Colorful Deer

Size: 20×15

Obtained from: Wish

Drill Type: Round, Partial

DMC Included: Yes

Total Colors: 13

Date Started: Jan 5, 2020

Date Finished: Jan 5, 2020

After Completion: Stuck this on the fridge - it’s small enough

How Much I Enjoyed This Project: ❤ ❤ ❤

Additional Info:

This was a learning moment. I saw a cheap DP on Wish for $0.95. Saw a lovely picture of a colorful deer. Didn’t realize exactly how small 20×15 cm really was since I don’t do math or centimeters (I’m starting to get it). I’m not sure there were buyer images when I bought mine or not, but if I’d known it was a partial, I would have passed on it, too.

Anyhow, for whatever reason, I knew none of these things. I guess if nothing else, it is colorful. And though it was sold with Christmas designs, this actually doesn’t look all that Christmasy at all, so I might be able to hang it up in my cube at work. Or something.

In the end, it wasn’t a bad little project. I’m sealing it with glitter Mod Podge to test the product (I hear a lot of folks like it a lot). I think this is one of the few projects I’m working on that the glitter will mesh with.

Finished Shots

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