FFXIV: Developing Experimental Online Role Play

Posted on March 2, 2023

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Tonight, I dressed my RP character, Amon, in a new jockey glamour. He's just unlocked chocobo racing in Final Fantasy XIV, you see, and needs the proper attire - this was as close as I could get (while still maintaining his signature style).

This is actually a part of an ongoing Role Play/Interactive Fiction experiment I've been developing on Tumblr. Recently, Tumblr introduced a new feature that allows users to make polls in their post, and these have been very popular.

I thought to myself... what better way to use polls than to create Choose Your Own Adventure fiction that followers can vote and interact on? All the while, my character takes their choices and continues on as I write mostly impromptu responses to poll results.

You can see the entire thread here on this tag page.

I feel like this project has been met with enthusiasm. It started with just a day-in-the-life of my bard Amon... led to a community-wide Tumblr Swap Meet event...

..which ran over the past weekend, had good participation, and saw several RP threads between individuals pop up. Now I've unlocked chocobo racing, allowed the community to help name the bird - Typhoon Nemesis, and will have to figure out where it's all going from here!

I know there's only so far you can take a story about chocobo racing and keep it interesting. So while this is the turn it has taken for now, I have to be figuring future options for the story soon.

I'm just happy to see people get involved and find their own RP in the middle of all this.

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