Quest Calendar 2023 – Starday 4 / Sunsday 5, Novis

Posted on November 4, 2023

Posted in Quest Calendar 2023

Zarylla and crew get tossed into jail, right with their former captain… who is not too happy to see the rest of them. They did all get the chance to take a rest, though, which is probably a good thing. It’s also nice to know the captain is alive and mostly well.

She did ask about Maddax and the traitor and Zarylla is able to fill her in on everything that’s happened since she was taken prisoner. But now, they’re all in the same cell.  

  • HP: 21
  • Ship Integrity: 17/20
  • Credits: 151
  • Virtue: +16

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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