Cleaning Up Blog Content

Posted on May 31, 2023

Posted in Blogging

I spent a good deal of time this past weekend cleaning up unnecessary blog posts in the 2015 archives. I was conducting some sort of microblog experiment with WordPress (I only vaguely remember) back then.

I believe I was running two WordPress blogs at the time. I eventually merged them into the blog that's there today, but there were still remnants of random "content" from when I was trying to microblog on WordPress. Many of these "posts" were more like something that belonged on Twitter/Mastodon, and not in a blog.

So, I've spent hours going through the content, post by post, removing anything that didn't feel like actual content. Unless it had a LOT of comments, or was of some emotional significance to me. Then I chose to keep it (but that was rare).

At least the content is now cleaned up and I'm free to jump into re-coding all of July-December in the 2015 archives without too much worry! (I still have to do this with the first part of 2016, though...)

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