Steam Gaming - More Bad Bundle Buying

Posted on March 1, 2023

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I tell you what. Fantantical knows how to get me with their bundles. All they have to dangle is one game that is on my wishlist, or that I've been kinda looking at, and I tend to spring for the bundle.

Today, the newest bundle included the game Such Art, which has been on my wishlist for quite a while.

While I wasn't super captivated by the rest of the bundle, the idea of getting Such Art for a fraction of $9.99 pulled me in. So, I added on Lake and Impostor Factory, which both look like games I would enjoy.

In the same vein, they added Parkasaurus to a bundle I'd already purchased from. But, along with that, they added Pathfinder Kingmaker, and I've been into tactical RPGs lately. So this was a no brainer to pick up.

Still, I'm a little anxious about the fact that I keep adding games to my backlog when I really should be working on playing the games I already have. I did install Parkasaurus, though, and can't wait to jump into it. So I suppose it's fine in the end. 🦕

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