Quest Calendar 2023 – Moonsday, Orbitan 9

Posted on October 9, 2023

Posted in Quest Calendar 2023

This page is a bit all over the place today!

So, due to the space cloud that causes unnatural illness, the Colonel Zarylla is waiting on to return to the council may not be able to enter the system. It makes perfect sense then for the crew to drop everything and search for this cloud of dust across the entire system, right?

Zarylla is able to head out to the last known location of the cloud and begins to work inward in search of it. This takes one meal ration.

However, while piloting the ship, because a previous oil leak was not fixed, she begins to have some trouble with the ship’s response. Diagnostics note that there’s a problem with one of the side-engines, so Zarylla hops right out and takes care of that (thanks to good WIS and Engineering bonuses).

They are back on their way.

  • HP: 22
  • Ship Integrity: 21/22
  • Credits: 274
  • Virtue: +16

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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