuoring over this one… I really like how the little purple gem seems to glow.

FFXIV: FC’s First Diadem

Posted on November 22

Today was our first attempt at a Diadem. We didn’t have a full party, but we were just there to check it out.

FFXIV: Level 60 Bard Life

Posted on November 19

Change your mind, change your playstyle…

FFXIV: Zuri Sky Pirate!

Posted on November 18

So tonight I got my first Law Tome piece for Zuri – her bow. I already had the upgrade item for it, so I pushed it to ilvl 180.

FFXIV: New Gear, Quickie Post

Posted on November 17

Just a quickie post because RL is gonna keep me super busy for the next couple of days.

EQ2: Server Merges and Names

Posted on November 16

So Freeport did the big server merge to Skyfire last week, and I was very shocked to discover that I only lost three (minor) names amongst all my many, many alts. I logged in to find “zz” attached to the end of the following names

FFXIV: Ding Level 60 Again – Still Coming to Grips with HW Bard

Posted on November 16

While it seems many folks are talking about either Fallout 4 or WoW lately, I’m not really involved in either game… so I’ve been living it up in patch 3.1 of FFXIV. Interestingly, I’ve spent most of my time this weekend pushing Zuri to level 60 Bard, which I finally reached yesterday afternoon.

FFXIV: FC Group Pose

Posted on November 15

After beating Pharos Sirius Hard.

FFXIV: Patch 3.1 – Making Progress, Earning Confidence

Posted on November 13

There won’t be any story spoilers in this post, but I am going to talk about patch 3.1.

FFXIV: Waiting on Patch 3.1

Posted on November 9

It’s been a quiet month in FFXIV for most of our FC members, so I was surprised over this weekend when we had several nights of dungeon grouping and Mumble chats. Seems like FC folks are just waiting for a reason to log in, and patch 3.1 should hopefully give it to us.

FFXIV: Rainbow Over the Dravanian Hinterlands

Posted on November 8

I just happened to look up after a rainstorm passed in FFXIV last night. Saw a rainbow there for the first time ever, caught a shot! It faded pretty quickly, so glad to have caught it.

Slow Gaming Week

Posted on November 7

I haven’t been blogging a ton this past week mostly because I haven’t been gaming all that much (aside from yesterday), to be honest. And that’s probably a good thing given that FFXIV is dropping patch 3.1 Tuesday. I know I’m going to be caught up in a whirlwind of content then, so being nicely rested is a good thing.

FFXIV: Chocobo Companion and Warrior Unlocked!

Posted on November 7

Yes, he’s still wearing the tin can. It’s just purple now.

FFXIV: 3.1 Patch Notes Happiness

Posted on November 6

So the preliminary patch notes for FFXIV 3.1 have dropped, and I’ve had time to pour over most of it. I wanted to highlight all the great changes that really excite me – some of them are just little things compared to raids and such, but things I’ve wanted for a long time!

FFXIV: Zuri In Idyllshire

Posted on November 5

I finally stopped being totally lazy and finished the tiny few quests I needed to push Zuri to level 58. Did her class quest and got her to Idyllshire.

Steam Challenge: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

Posted on November 2

Another Steam game purchased and played on the same day! This is getting to be a happy trend!