Quest Calendar 2023 – Starday 7 / Sunsday 8, Orbitan

Posted on October 7, 2023

Posted in Quest Calendar 2023

Quite a bit is happening once Zarylla gets back to town. A news bulletin announces a dangerous cloud of space dust that apparently leaves everyone in contact with it ill. The current whereabouts of the cloud is unknown, and authorities are encouraging people to not enter or leave the system until things get cleared up.

Meanwhile, she notices someone eyeing her suspiciously, and identifies them as a scout for street thieves. She tries to act upon him without him noticing, but fails the roll. This leads to battle, and she’s pretty quick to dispatch the fellow.

Don’t mess with Zarylla.

  • HP: 22
  • Ship Integrity: 21/22
  • Credits: 274
  • Virtue: +16

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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