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FF Explorers: First Eidolon Down

Posted on January 29

I’m slowly making progress in Final Fantasy Explorers. Enjoying the game a lot and learning what all it has to offer. I beat Ifrit tonight – really liked his design in this game, too.

Jailbreaking Isn’t Hard to Do (Whited00r iPod Touch)

Posted on January 28

So I’ve been on a bit of a “purpose kick” lately – meaning I’m cleaning up old, outdated things and finding a better purpose for what I have. If I feel I don’t have a purpose for something, I’ve been giving it away.

FFXIV: Void Ark Bard Set Complete!

Posted on January 26

I was pretty stoked when I somehow managed to see the Bard legs drop, and win them against another Bard, during Void Ark tonight.

Final Fantasy Explorers: Tough to Find

Posted on January 26

Today, my little FF app reminded me it was the release day for Final Fantasy Explorers. I’ve been on the fence about whether to pick it up or not, so I was waiting for the reviews.

Which MMOs Make You Feel Badass?

Posted on January 26

Pardon my French, but I used that word in my title on purpose. This post was inspired by a book I’m reading for work entitled Badass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra. So the word is totally relevant in this case.

FFXIV: Healing Crystal Tower Sunday

Posted on January 25

Whoa. Wait. No, you didn’t misread that title!

Steam Challenge: Castaway Paradise

Posted on January 22

I totally blame this on Micawber, my brother-in-law, who introduced me to this. He’s interested in Animal Crossing, but doesn’t own the game or systems to play it.

Appaloosa Patterns Released in Horse World Online

Posted on January 22

Over the winter, I’ve somewhat taken a break from breeding horses at Horse World Online. While I’m still a big fan of the site and all it offers, just so much was going on and my stables have gotten quite a bit disorganized.

Black Desert Character Creator January 21

Posted on January 21

Finally, last night my Internet stopped being a butt and was fast enough to allow me to finish the huge download of the Black Desert character creator. I already knew what class I was interested in, so I was giving the game a chance to win me over via creation and art before I made a choice to pre-order or not. Overall, I was pretty impressed by what the character creator can do.

LoZ: Master Sword

Posted on January 21

As I promised in a previous post I am consistently working on playing through Legend of Zelda titles this year, starting with A Link Between Worlds. Tonight I learned how to take screenshots from my 3DS to Miiverse, so now I can better chronicle my progress.

When a Game Breaks Your Heart, Can You Learn to Love Again?

Posted on January 20

Okay, an over-dramatic title for a post about a game that really let me down… and trying to make the choice on whether to finally rebound from that broken experience. The game that broke my heart? Of course, I’m talking about ArcheAge.

Disc Drive Space: The Final Frontier

Posted on January 19

I’ve been obsessed with disc drive space lately, and data drives of all shapes and sizes. It started with the PNY micro SD card that I bought during an Amazon lightning sale in December, which successfully tempted me to purchase my new Shield 1-K tablet. I’m being totally honest – while I had some temptation to pick up a new tablet, it wasn’t until the micro SD went on sale that I took the plunge. Go figure.

Found: My Game Boy Advance!

Posted on January 19

I was doing some cleaning tonight and discovered this box up in the closet I forgot I even had. Inside was my old Game Boy Advance, still in a protective case, along with several Game Boy games.

LoZ: Link Between Worlds First Impressions

Posted on January 18

This weekend, I started making good on my decision to play the Legend of Zelda series throughout 2016. As I noted, I began with the 3DS game A Link Between Worlds… since at the time, I thought it was the first to come chronologically of the games I own. Only, that wasn’t the case.

FFXIV: Relic Part 1 Complete!

Posted on January 17

Just finished gathering all the crystals from the Azys Lla area FATEs – this area was the toughest since there were very few people out there running FATEs.

Happy Blogging Birthday

Posted on January 16

Today marks two consistent years of blogging for me between my two different blogs. Two years ago today, I re-launched a blog at my Sygnus.org domain, which I eventually named Clean Casuals. I had a lot of fun blogging there, met a lot of great bloggers, kept up with blogging friends I made the year before, and even had a number of co-bloggers on the site.

