Quest Calendar 2023 - Windsday, Galatrix 17

Posted on May 17, 2023

Posted in Quest Calendar 2023

Time to take care of the survivors aboard the ship. Thanks to some fairly good rolls today, Zarylla was able to assist the scientists in caring for the wounded and significantly calm them down (which after what just happened, is no little feat).

Interestingly enough, the scientists note that Maddax's wounds are not responding to med kits and normal healing methods. Zarylla spends some time talking with him, which puts him in a much better mood. In doing so, his wounds appear to look better than before.

Seeing that his mother was experimented on previously, now I'm curious what that means about Maddax.

Oh, and Zarylla earned 12 credits from the thankful survivors.

  • HP: 11
  • Credits: 113
  • Virtue: +13

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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