Quest Calendar 2023 – Fruitsday, Orbitan 20

Posted on October 20, 2023

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Well, it’s back to the Council yet again. I wasn’t convinced at first that they would decide to do anything more than they had before, but now suddenly, they seem to believe the Admiral and Empire are a threat and they are working on a weapon that needs to be stopped.

I don’t know, that’s a little suspicious.

They say that they will give the aid needed to lead the charge, and that they will assemble a force that will be ready to follow. Only, Zarylla’s crew must figure out the location of the Admiral. Once the location is known, then the Council will follow up with the promised backup.

Still, I feel a little suspicious.

However, they did offer assistance. I decided to use the persasion roll (since her strength and charisma are about the same). She got a bonus for her high virtue and for dispersing the cloud and saving Dr. Jereks. All this earned the crew a solid 55 credits of support.

Not bad, I guess!

  • HP: 17
  • Ship Integrity: 17/22
  • Credits: 357
  • Virtue: +16

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