Revisiting Project: Gorgon – New Starter Zone

Posted on January 15

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Project: Gorgon even though I’ve wandered around in the game a bit over the holidays. Part of my interest was due to the fact that they added a new animal town, and life as an animal in P:G is an appealing thought to me. It’s different, just like this game.

Geek Decor: Plushie Hammock!

Posted on January 15

Somewhere way, way back in my childhood, I remember that one time I had a sleepover at someone’s house and they had these awesome hammocks for stuffed animals. Kid me thought it was artistic and wonderful.

2016: The Year of Legend of Zelda

Posted on January 15

Before I knew what Final Fantasy was or had ever touched a NES JRPG, there was my childhood go-to fantasy world of Hyrule and the much-loved Legend of Zelda games. I remember beating both LoZ 1 and LoZ 2 – spending long, blissful hours figuring out puzzles and tricks back when there was no such thing as the Internet (for me).

Using the Nvidia Shield K-1 Tablet as a Console

Posted on January 14

I noted in my previous post about my Nvidia Shield K-1 tablet that I was waiting on a mini-HDMI cable to come in before I tested it with my TV. Well, the cable arrived yesterday and I had no problem at all hooking it all up to my TV.

Great Game Cleanup: Do You Hoard Games on Your PC?

Posted on January 14

Having huge hard drives is great. It’s been a while since I built the computer I have now, but seeing my hard drive says it has a 900-something GB capacity, it must be a 1TB drive.

Would You Rent PC Games Via a Monthly Subscription Model?

Posted on January 13

Yesterday, EA announced the new Origin Access service which is a $4.99 monthly subscription to a library of EA games through the Origin client. Currently, the Origin Vault contains 15 games including games like the Dragon Age series, This War of Mine, Sims 3, Sims City, and games from the Battlefield series.

Gaming with the Nvidia Shield K-1

Posted on January 12

I didn’t get to talk much about my new Nvidia Shield K-1 tablet before I left for the holidays because I got it only a day or so before I went on the road. While I haven’t spent hours with it yet to test everything out, I’ve dabbled with it enough to get a good feel for how the device works. I have to say I’m very pleased with my choice in tablet upgrades.

FFXIV: Lightbulb Comes On

Posted on January 11

So after feeling rough about end game FFXIV last week, I still played quite a bit of FFXIV this weekend. I ended up running Void Ark twice – and got the chest drop for different classes (Bard & Paladin) and characters both times.

FFXIV: Void Ark Drop!

Posted on January 8

I haven’t played Void Ark in a while, but the first run tonight, I won the chest drop for Bard.

FFXIV: Paissa!

Posted on January 8

I love the adorable paissa dolls from the newest event!

Other People Are Also Group-Shy in MMOs!

Posted on January 7

I’m genuinely surprised at how many people feel very similar to how I feel about group content in MMOs.

Advice Needed – MMO End Game Struggles

Posted on January 7

This is a difficult post to write, but one that I’ve known has been coming for a while. I’m looking for advice on what you do when you feel a MMO’s endgame really doesn’t match your playstyle, and it’s causing friction. I’m also using this to organize my thoughts and feelings on the matter some.

2015 Holiday Recap

Posted on January 6

Welcome to my first official non-microblog post on this blog! I know it’s a little late to be looking back on the holidays of 2015, but I was away from blogging for most of that time, so there’s a lot to catch up with!

FFXIV: Veteran Reward – Wild Rose Set

Posted on January 5

I logged in to FFXIV yesterday to find, to my surprise, my 840 day veteran award – the Wild Rose Attire.

Adorable Secret Santa Gift!

Posted on January 3

I just got home from my holiday trip to find a gift from my Secret Santa (Murf!) in the mailbox.

FFXIV: Plush Emerald Carbuncle Get!

Posted on January 1

I finally get to post this now that Syn got her Christmas present from my sister – she got the topaz and I got the emerald!