Quest Calendar 2024 – Starsday 13 / Sunsday 14, Deepwinter

Posted on January 13, 2024

Posted in Quest Calendar 2024

Time to brew up some salve. My question is, if this was such an important salve, why didn’t the Master prepare it? Why leave it to Thatch?

Anyhow. Thatch blew half of the ingredients on failed attempts, which resulted in three salves successfully made. This earned him 5 amber and one Warding Ointment. Since each salve required three checks each, would have taken quite a number of lucky rolls to create all 6 slaves, I tell you what! And this was even getting a bonus from reading the instructions on how to make the salves.

Hero: Thatch Springwillow

  • HP: 11
  • Amber: 7
  • Virtue: 1

Hero: Tak Redwind

  • HP: 14
  • Amber: 10
  • Virtue: 1

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