Second Life Fishing

Posted on May 11, 2023

Posted in Gaming

Back in 2020, I bought this fishing rod to take part in the Fish Hunt game in Second Life. For me, this was not a cheap rod, and I was curious how long it would take to earn back the price of the rod through fishing earnings.

The game touts that the higher level and rank you are, the more the fish pay out. I fished long an hard for about a month, but really did not see much of an influx of L$, even after earning what I thought was a significant amount of XP in the game. I know the game isn't made to pay off big, and this was also part of my experiment.

I then discovered Virtual Fishing - a different Second Life fishing game with similar ideas, but far cheaper to participate in. I'll be posting about this finding on my main blog next week.

Let's just say, I made the equivalent amount of income from Virtual Fishing in 1 week, 3 days that I struggled to make in an entire month of Fish Hunt. I can see which one is the more profitable.

All this to say: I currently have only 700L$ left to earn in order to pay off the original rod investment! Even though I've switched fishing games, I'm still keeping my curiosity spread sheet and working towards this goal.

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