Game Pass Games That Didn't Hit It Off With Me

Posted on February 28, 2023

Posted in Gaming

  • FAR Changing Tides
  • Maneater
  • Bugsnax

I've been trying out at least one new game a week with Game Pass - sometimes two - just to see what games are on my to-play list.

Lately, I've noticed I just haven't had the patience for puzzle games. Both FAR Changing Tides and Bugsnax are puzzlers, so while I know the games are well-rated and liked, the moment I hit a wall with where to go or what to do, I just put the game down. Wasn't in the mood to look up answers, I suppose. Both had nice graphics and probably great stories, but struggling with puzzles just don't appeal right now.

Maneater was far too violent for my taste - a given seeing it's about sharks and named "Maneater". I thought I could get past that fact through basic gameplay - the idea of playing a baby shark that is growing up and developing in a semi-open world type game was interesting. But the redundant game play of just eat-kill-die-eat-kill-die-eat made me put it down after a couple hours.

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