Wren Talk: WordPress to HTML Progress

Posted on May 18, 2023

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Those who know my blogging/website progress know that I've moved all of my content off of WordPress back in 2022 and have been hand-coding it into a static HTML site. This means, yes, I have to touch the code and replace a lot of it on every single blog post for every single year.

Seeing that my blog launched January of 2014, that means I have years to work through. As of today, I've finally finished all of 2014. Previously, I've also finished 2019-2022 (and of course 2023 has launched with the code from the start).

So this means I still have 2015-2018 to work through. Three years. But I'm over the hump!

The trouble with this section of time is that I had the brilliant idea about halfway through 2015 that I could try to use WordPress as I would a microblog (think Tumblr). So I did.

What that means is that there's a lot of content from that year that (I feel) doesn't have a lot of value to preserve. I'm going to have to work through weeding out the posts, which also means I have to go post-by-post to see which media files I'm going to upload.

This isn't a huge problem. It's just going to slow down the process a bit. Thankfully, I only conducted this microblog experiment for a short time - maybe a year - before I let it go.

I'd considered tackling 2018 next because I knew how much of a mess 2015 would become. But I think I'm going to push ahead into the hardest years first because I have a bit of momentum from finishing up 2014. Plus, I kinda like the idea of cleaning out the posts that have no use and tightening up my blog in the long run.

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