Quest Calendar 2024 – Thornsday, Deepwinter 4

Posted on January 4, 2024

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I feel like this page left out some details. It talks about the sounds you hear under the floor and that there shouldn’t be anything under it. But the picture shows Tak falling, and the roll you make is to stop your fall or grab on to a ledge – even though there was no indication in the story that he was falling.

I was also a little confused by the numbers if you were supposed to roll all three, or just one of the three. I went with one of the three because they all seemed to be resolving the same issue – I don’t see why we’d have to do it three different ways.

Anyhow, content picking aside, I had Tak go the DEX route, as I typically do. It’s his highest stat and he also gets the Athlete bonus. With all that together, he was able to leap out of danger and spot a strange tunnel.

Hero: Tak Redwind

  • HP: 17
  • Amber: 9
  • Virtue: 1

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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