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7:02am 04-18-2024
Hey Aywren! I've enjoyed going through your site and will give a link back to you! I liked your horse collection and diamond painting page a lot. I've seen diamond painting on Youtube before with ASMR-like noises. I bet finishing pieces are very satisfying to do! I've enjoying playing the first FF on Steam and also find the old games to be quite relaxing. Have a nice day!
Replied on: 9:30am 04-18-2024

Hey Amy! Thanks so much for visiting and letting me know what you think about my site! Diamond painting is a good long-term project for focus and relaxation, and I very much enjoy it!

Please let me know your site URL, and I'd be happy to link you if I haven't already! Take care!


2:35am 02-16-2024
Nyahaha! An Egg was here! <3
Replied on: 10:08am 02-16-2024

Oh no! Not an Egg! Thanks for stopping by! <3


4:25pm 01-15-2024
Hi! Thanks for the follow! Your site is awesome - there's so much here but it's easy to find and see ❤️
Replied on: 7:48pm 01-15-2024

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my site! Glad that you felt it was easy to navigate - I do try to spend a lot of time keeping the content organized in various ways. Makes me feel like I achieved what I set out to do - thank you! :)


5:38pm 08-09-2023
Aevisia |TheCozy.Cat
I love your site! Very creative!! ♥ I love that you have a shrine dedicated to BDO horses!! I played that game for awhile, I really need to get back into it because I miss the horse taming. I think that's always been my favorite aspect of MMOs is the taming. There was a really cool game that used to be around called Dragon's Prophet. I don't know if you've heard of it before, but you can tame a whole bunch of DRAGONS in it and it's so much fun! There are still private servers around of it. My hubby and I play one of them from time to time (we actually met on that game!). Anyways, thought I'd mention it in case that's something that'd be up your alley. :)

Have a lovely week!

- Aevisia @ www.thecozy.cat
Replied on: 5:59pm 08-09-2023

Hey! Thanks for dropping me a note!

I actually did play Dragon's Prophet for a while back in the day. I believe that was before I started this blog, so sadly, I didn't write about it here. But I DO remember it, and I'm glad to hear there are still private servers around!

Take care!

2:38am 07-28-2023
Hi! I am really new to neocities, so this is my first time exploring sites outside of the most followed.
I love how cheerful your page looks, and I like how much you are able to fit on this site while keeping your navigation clear.
My own site is still very much in the building up phase, but I might implement an accountability page for my own piano practice later down the line. I only started playing piano last year, so I sometimes struggle with regular practice what with having to use public pianos when at university.
Replied on: 10:55am 07-28-2023

Welcome to Neocities and thanks for letting me know you stopped by!

I'd say go for it in terms of making a piano practice page. It's fun to do, useful, and you can keep track of your progress as well as your thoughts about practice over time!

5:56am 07-20-2023
...but it actually doesn't work from an iframe. it says i'm spam :​(

~ brightgreendandelions
Replied on: 9:25am 07-20-2023

Hm... strange. Not sure why. I see your comments here!


5:54am 07-20-2023
you wrote something in my guestbook, so here i am in yours!!
i like how you have it in an iframe. why didn't i think of this...

~ brightgreendandelions
Replied on: 9:25am 07-20-2023

Thanks so much for stopping by and signing my guestbook too! I use iframes for a lot of things on my sites!

10:20am 07-13-2023
Cool website!
Replied on: 12:47pm 07-13-2023

Thanks so much for checking my site out! :)

11:34am 01-07-2023
Thanks for the great fete guide! I appreciate it.
Replied on: 12:57pm 01-07-2023

You're very welcome! Glad it was of some help to you! :)

12:54am 01-02-2023
Welcome to my guestbook! Feel free to drop a line - thanks for visiting! :)