Black Halloween Cat

Size: 30x40

Obtained from: Wish

Drill Type: Round

DMC Included: No :(

Total Colors: 19

Date Started: Sept 22, 2020

Date Finished: Oct 11, 2020

After Completion: Keeping for Halloween decoration

How Much I Enjoyed This Project: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Additional Info:

I’ve actually been working on a larger long-termproject for quite a while now. I can’t post about that one yet because it’s a gift, and likely won’t be sent out until the 

I decided to take a break from the larger one - I’m pretty sure I’ll get it done in time - to work on something Halloween themed since Fall has finally come. I’m glad that I did because I’ve been making pretty fast progress on this - it’s nice to change it up some.

I know all the dark on the cat and the light in the background are going to be a challenge, but much of it seems to be somewhat confetti - not straight black, thankfully.

The only things I’m grouchy about with this piece is that it doesn’t have DMC numbers (I’ll have to figure that out using a chart later) and it came with a somewhat deep fold down the middle. I hope that as I work at getting the drills on it, the piece will flatten out some.

Note; It did flatten out.

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