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Posted on February 18, 2023

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Last year, I wrote a day-by-day playthrough of the Quest Calendar 2022 created by Sundial Games. This year, I have been playing the new 2023 calendar, despite the fact that it’s a space and sci-fi theme. This isn’t usually my first pick, but I had such fun with the previous calendar that I Kickstarted it.

I haven’t been documenting the progress of my newest character – Zarylla T’ur – like I did my previous one, and I’ve started to miss it. In light of attempting to determine what I want to use my for, I’ve decided to start documenting my gaming again.

As you can see, Zarylla is an Erzan Mystic. She’s currently level 2, and has brought a Sundial item over from the previous year’s game. This gives her a +1 bonus to all of her stats, which is super nice.

So far, Zarylla has arrived on a ship – the Karnack 328 – and met her crewmates. She ran a test mission with them to prove her worth. They have now docked on the planet Gomanis, city of Dressa.

She’s already picked up supplies (meal rations FTW!), taken a rest at the inn, explored the city, and is now looking at the job board for tasks to do.

Let’s see how it goes.

Locate Lost Bot - Zarylla was able to find the lost bot for the elderly alien who relied upon it. While should could have sold it for more money than she earned from returning it, she chose to return it for 3 credits and 1 Virtue point.

Help Organize My Warehouse - She was successful at helping a grouchy collector of flora and fauna organize their collection, and in putting up with the 'tude, earned 4 credits.

Decipher Strange Signal - While Zarylla has the Arcane Adept skill for a bonus, I still rolled a cruddy roll on this. Failing to roll well would have cost 3 HP, so I chose to Time Step - Zarylla can re-roll any roll once per page, and can do so 3 times per rest.

So instead of failing the roll and losing health, I rolled better the second time and she earned 4 credits. Quite the haul today!

  • HP: 13
  • Credits: 34
  • Virtue: +4

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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