October 2017 Archives

SWL: Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 31

Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy Halloween… from these weirdos with Tinfoil Hats in Secret World Legends!

October Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on October 31

It’s that time again… when I look back on the goals I made at the beginning of the month and see how well I did.

Stardew Valley: The Right Husband

Posted on October 30

This is going to be one of those silly, first-world-gaming-problem posts. Totally meant to be just for fun.

Games I’m Looking Forward To

Posted on October 26

I’ve mostly been playing FFXIV lately, alternating with a few other MMOs on the side, and a healthy dose of Stardew Valley when I can. Though I have nothing really earthshaking to write about for these games, on the eve of the release of the newest Mario game, I decided to talk about a few of the games I’m really looking forward to.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (Mobile) Coming in November

Posted on October 25

I’ve been keeping my eye on the announcement around the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game, now revealed to be called Pocket Camp. If that’s enough for you to be excited already, you can sign up for a notification to let you know when it’s out.

Stardew Valley on Switch – Fun, With Bugs

Posted on October 24

Stardew Valley for the Nintendo Switch was a highly anticipated release for a lot of folks in the Switch community. Even though I have a copy for the PC, I’m really loving my little Switch, and like the idea of a portable Stardew.

FFXIV: Alliance Raid Roulette is Great for Leveling!

Posted on October 23

The title of this article says pretty much all you need to know. The new Alliance Raid Roulette that was added in FFXIV Patch 4.1 not only revitalizes older content, but provides a reliable chunk of experience for characters level 50 to 70. It’s well worth doing!

GW2: [WAY] of the Four Winds

Posted on October 21

A few weeks back, I sent in a support ticket to request a change in our old GW2 guild name. I finally heard back, and after sending a list of possible names, the first name I chose was open. So, it’s now ours.

FFXIV & SWL: Halloween Approaches!

Posted on October 20

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. So I absolutely adore Halloween events in my MMOs.

FFXIV: Ninja-ing to 50

Posted on October 19

One of my goals for this month was to take my alt, Zemi, to level 50 on Ninja so I can finally unlock Samurai for him. I’ve actually been putting a good chunk of playtime each night towards doing this… and I forgot how rocky it really is to level from 40-50 on a DPS class for the first time.

SWL: On To the Savage Coast

Posted on October 17

Before I start this post in earnest, I just want to repost this interesting tidbit...

FFXIV: Crazy Fun Weekend

Posted on October 16

So much happened over this weekend in various games, and I was quite busy, especially in FFXIV. I even managed to knock out a few of my monthly goals.

FFXIV: It’s Official – I Love My Squad!

Posted on October 12

Yesterday, I wrote about trying a first dungeon with my squad. This was the lowest level dungeon, run with my level 64 Bard. I noted that I wasn’t sure who this feature was aimed at, and said that I’d try another dungeon with a more on-level job.

FFXIV: Exploring Dungeons With My Squad

Posted on October 11

Once I squared things away with the Great Housing War of 4.1, I was able to spend a little time exploring other things in the patch. Because Syn is out of town, I decided to hold off on doing things like story, dungeons, or raids (though I’m quite concerned about the new raid, as FC folks have called it “brutal”).

FFXIV: The Great Housing War

Posted on October 10

So, things didn’t go as planned this morning for the great housing rush in Shirogane. Last time we got new housing wards on Midgardsormr, many of the plots remained open for quite a while. I had no idea that everything would be gone in the first 15 minutes of the servers being up.

GW2: PoF Story Completion, Impressions

Posted on October 9

With FFXIV Patch 4.1 releasing tomorrow, I sat down Saturday with the express intention to finish up the GW2 Path of Fire story line.

FFXIV: Shirogane Savage

Posted on October 9

So, along with patch 4.1, they are releasing the new housing area – Shirogane.

FFXIV: Preliminary Patch 4.1 Notes Highlights

Posted on October 6

Preliminary patch notes for FFXIV Patch 4.1 have been released, and as I tend to do, here’s a list of things that excite me… or not.

GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

Posted on October 5

Yeah, I know I’m like 2 years behind everyone else, but seeing that I just picked up GW2 and started playing it again (fairly casually) last month, this was something I was happy about. I finished filling out all the hero points for Reaper on Zznaf last night, and got this neat necro hood cosmetic!

GW2: Bringing Friends

Posted on October 4

I keep forgetting to take a good screenshot of our new GW2 team.

GW2 Path of Fire: The Departing

Posted on October 3

It’s pretty interesting how a game can go from “I’m not interested in this in the least bit” to “Okay, I’ll buy the expansions now.” Part of it’s my fault, I’m sure, for reporting that so far, the GW2 Path of Fire story and design is a whole lot better for players of my taste.

October Gaming Goals

Posted on October 2

So, September’s mid-month gaming goals were mostly a bust. This was because I couldn’t have foreseen how involved I’d get with the new GW2 expansion or Secret World Legends.