January 2023 Archives

PC Gamepass Exploration: Donut County

Posted on January 20

Donut County will be leaving PC Gamepass at the end of this month, and it’s a game that’s been on my “try it” list there for a while. So, in hearing it was a shorter game, I sat down with it and gave it a try last night.

PC Game Pass Exploration: Pentiment

Posted on January 18

This year, one of my goals is to try to make the most of my Game Pass subscription. I’m doing that by setting aside a little time every week to focus on trying a new Game Pass game or playing one I’ve already started. So far, I’ve tried out two new games this year – Beacon Pines and Pentiment.

Steam Gaming: Alchemist Simulator

Posted on January 17

You take up your grandfather’s alchemy shop while he’s off touring the world. All you have to guide you is an almanac and a snarky rat assistant.

Blogiversary Number Nine

Posted on January 16

Today marks the 9th year of this blog’s original launch. One more year until it is officially a decade old – but first, I must get through year nine.

FFXIV 6.3 Patch Notes Highlights

Posted on January 6

Patch 6.3 is on its way next week and here's the preliminary patch notes highlights from me.

2023 Gaming Goals for the Year

Posted on January 1

As is ritual, it’s time for me to sit down and think about goals I’d like to reach this year in gaming. These aren’t so much resolutions, but more a guide for me to look back on when it comes to thinking about what to play and how to approach my gaming time. Nothing set in stone, just things I’d like to be mindful of.